Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still dry but

Yes, so far not a drop of rain but boy is it windy here!

We're in that dry corner of the state.

Good day to stay in and read, and sew, and read, and sew...a lot of both getting done today.

Whoops, I spoke too soon. Few minutes later a cloud opened up right over the house. Not dry any more!

Lovely day….

Tornado Watch for Sussex County
Coastal Flood Advisory for Delaware Beaches
Flood Watch for Delaware Beaches
Gale Warning for Coastal Waters From Cape Henlopen To Fenwick Island De
High Surf Advisory for Delaware Beaches
Wind Advisory for Delaware Beaches

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stash report

One of my friends mentioned she was working on her stash report for the month of September. I laughed because I knew she'd been to Lancaster and hadn't sewn much at all all month. Then I got to thinking… I really did pretty well in September, much better than the months and even year before.

I started off the month finishing my Quarter of a Courthouse, now at the quilters waiting it’s turn on the machine. I didn’t buy a thing for that, and used up a big chunk of a bolt for the backing and eventually the binding too.

I did purchase three yards or was it 4 1/2 for a project, but when it arrived I realized the print was too large for the project I wanted it for, so it was just added to the stash… but I’m sure that didn’t equal what I used for the backing above.

A friend “gave” me some fabric but it’s not for me, but for a quilt she wants me to make for her, so I’m not counting that. Plus I get to add some of my scraps to it so it will eventually use up fabric when I get around to it.

I made the red and black mystery completely from stash including the backing. And I used up a bit of stash with the booboo blocks, which some day will become a charity quilt.

I sent a whole box of fabric and more goodies off to IBOL, made me feel good to send it where it would be so appreciated and to get rid of some stash too.

I pulled more fabrics and cut them up for Aunt Peggy’s Quilt, which I am still working on.

So I bought some, but used up much more. Yep… September was a good month for me!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good news and a funny

Good news first, my November Mystery quilt was delivered directly from the quilter today since she was going out in this miserable weather and since she is such a nice person… I love what she did to the quilt. I can’t show it all, but will share this corner… I’m thrilled at how it looks now, marvelous!

And now the funny… last night as we were getting ready for bed, doing all those night time duties, I realized that I had forgotten to run the dishwasher. John was getting the coffee ready and I interrupted him several times putting cups in, then soap, and finally remembering to turn it on. After we finally climbed into bed he said he’d hoped he remembered to turn the coffee pot timer on so he didn’t have to wait for the coffee in the morning. Since I was nice and since I had interrupted him while he was in his routine, I got up and turned the timer on for him. However… a few minutes later, the smell of coffee told me I’d pushed the wrong button and I jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen… too late, the pot was half full already. So since I’m not perfect at making coffee, at least not good enough for him, he got up and started over, and I stood and watched to make sure he remembered to push the timer button… he did… not the “on” button like I had done… but I could still smell the coffee and kept giggling at my mistake, till he hushed me anyway.

Monday, September 27, 2010


The miniatures which we sent to AAQI are on line and can be seen at We are number numbers 5708 through 5737. There is something fulfilling seeing them there and I’m thrilled to be awaiting assignment.

I have more to go in, and other people have let me know they have more in the works. I think maybe I will concentrate on making a few at the upcoming retreat, and maybe get a few of those ladies involved too.

I finished The Winding Ways Quilt and Quilter’s Kitchen… although I was a little disappointed in the last one… I would prefer more story and fewer recipes. I have two more to go, then will be finished what I have here, and will need to go book shopping again.

Was a dreary day today and I wasn’t up to sewing so was glad to have books on hand to read. I don’t know what I will do when I’ve finished all the Elm Creek books. Hopefully there are a few Benni Harper mysteries waiting for me to find too!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great time

What a delightful weekend, I may be worn out but it was all worth it. Jon and Steph were here and thankfully some things got done here that I’ve been waiting to have done, like new ceiling fans on the back porch. We had a great visit and really got some nice long talks in, which we needed.

We attended a 21st birthday celebration at the casino for the youngest cousin which was pure delight. I never imagined I could have so much fun watching the youngsters at a casino… seeing Brian and Jessie learning one table game, watching Stacy and Matt wandering around trying to find their lucky machine, listening to Holly and Joey filling Jon and Steph in on married life, seeing Jake wandering around looking for Jennifer who was winning money at her lucky machine, seeing James and Wyatt at a bar… I know I’m getting old now. And it was nice seeing Theresa and Jimmy too, and it’s always fun being with Cheri, who just knows how to make any celebration fun and different. It was a very nice celebration and nothing spoiled it, nothing at all.

Then this morning Eric stopped by for a quick visit before Jon and Steph headed back up state. And then it was quiet again… I enjoy the quiet but I also thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend… it might take me a week to recover, but it was worth it!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Busy Saturday

Company is off cleaning up Lewes Beach as a part of Delaware Coastal Cleanup so I’ve got a chance to catch up with things here. Put out clean towels for them because I know they will want to jump in the showers as soon as they come in the door.

While they are off cleaning up the beaches I’m working on the pattern of a future mystery while some of the ladies on the Mysteries For Relay are working on the current mystery. They are certainly quiet this weekend, so I’m not real sure how many are really sewing. I’m not today, the prednisone shakes have set in and I don’t dare try sewing, not sure I can sew straight. Good thing for spell check or this would be full of mistakes.

When I get this newest mystery to a point I think I like it, I think I will read and wait for email messages to come in… I’m reading The Winding Ways Quilt and enjoying it so far.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I like Fridays because it usually means my honey will be home with me for two full days. This weekend we will have company, Jonathon and Steph who are coming down for beach clean-up tomorrow. It will be nice to see them, it has been too long. Mike and Kelly won’t be here, they have tickets to a baseball game in DC.

More and more these “family” gatherings are missing someone, something I expected a long time ago, but something I still dread. I treasure the times when the six of us can all be in the same place at the same time. I treasure them more than anyone will ever know. These are the most important people in my life, and I love when we are all together.

Tomorrow is also a mystery day on Mysteries For Relay. I give mysteries and or projects as my way of saying thank you for donations people have given to my Relay For Life fund drive. This one was picked by vote by the members of the group, when I asked them if they wanted a large complicated quilt project or a simple table runner. It is a simple table runner… but I’ve made it slightly more mysterious by mixing up the parts… should be a lot of fun. But it is easy, and it is fun, and I hope they all like their table runners.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First day of fall?

We’ve had some lovely days recently, days I could open the windows and let the fresh air flow through the house. Because of my allergies, I sometimes have to close them towards the end of the afternoon when my eyes get all red and itchy and I start sneezing. But there have been a few days, too few, that the AC stayed off all day and the eyes didn’t get so bad I couldn’t stand it.

So today is the first day of fall, and the windows are closed tight and the AC is cranking away. Why… two reasons. First, they are harvesting corn somewhere, not sure where, but close enough to here that my eyes were itchy just getting the mail. Second, it is hotter than… well it’s hot enough. How hot.. right now my our door reading is 92.6 and that is in the shade. What do you want to bet we get some thunder boomers tonight?

While getting the mail, I saw this lovely on my back porch. Good spot, right in a spider’s web. He/she found an instant source of food, is this a drive through restaurant?

I’ve been sewing off and on today, I now have five blocks finished for that newest mystery. I really like it, pity I don’t have enough fabric on hand to make it larger. Maybe I will have to go shopping in October… what a pity.

Almost retreat time, PS

Yesterday I blogged about retreat time, this is a post script to that post…

Yesterday I got an email from a lady who wanted to sign up for the October Retreat. I told her it was full, sorry. Both fall retreats are booked completely.

One of those retreats might even be over full but I’m not sure yet. Last year was our first year at this hotel, and the most I had in the room was 22 and this year that retreat will have 24… I’m really testing the capacity of the conference room. I think it could even hold 26, table wise, but don’t really want to push it. We’ll see how 24 goes and then decide.

Later I got a reply from the same lady saying she wanted to sign up for the October Retreat next year, since this year was booked. I told her she had to wait till after this one, since current retreaters always get first chance to sign up again. I told her I would put her on the waiting list and let her know after this year’s retreat.

This morning there was another email from her, she is hoping to be in the Lancaster area during the October Retreat and wants to stop by and meet everyone. I guess she is really hoping she will get in next year. Or else she wants to be sure we aren’t all ax murderers, LOL!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost retreat time!

As each retreat draws close I get more and more excited, this year even more. We cancelled the Spring Retreat due to the economy… too many of the ladies who were signed up were finding it a financial burden, and rather than have everyone go broke I cancelled it for everyone. Worked out great since I was not doing well physically myself…

So that means I have not retreated since November last year and I am more than ready for a nice quilt getaway. The October Retreat starts soon, but not soon enough for me. I have the goodies packed, and my boxes of “stuff” I have to take. I’m so ready I could throw some clothes in a suitcase and take off right now.

Sometimes I think I take too much, but as soon as I leave something home, someone at the retreat asks me if I brought it. And when I have ladies who are flying in, like in November, I have to take even more stuff… but that’s ok, that’s part of being the hostess… to provide and make sure everyone has a good time, even if it does take a lot of “stuff” to do that!

It wouldn’t be the same without everyone else, so I’ll wait. In the meantime I’m wondering how the new car will pack? It did well on our trip to Florida this summer, but we didn’t take all the retreat stuff. I will just pack it until it’s full and leave home what won’t fit… thank goodness I won’t have a passenger this time… I can take more “stuff”.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Did you know I sell patterns?

A lady emailed me this morning asking for more information on one of my BOMS, Old Maid’s Puzzle. She really liked my wall hanging and wanted to know if she could make a quilt from that pattern. So I asked her, “Did you know I sell patterns?” and sent her my pattern page.. This lady says she has been to my BOM page many times, but never noticed the link at the bottom of that page to my patterns and she was embarrassed that she had to ask. She promptly paid for the PDF pattern and printed it off and headed off to her LQS to buy some new fabric for it. (She also made a nice donation, thank you kindly)

So, if you didn’t know I sold patterns, don’t be embarrassed, just go look! $5 of each pattern purchased goes to the American Cancer Society.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Did you know I had chickens?

Here are the two yard chickens, and they are not ours. My neighbor thinks he lives on a farm on his little over an acre lot and thinks he has good control of his livestock… he thinks wrong. For the last 12 years or so every spring the baby chicks escape his yard for ours which is greener and friendlier too, and we certainly must have better bugs than he does. For a while this spring we had quite a flock if that what you call a lot of chickens. Slowing they disappeared, I’m not sure if the local fox got them, or one of the neighborhood cats, but we know that every once in a while we would find a bunch of feathers as evidence another chicken had not gone back to the farm in time.

These two have stayed on our side of the fence so long I don’t think they fit under the fence any more if they do want to go back. I haven’t found any “free range eggs” yet, but honestly I haven’t looked either. The chickens are still people shy, and I have no idea where they roost at night. I just know they are out there all day long, eating up bugs and what ever else it is that chickens eat, and as night falls they disappear.

If they don’t completely disappear come winter, we will catch them and take them back to the neighbor’s yard… or else build our own chicken coop…. but I doubt that will ever happen. But then again, who knows!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Interesting pink shortage

I have been working of a new mystery sample for the Mysteries For Relay group for the last few days. All of the fabrics were pulled from my stash and I liked the color combinations a lot. However, I was very afraid that one part of this mystery I was going to have to go shopping for… Step one called for scrappy fabrics, light and mediums and/or mediums and darks, contrasting fabrics to make four patches with. For the lap quilt, which is the size I usually make for my samples, calls for 64 four patches. I chose pinks and whites to make my four patches with… and almost didn’t have enough pink.

I had very little pink in my stash to begin with, and now have probably less than a fat quarter’s worth. I cut it all up into strips, then squares, and then sewed them into four patches. After it was finished and I spread out the four patches I realized I probably could have just sewn strips together, then cut them into four patches which would have saved a step, since I didn’t really have that many pinks.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that they are scrappy enough… although I’m fairly sure they will work.

Earlier today the phone rang and it was one of those automated calls asking for opinions. Because I had something else in my hand and had just pressed the speaker button, the call went on longer than normal for me… I usually hang up as soon as a recorded message starts. It said they were asking for opinions which would be shared with TV and radio new stations. “If you are over 18 press 1, under 18 press 2 and if you would like to be placed on our do not call list press 3” You better believe I pressed 3, but I almost wish there had been human on the phone for me to thank for that option. I wish the politicians would use that option on their calls. (Last week I hung up on a dozen or more politicians, LOL!)

Friday, September 17, 2010


I’m getting a little tired of facebook… everywhere you look someone is asking you to be their fan or their friend or to subscribe or enroll… and the junk mail is horrible. I keep getting email from someone who is an in-person local long time friend which really disturbs me. I’ve known this lady since our kids were in band together and my husband works with her. She was slow to the internet, but once she caught on she was up to date and on top of everything… until she joined facebook. Within a week of “becoming her friend” on facebook I started getting messages from her to look at her.. I’ll be polite… to look at her butt. Well I don’t want to look at her butt, and I know darn well those emails don’t come from her.

Then I started getting the same message or similar messages from other facebook friends. Friends would send me a message to look at the special page they’d set up… I know these people don’t “set up special pages” so I didn’t look.

I put myself on no email from facebook… but it kept on coming. Most recently I got a facebook message from a staff partner asking me to look at her “special page” I went into facebook and checked my settings.. I am still no email from there.

I’d quit, but I need to be able to help other Relayers sign up for the ACS ap.. which is the ONLY ap I use and I only use it because I have to as a part of my job. Besides, I don’t think quitting would stop the junk mail.

Recently while watching the news I heard them say to check out their facebook page… wonder if they have one of those “special pages” too… I don’t know, and I won’t ever find out…

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm in love!

I’ve been entering every Go Give-away I can find, but my luck isn’t working right now, so no Go.. And I’ve had the shakes and other issues which makes cutting hard for me. (Yes one of those issues is my own inability to sit down and cut so I can’t blame anyone but myself) However, recently a friend suggested that I try a June Taylor Shape Cut Plus.

I had one of the original June Taylor cutters and gave it away since I never used it. But this friend insisted the new Shape Cut Plus was bigger and better and since I needed help in the cutting department I ordered one. Yesterday it arrived and this morning I gave it a try.

WELL… I cut 260 perfect 2 inch squares in just under three minutes. Laid the fabric down on the cutting board, cut two inch strips. Turned cutting board, cut two inch strips into two inch squares, easy peasy and just three minutes!

I will use this again and I will use it for more than just squares, but right now I have a mystery to work on and all I need is squares and strips… I’ll keep you posted on this new love affair, I promise!

The winners are!

Yes I said winners! I offered one prize to the one quilt chosen by voters as their favorite, never imagining there would be four equal winners. There were a total of 264 votes and each winning entry received twenty-six votes.
Here are the four winning miniatures:

One of the miniatures just happened to be one of mine, and I am very honored by the votes it received. The other three winners will be receiving a prize of some kind, I have to figure out what to send them, I have a few ideas!

Thanks to everyone who participated in some way, either by sending a miniature or by voting.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Almost forgot to blog!

Been a busy day..... trip “downstate” to pick up more T-shirts, post office to mail some of those T-shirts, bank and then home to sew. Cutting, cutting and cutting, as long as my body would allow, which still isn’t long enough for me. Then UPS arrived with huge box of stuff I need to deal with, and now it’s almost bed time… early for me tonight since I’m really worn out.

Working on a new mystery, Aunt Peggy’s Quilt, which I hope everyone likes. I’m using some very old stash, and so far like what I see…

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another bundle ready to go

I went upstairs to return the left over reds from the last project to the stash. While up there browsing I saw a few more fabrics I wondered why I’d ever bought… some plaids, some green solids, a few large yardage pieces I must have purchased for something, then never used… what to do with them? Then the IBOL light bulb went off in my head, and I packed them up… added some spools of thread and two pairs of scissors, and here is it ready for the post office.

This is my second box this round.. how many have you sent?


That new mystery quilt which gave me so much trouble… well trouble in choosing the right fabric anyway, is done. The top is done, now to get it quilted and bound, I need to find backing fabric first. Depending on what I find for backing, I might just add borders to make it larger, time will tell. Since it is a mystery, I can’t show you. But eventually it will make its way to my pattern page. I really like it, and might just make another one for myself… this one I think will be a late wedding present for a young couple.

The pattern is done, I think I will send it off to one of the testers to check for me, better safe than sorry I always say.

Now another one, I pulled the fabric for another mystery, I think I will go cut it and get busy! Progress is good!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

National Grandparents Day

“National Grandparents Day is a secular holiday celebrated originating in the United States in 1978 and now officially recognized in a number of countries on various days of the year, either as one holiday or sometimes as a separate Grandmothers Day and Grandfathers Day.”

I never knew most of my Grandparents. I do not know that I ever met my Mother’s parents, I never really knew her until I was an adult. My parents were separated when I was three and I never knew her until I was 33. My Grandfather on my Father’s side passed away when I was two, so I don’t remember him at all. And my Gramdmother, Gram, was the one person who influenced me the most when I was growing up. I can not imagine where I would be today without her guidance.

Gram remarried right after John and I were married, and Ray was just like a grandfather to me. I loved him dearly for how he gave me a whole new Grandmother... one that understood my side of life a little better. Ray kind of modernized Gram and certainly made her a more rounded person. Both of my boys got to meet Gram and Ray, and although I doubt Mike remembers them, I’m sure Jonathon does.

John's Grandmother was a fun lady, and I loved her dearly. She and I always had a special connection, I'm not sure what it was, but we hit it off from the first time I met her. Sadly she passed away shortly after Jonathon was born.

My boys will always remember their PopPop, my father. Dad was a great grandfather, much better than he was a father. For this I loved him. My boys loved him too, and I know they will always have good memories of him.

The boys will also always remember GrandPop, John’s Father who is still keeping busy today at 86. GrandPop is credited for bringing us into the world of the internet. After all of it was good enough for him, why not us... at least that’s what the boys tried to tell me back in 1997... and what do you know, they were right. GrandPop is married to Grammy Arden who the boys also love dearly. She has many memories connected to her and I’m sure her being a horse trainer in Nevada will be one of them... she was cool! And she still is, they both are and together they're a cool couple.

Sadly the boys will remember John’s Mother in a different light.. and that is all I’m going to say about her.

Eventually, sooner or later, I hope, we will be grandparents. For now we have to settle for kitties and fish, neither are very huggable...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I remember,

September 11, 2001

I remember, but I wish I could forget.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall already

The weather lately has just been wonderful and it most certainly has the feeling of fall. The nights are chilly and the days, well most of them, are not so hot you can’t leave the windows open most of the day. My problem with leaving the windows open is my allergies, as long as there is still corn being harvested within a mile of my house, I can’t leave the windows open all the time. I’d love to leave them open at night, but if I did I’d wake up with red eyes and a drippy nose.

One sure sign of fall are these lovely fragrant flowers. They grow wild around here and one year I yanked some from the side of the road and planted them along the fence. I wanted them to trail along the fence, which they have done some, but they decided to also climb up on the deck. For the last few years I’m pulled them off the deck, but this year decided to let them go…. I’m happy I did, they are beautiful and I can see them from my seat in the living room, from the sink as I do dishes and easily from the back porch.

Now that I’ve fully recovered from my errands and have had lunch, I think I will go cut some more… still working on those reds.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A special dinner out

Today is Aunt Sheryl’s birthday, and I was honored and please beyond explanation to be included in her dinner out celebration. Today she turned 81, she even remembered it was her birthday and how old she was. She confided in me it was one of the few things she still remembered.

After a delightful dinner out, just Sheryl, John and I, I was invited to come see her new place. “It’s quite small but cozy and I want you to meet my kitties.” I’d been there, but it was empty the last time I saw it. And I knew her kitties but that she forgot.

She delighted in showing me around and introducing me to the kitties. And then she said “Oh but you remember them don’t you, I forgot you'd met them before.”

There is so much she forgets but what is important is that she remembers me and that she knows how much I love her…. She told me that.

Today’s progress

I got up this morning and first thing went upstairs and pulled a variety of reds and blacks from my stash for this new project I’m trying to work on. After my morning coffee chat with my friend Marge I cut out enough to make four blocks. I made them, and didn’t like them. Came back in here and looked at the EQ again. The variety of blacks and reds looked OK on EQ, but I really didn’t like it in real fabric. SO… I went back upstairs and put back the blacks, and pulled one piece of black that I had enough of.

Came back down here and cut all of the black I will need. Then my body gave out, I still can’t stand very long, so I took a break to check email. Quite a few, and one answer yielded another question or comment so emails were flying back and forth.

When I was sufficiently rested and there were no more emails, I went back to cut the reds, but was detoured when the AC came on. I’d opened all the windows this morning since it was so nice out, but the AC coming on signaled to me it was time to close them. So I went around closing windows… and while on the back porch noticed two of my violets need repotting. So I did that, but what to put them on since the new larger pots didn’t fit the tray I had them on (to keep the wet off my sideboard)

So after going through my pot dishes, and not finding what I needed, I decided to just use my good china. My “good” china is oven to table ware, and I haven’t used it in years, so why not put it to good use… the violets look lovely in their new pots on their new china tray, at least I think they do. So good, that the other violets and a few other plants looked sort of pathetic. SO… I changed their trays too.

Well all that running around back and forth wore me out again and here I am again. So much for progress, but my plants look happy.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Getting nowhere slowly

I finished all the blocks for a new mystery/pattern I am working on. I laid them out on my bed to arrange them and something didn't look right. I couldn’t put my finger on it so I decided to sew two rows together and then figure out what was wrong. They are small blocks and short rows, so that wasn’t a big deal. I laid the rows on the bed and looked, nice but not what I was going for, but why not?

I opened up Electric Quilt and the project associated with this mystery and DUH me… I’ve sewn HALF of the blocks wrong. And these aren’t blocks that can be undone which means this sample will be twice as large as I had originally planned. Or it will be once I make the correct blocks. Or it will be two small quilts, or one medium size… I am not making it gigantic because I’m not 100% sure I like it scrappy yet. I like I like the pattern, just not sure it’s meant to be so scrappy.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Why I Relay

I have many reasons, too many to share. But here is one… today we lost another guild member to cancer. Another quilter in heaven.. I know there is a quilt guild up there.

I didn’t know Mike well, but I knew her enough to be following her battle through her daughter’s blog. Today I pray for peace for the family and many happy memories of Mike and her joyful life. Don’t mourn the passing, be happy for the peace and the memories.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Hey Marge

I just got this email… Hey Marge, you haven’t blogged today. Hope you are OK? Ginny

Aww that was sweet, thanks Ginny. But if you are worried when I miss one day, then you have too much time on your hands. How goes that quilt you are working on? What else have you done other than watching my blog?

Joking of course, I know Ginny is busy, she’s a school teacher and is back to work again. Working gal, mother of two teen agers and two grown up kids who recently gave her grandbabies to make quilts for, yes she is a busy lady.

But the reason I haven’t blogged today is that I’ve been too busy. Yes, I was a little shaky today too, but not that bad. When I got the shakes I moved from cutting to marking and if they got too bad I sewed… all worked out and I managed to cut enough squares to make a nice quilt, and got most of the marking done that needed to be done, made quite a few blocks, and wrote a new pattern, and even went out to dinner with my honey.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

So here is how it goes….

As I explained yesterday, I pulled fabrics for two brand new patterns, well one and a half and ordered the other half, and had that pile of squares on my cutting table calling to me AND the desire to make a spider web quilt… so what did I do?

Well… I started another new pattern. Let me explain.. Recently I saw this quilt at a friend’s house on her guest bed that really appealed to me (from the door, I don’t go snooping unless invited.) She is not q quilter so I had to ask where she got it, she told me she bought it but was very disappointed in it. The first time she washed it, guess what… yep… it fell apart. She showed me and without even thinking I opened up my trap and said I could easily make her another one.

She jumped on my offer before I had a chance to take it back, so now I sort of have to make it. However I will not complain, she offered a very nice donation to Relay and to pay for all the fabrics, and I get a new pattern from it. Yesterday she brought me a bag of fabric she had bought and said to get busy.

I think I will enjoy this one, I get make a quilt and keep the extra fabrics and she bought a LOT of extra and have a new pattern and a nice donation to Relay.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Still deciding

Yep, I am still trying to decide what my next project will be. I have printed out two of my brand new patterns and pulled fabrics for one of them, so that might be what I do.

But there is another one I really wanted to do first, because the pattern needs more work and I can only do that work by trying to make the quilt. However, I could not find what I wanted in my stash to make that quilt with. In my head I saw certain colors, and no matter what I pulled from the stash, they didn’t meet my requirements. So I was forced… you understand I’m sure… forced to purchase more fabric. Quick call to good old Patchwork Angels and my fabric should arrive in the mail sometime this week.

It is so good to have a reliable friend who works at a quilt shop. Someone I can call to pick fabrics for me and trust enough that I know what ever she sends me I will love it and it will meet my expectations. (And this friend is extra special in so many many ways!)

So am I working on either one of those patterns… nope… I have a pile of squares on my cutting board and they are asking to be used up, so I think I will work on those now. And then… perhaps one of those mystery patterns. Or maybe a spider web quilt, which I have always wanted to make but have never taken the time to…. maybe this is the time.