Thursday, September 14, 2006

Best of Show even!

I’ve won another award! Well not really, but it is about the best award I could ask for someone to share with me. I rarely enter my quilts in shows; as a matter of fact I have only once, and was forced to do it. I don’t make quilts to show, I make them to be used. And I much prefer teaching someone to make their own quilt to making one for them. I’ve had students enter quilts from my classes in many quilt shows, and even win ribbons. But this time a quilt maker has not only won a blue ribbon, she’s won best of show too. You can read all about it on her blog…

I’m tickled for this lady, and so very happy she shared her prize with me. And if you want to see the pattern, you can see it on my web page,

And this is EXACTLY why I teach quilting and why share my patterns on line!

Thanks Saska for sharing! Congratulations to you!