Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year In Review

When 2009 started we were excited and enthusiastic about all of our plans, it was going to be a great year. But…

By the end of January we were very aware that John’s Aunt needed our help and after much serious discussion we changed all of our plans so that we could take care of her. We did until a few weeks after we’d moved her closer and someone interfered. That forced us to take legal actions, which are still tied up in the court. She is ok, but needs us more than ever and needs more than us…. But until the court, nothing can be done.

While this was all happening, my knees decided to give up on me. I first felt some pain while going up and down the stairs in NY, and as time went by the pain went from worse to worser. I know that’s not a word, but it fits. In November the Doc asked me on the pain scale of 1 to 10 where my pain was, I told him 12). By the middle of July I wasn’t getting around much at all, and then even less. Finally surgery in November, pain gone almost 99%, but slowing creeping back. (Next Drs visit is next week)

BUT… not everything was bad. The Delaware Quilts Relay For Life team raised over $10,000 and ended the year in first place. (Thanks to our sponsor Serendipity Quilt Shop and many many generous donors)

All the down time forced me to get ahead on new patterns and BOMs, and to get more organized in my quilting world. Even though I didn’t make nearly as many new quilts this year, I am way ahead in the planning stages, and have new designs lined up and ready to go for 2010. And the whole year of BOMs is ready to go on line too.

Can I say we had a bad year, no… we are alive and fairly healthy, we still have our home and the bills are all paid, John has a job, and we still love each other very much. It wasn’t a bad year, but I can’t wait for it to be over.
Hurry up midnight!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inventory fun

I’m still working on that quilt inventory spreadsheet, and am really amazed at how easy, with a little research, it has been to recreate my quilting history. I’ve gone all the way back to the very beginning of my quilt history, and even though I’m sure I’ve missed some, now have in one place a list of my quilts.

This all started with two spreadsheets I found from 1997 and 1998. 1997 is the first year we were on the internet BTW, but I don’t think either list has anything to do with that… I think the lists were made to keep track of the samples I made for a local quilt shop, to show off fabrics and for class samples.

I then went to my quilt photos right here on the computer. When I was done listing all those quilts, I decided I needed an idea of when each one was started and/or finished. For many of them, that date was easy to find, from my UFO lists. But others mystified me, so I had to do more research.

Some I realized were for samples for classes I had taught, so when the class was taught gave me at least a start date. Checking my classes offered lists helped there, and brought more quilts to the list too. I actually had photos of samples in with my patterns that were not in the quilt photos, but they are now.

Then I realized that I posted finished quilts pretty quickly on My Quilts web page, so I went on line and started looking at the photos on there. Not only did that give me the date the photo was uploaded which had to be close to when I finished it, but it gave me some more quilts which I didn’t have photos on the computer of, but do now.

Photo is the oldest quilt made which is on the computer. I have some serious scanning to do to get all of these quilts on a the lap top and then DVD, as soon as I can get upstairs again.

Well all that was fine and dandy, but what about that 112 that were done before 1997, and where did that number come from. (The 1997 list started with 113) Was there a list before that, or did I just guess? Well before there was digital, there was film, and of course, (TaaDaaa moment) photo albums. Yes, I had photos of some of my early quilts. Some, but not all.

I have still the four of the first five quilting projects I made, for demonstration samples at Minnesota Fabrics back in 1974. They are, in the order started (from memory) a lone star wall hanging, a log cabin baby quilt, two pillows (which I forget the pattern, but still have them upstairs so will list them when I get up there next) and a churn dash baby quilt. As I said, I still have the two pillows, and I still have #1, but the baby quilts are long gone, gifted at some time many years ago.

In 1975 I started a log cabin quilt for us, started. I bought all the fabric (except backing I think) and had some of the strips cut, and I think a few blocks made. Then while visiting family up in Vermont we found the quilt already finished at the Grand Isle Quilt shop. It was made using the exact same fabrics give or take a few, and was finished! Of course I had to buy it, and I still have it. Some of the fabric I bought became curtains, some pillow shams, and some I still have.

I took a break from quilting for a while… and didn’t make another quilt until 1978 when I made one for a new niece. I am ashamed to say, I don’t remember making quilts for my own two boys, but I do remember making them for other babies. In 1983 I know I made one for our neighbor’s new baby, and then another neighbor baby a year or more later. I also made the infamous Dresden Plate apron, which started my teaching career. In 1985 I made a lap quilt for a friend who was being transferred, I remember working on it as we were going through the adoption process which brought us Michael.

Fast forward a few years and we were in England, I made baby quilts to sell at the OWC Christmas Bazaar… how many I have no idea, but I know there were quite a few, and they all sold. A year later I made another one for a neighbors’ new baby. In 1991 while living in Germany I saw a Kaleidoscope quilt in a magazine (Women’s Day or Good Housekeeping?) and started that. It is still around, my oldest UFO. It was set aside the first time to work on a baby quilt for a friend’s expected baby. That quilt started a quilting marathon as I made baby quilts, quilted Christmas tree skirts, and quilted Christmas stockings for the Ramstein Christmas Bazaar. I can’t say exactly but I know I made over two dozen baby quilts, photos have written on the back #24 and #25 (all sold) and at least 100 Christmas stockings (all sold). I KNOW for a fact I made 60 Christmas Tree skirts, and not all of the sold then, but have since. As a matter of fact, the last one left the house on December 20th when Mike and Kelly asked me if I had one to sell to a friend of theirs.

Now, if you are counting, and I was, that is already over the 112 number… so numbers are off… but the inventory/recording goes on. And I am still going though photo albums looking for quilts or evidence of quilting (in the background of one photo I saw my sewing machine set up and recognized the fabric next to it) I’m also going through old guild newsletters looking for class listings and my show and tells.

Fun fun fun, and what delightful memories!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Inventory spreadsheets

I worked on and published my UFO list for 2010 yesterday, if you want to look at it. When I started to update it, I had to search for the old UFO list, which somehow didn’t make it to the lap top when I transferred files back in May. I sure hope the original is on the desk top upstairs.

However, while looking for it, I found two interesting spreadsheets I didn’t even know I had, quilt inventories from 1997 and 1998. Very interesting spreadsheets!

1997’s starts with #113 Log Cabin in pinks and blues. That means in 1996 I had at least 112 finished quilts. I sure wish I knew where that list is, where is the list of the 112? Hmm… 1997 was the year we first got a “new” computer, so the list of the 112, if there was one, is/was on the Commodore, which means it is long gone.

I actually listed the quilts/projects as I started them. No dates, but the list has to be in chronological order. It also says if they were finished or not. And the cost to make them! WOW, the most I paid a yard for fabric was $8.

1997’s list ends at number 143 and 1998’s list starts at 144, and ends at 166. This list is a great idea, and I think I will work on it some, updating it and perhaps recreating some of my personal quilt history. I wish I’d found this sooner, or kept it up after I started it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

In Memory

In loving Memory of John "Butch" Myers, Jr a.k.a Biker Dude
Quilter and all around nice guy
We will miss you!

Oh goodie

I really need this, but who doesn’t these days, and especially after the holidays.

We are pleased to inform you that your E-mail address has won the UK National Lottery. Therefore you have Been approved for a lump sum payout of (£800,000.00GBP) Eight Hundred Thousand Pounds in the UK National Lottery program held on 25th December 2009, and was released today, The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 21,000 email addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated Random computer search known as the Email Selective System (ess) from the internet, no tickets were sold. After this automated computer ballot, your E-mail ID emerged as one of the winners in the 3rd category. You Are therefore been approve to winning Sum of £800,000.00(GBP).

If you were wondering, at today’s rate, that equals $1,281,130. Now what would I do with that. First thing, pay off the second mortgage. Then a few home improvements, starting with a new downstairs sewing room and a large master bedroom suite also on the ground floor with two walk in closets and a private bathroom. Then a four car garage for John, for his truck, boat, lawn “stuff” and the rest for a decent workshop.

Of course I would help the guys out some, pay off their credit cards, and a little something else.

Maybe a kitchen remodel, of course I’d let the kitchen guy do the planning for me (Mike). It would be fun to see what he could come up with, although our styles are so different, it would be interesting.

The rest would go in the bank, if there was anything left over.

Fun to dream....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

The name derives from the tradition of giving seasonal gifts, on the day after Christmas, to less wealthy people and social inferiors, which was later extended to various workpeople such as labourers and servants.

The traditional recorded celebration of Boxing Day has long included giving money and other gifts to charitable institutions, the needy and people in service positions. The European tradition has been dated to the Middle Ages, but the exact origin is unknown and there are some claims that it goes back to the late Roman/early Christian era.

In the United Kingdom it certainly became a custom of the nineteenth century Victorians for tradesmen to collect their "Christmas boxes" or gifts in return for good and reliable service throughout the year on the day after Christmas.

The establishment of Boxing Day as a defined public Holiday under the legislation that created the UK's Bank Holidays started the separation of 'Boxing Day' from the 'Feast of St Stephen' and today it is almost entirely a secular holiday with a tradition of shopping and post Christmas sales starting.

Here in the US, at least in my part of it, Boxing Day has become the Black Friday after Christmas. The stores are just as packed today as they were on Black Friday. Not me, I hate shopping, and shopping on a day when everyone else is shopping is at the bottom of my list. I’m usually at a store when it opens, avoiding as many other shoppers as I can. Nope, no shopping for me! There is nothing in any store that I need that bad.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Here we are on our Christmas Day, which was held early since the kids were all going to the other half of their families on the actual holiday. We got together, despite the blizzard, and had a shortened version of a holiday. It took Jon and Steph almost 3 hours to get here, and John had to go get Mike and Kelly with his 4WD, and we didn’t get to do our traditional Christmas dinner, but we made do.

We watched old home movies on the TV and got some good laughs at previous holiday antics. It was fun watching the boys decorate the tree at 2 and 5 while they decorated the tree at 24 and 27 with the help of their special ladies. Best of all, we went through some of our collections of ornaments, sending home with each couple ornaments which belonged to each boy. Because of the time, we barely put a dent in the home movies AND the ornaments, so I think we will be doing the same again another year.

Two things to note in this photo, one is Simba, who came for his first visit here. He was a very good kitty, and except for not wanting his photo taken, did very well here. (I hope he comes again)

The second thing to notice is the angel on the top of the tree. We didn’t unpack all of the Christmas boxes, and our special angel was in a box we didn’t unpack….so we stuck an angel on the tree that Jonathon made in kindergarten. I offered it to Jon and Steph for their tree, but for some reason they didn’t want it.
Enjoy your day, Merry Merry and Ho Ho HO!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
That’s because Mufasa is here, and no mouse will show it’s little head with him around.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
Uh Oh, no chimney, and no stockings hung anywhere this year, first year in forever.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;
No children here this year, and I sort of doubt my guys have that kind of vision this year, LOL!

Well that’s enough of that anyway, but you get the idea. As a child I don’t remember hearing that story often. Christmas eve was usually rushed, we were picked up from foster care and shuffled off to where ever my father needed to go that night, usually ending up at my Grandmothers.
If by any chance we were picked up prior to Christmas eve, we went to church. Or if we were picked up very late on Christmas eve, we went to mass with our Foster mom. I liked both services, for different reasons. I loved the mass and the beauty of the Catholic Church, especially at Christmas. And I loved the singing in our little humble Reformed Episcopal and all of the holiday decorations that made the church glow.

When our boys came along they heard that story every Christmas eve… I wonder if they remember that. John read it to them faithfully every year, unless Pop Pop, my father, was around, and then he had the honor. Dad was a great reader of that story, and he loved Christmas. I miss him the most this time of year.

There won’t be a reading this year, I have no idea where the book is and there isn’t anyone to read it too. John and I will probably watch a Christmas movie and then go to bed….

Although, there is another Christmas eve tradition in this house, I wonder if it will go on this year. Every year, starting in 1984 when Jonathon was just two, they guys made cookies for Santa. They would be up way past their bedtime working in the kitchen. Before they went to bed they would set out a plate of fresh warm chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. And every Christmas morning the cookies were gone.
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

Christmas Music

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today as I sit here reading a book, browsing the internet, and maybe even watching a Christmas movie, I am thinking of past Christmases. I am remember cleaning house, wrapping presents, refereeing the boys, cooking, baking, refereeing the boys, sending Christmas cards, decorating, refereeing the boys, and working on last minute presents while refereeing the boys. Now don’t get me wrong, they were good kids, it’s just that the holidays do something to children to wind them up.

One Christmas eve I will never forget… we had company, I forget who, sorry… probably my Dad and brother, but I’m not certain. We put the boys to bed after making them promise not to get up before 7 AM. They were not allowed out of their room except to go to the bathroom until one of us came and got them. They promised, and as a reward, I gave them each the gifts they had bought for each other, wrapped, and told them when they woke up, they could open those presents, and play with them. DUH on me… big mistake… “when they woke up”… how stupid of me.

We took care of finishing our decorating, placing presents where they needed to go, and finally climbed into bed sometime around 1AM. Our bedroom was directly under the room they were sleeping in so I heard them when they woke up at 2 AM and started playing with the Lego sets they had picked out for each other… 2 AM

Do I miss those days… yes and no… I don’t miss the shopping for all the right presents just to have them ask Santa for something no store on the planet has the day before Christmas. I don’t miss baking for hours so they (and their Father) can eat every cookie in five minutes. I don’t miss all the excess decorating. I don’t miss sending a billion Christmas cards to people I can’t even remember meeting anymore. I don’t even send cards out anymore, shame on me.

And the easy part now, we get the kids… err… young men and their ladies what they want us to. Our Christmas dinner couldn’t be much easier… I throw a standing rib roast into the oven, hour before it is done I throw in some taters to bake. Then either a salad and/or some veggies and that’s dinner.

I can do whatever I want on Christmas day….
I want to go back and do it like it used to be.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Flowers

Not a tree today, but some lovely poinsettias which were planted right in the ground all over WDW. I’d never seen them in the ground until the first time we visited Pop and Arden and family in Charleston SC back in 1982, and I was amazed that they grew outdoors, and bloomed and survived from year to year.

These were in front of the outdoor stage where the Candlelight Processional was, and the droplets on them are rain, although they sure looked like snow to me.

This is a different batch, equally as lovely, with a view of Spaceship Earth. I love the flowers at Disney, no matter what time of year you go, the gardens are beautiful. Even in December, as you can see.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Magical Tree

Here is the tree from the Magic Kingdom, if you look closely you can see Cinderella’s Castle in the background. (Want a larger view, click on the picture. Want an even LARGER view, click here.)

It’s not the bright sunny photo I would have liked it to be, but that’s just the way it goes with me…. Almost every time we go to the Magic Kingdom it rains or worse. The first time we went to WDW was 1987, John was in SOS in GA and the boys are I were our way to Delaware, after visiting family and friends on the way. We were visiting a dear friend in GA, and somehow or other ended up going to Disney from there, not on the way but it was worth the side trip!

Jonathon was 4 and Michael was 2 1/2 and it was the perfect age for them. Well almost, Mike was terrified of the characters, all of them. Since the boys were little, of course we did the Magic Kingdom first, and it rained. Not all day, just off and on, but once you are wet.. you stay wet, and we did. The second day we went to Epcot and of course it was sunny and beautiful that day.

Our second visit to WDW was in 2000 with six busloads of high school kids. The Jazz Band and the Choir both preformed at the Magic Kingdom in pouring rain without electric, but did great despite it.

Next trip to WDW was for New Years 2000-2001 when Jonathon was “invited” to perform in the Citrus Bowl Half Time Show.
We made that our Christmas that year and all flew down. First day we were there we went to the Magic Kingdom, you got it, in the rain. Not only was it wet, it was cold. The coldest that area had been in history. Of course we’d left our winter coats in the car in Philadelphia because we’d never need them in Florida… right…

On our way to Florida on that trip, we were bumped off our flight, and got free tickets for the inconvenience. So we decided to go back for Spring Break, which we did. We had no plans when to do what, but I said that the first day we got up to a bright sunny sky we were going to the Magic Kingdom, and we did just that!

We were back in WDW again for the holidays in 2002-2003,
And that was probably the best trip ever as far as weather went. The whole trip was great really, made even greater by warm sunny days and pleasant evenings. We hopped back and forth all over and never saw a raindrop! Well John and I didn't see any rain, but the boys were drenched on New Years Eve when they went to one of the parks to ring in the New Year. I woke up to a bathroom full of dripping wet clothing! (And was glad I didn't go with them)

In August of 2004 John had a conference at WDW. We drove down through two hurricanes, Bonnie and Charley, so the weather was bad to start with. We had Bonnie’s rain from home to SC where we spent the night to let Charley go by us. However Charley had a lingering trail behind it, and we had horrible weather past our arrival at Disney. We lucked out, sort of, in getting a room upgrade since our room was still occupied since no one could fly anywhere. The upgrade was nice, overlooking the water and part of Epcot. The sort of was that it was on the top floor, and with all the rain from Charley we had water dripping from the ceiling all night. They couldn’t move us to another room because there weren’t any rooms available. A trash can and towel solved the problem, and it was dry and quiet the next day.

Since John was conferencing, we only did the parks in the evening, except for two days which we added on. We park hopped, and had nice weather except for one little rain shower while we were at… you guessed it.. Magic Kingdom. But it really wasn’t too bad. (And I just now realized there are no photos from that trip on line, whoops!)

We went back again in 2005 again on business, at WDW, and made a few visits to the Magic Kingdom, I’m surprised when looking at the pictures again I realize it didn’t rain on us every time we were there that trip.

And then the most recent trip, we visited the Magic Kingdom three times, and got rained on twice.

SO weather history at the Magic Kingdom is officially rain 7, dry 3, but that won’t stop me from going back again!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Had to share

For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston

Click to see it larger

Snow day two

We got about six inches total, not much if you are a northerner, a lot for the southerners and a lot for people around here real close to the Mason Dixon line and the ocean, where we normally don't get a lot of this white stuff.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Picture says it all

Not much for some people, a blizzard for others. Right now we have about two inches, but more is on the way.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Tree

The tree I am sharing today is from Disney’s Hollywood Studios entrance, and I thought I would write about my favorite Christmas movie… but I can’t decide which one I like the best! I have a nice collection of them and honestly, watch them all almost every year.

One household favorite is Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas is a children's storybook by Russell Hoban which was adapted into a television special by Jim Henson with songs by Paul Williams. It first came into our San Antonio home in 1987 on HBO, and was recorded on VHS and watched so many times it wore out. I was thrilled to find it on DVD a number of years ago, and bought two copies, one for us and one for Jonathon since it was his favorite too.

This is John Denver's version with video from the original TV special featuring Emmet and his Mother.

Now I have to put the DVD on, and do some Christmas decorating!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Trees and Memories

While at WDW I was amazed at the different Christmas trees they put up. Of course they are almost impossible to photograph, between the crowds and the poor lighting (due to the weather, not Disney), but I managed a few good shots. I decided to share a few with you all over the few next days, and a Christmas memory or two also.

This tree is from the entrance to the Animal Kingdom, which brings to mind an animal Christmas memory. When John went off to college, he gave me a kitten to keep me company. Jinx was black, except for a tiny little white spot under his chin which was rarely seen. His first Christmas he was about three or four months old, and still very much a kitten.

Back then I hadn’t yet developed the evergreen allergy I have now or else just didn’t realize I had one, so we had a real tree. Dad brought it home and I decorated it, and Jinx climbed up it and knocked it down. Over and over and over again. He wouldn’t go near it when we were in the room, but the minute we left, CRASH, tree and ornaments came crashing to the floor. Somehow or other he never was near the tree when we went back in the living room, but we knew…

About the third night of crashing, Dad got fed up, and put a nail in the window jam, and wired the tree up. And there it stayed… as for the ornaments, good thing there were after Christmas sales, let’s just say we had a LOT of ornaments to replace that year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh goodie, another on-line quilt show!

I found SewCalGal during the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, and have sort of been lurking now and then since then. Well she is now having a Virtual Christmas Quilt Show which I think is a delightful idea, so I’m joining that band wagon too! I love Christmas quilts, and have made many, and maybe I can get a new Christmas quilt idea, or more!

About my Christmas quilt… it was one of those quilts that the fabric demanded to be made. Actually, it started out as a Christmas block swap… I made six blocks and then was rooting through my stash to make more, and this red jumped off the shelf and said “Use me!” so I did. I loved those blocks so much, I made six more, and then… well I made ALL new different blocks for the swap and kept these.

I had a hard time getting it quilted…and finally Donna in OK volunteered to hand quilt it for me. My plan is to sell the quilt to raise money for Relay For Life, but so far no takers. I’ve advertised it on several different sites, including my own of course, and even had it up for auction on eBay. But it’s still here. If anyone reading this would like to make an honest offer, please do. The money goes to a great cause, fighting back against cancer, in hopes that someday we will find a cure.

PS. more photos can be found on

Disney Pics

There were WAY too many photos to put on here, so I’ve created a web page of our Disney Vacation. If you really want to see them, you can at

If you are on dial up, click, then go make a cup of coffee… it will take a while to download them all.

My favorite photos are…

Doesn’t he look like he was having a good time, despite having to push me around for a whole week…

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

La Befana

While at Epcot we happened to see a lovely witch tell a delightful story which really was special to me, and I want to share it. I wish I could say it the same way she did, but I can’t, so I’ve copied a similar story from

La Befana: Kindly old witch who brings children toys on the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6. According to the legend of la Befana, the Three Wise Men stopped at her hut to ask directions on their way to Bethlehem and to invite her to join them. She refused, and later a shepherd asked her to join him in paying respect to the Christ Child. Again she refused, and when night fell she saw a great light in the skies.

La Befana thought perhaps she should have gone with the Three Wise Men, so she gathered some toys that had belonged to her own child, who had died, and ran to find the kings and the shepherd. But la Befana could not find them or the stable. Now, each year she looks for the Christ Child. Since she can not find him, she leaves gifts for the children of Italy and pieces of coal (nowadays carbone dolce, a rock candy that looks remarkably like coal) for the bad ones.

The Disney la Befana says that all children look like a Christ Child when sleeping, so they all get a gift from her.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I learned a lot while on vacation…

Amazing but true, I learned a lot, lessons I hope I can remember the rest of my life. Some I can share, some I cannot. Some won’t affect your life, some will.

1. My husband is grumpy without his morning coffee. We, no make that I was always in a hurry to get going in the morning, promising him that he could get coffee as soon as we reached our daily destination. Sometimes that wasn’t soon enough for him and I learned that he is quite a grump without that morning cup. I also learned he is willing to wait in line as long as a half hour to get that morning cup of coffee too!

2. Always be prepared for any weather. We were, thank goodness, and managed to stay dry when it poured, and I do mean POURED at the Magic Kingdom. That rain gear we bought on the trip down was worth what we paid for it and more, just to be dry.

3. People who are in wheel chairs are often ignored. It was nothing for someone to jump in line in front of me… Why not, I was sitting down, they weren’t, and obviously in a bigger hurry than I was. Waiting for the parade to come along, people would stand in front of me, like the chair was empty and didn’t need to see.

4. People in wheel chairs often have a lousy view.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the way home

Vacation is almost over, and so we are headed home. I’ve had issues connecting which is why you haven’t heard from me. I’m sorry this trip is coming to an end, but it is time to get back home to hopefully resume normalcy. I hope to get the house decorated and maybe even get some baking done before next weekend, when I think we’ll be having our family Christmas… maybe.

AND of course I will write a full report on vacation and share some of my favorite memories and photos! It was pure delight and I need to get all the memories down before the holidays erase them from the front of my memory bank!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

We are alive and well, well worn out!

Three different people called me today, since I had not posted on my blog and they were worried about me. Thanks friends, that means a lot to me, and I am really sorry I worried you. But last night we got in late, and wanted to leave early today, so there just wasn’t time to report all we saw and did.

The last two days, make that three, have been a whirlwind of excitement and fun, and there is just too much to share. Tuesday we went to the Animal Kingdom which up until now had been my least favorite park. However, I really can’t say that any more, we had a fabulous time and I’m ready to go back again. Most favorite thing was the Lion King Show, WOW! Spectacular and fabulous and wonderful and delightful! I got some great photos too, which I will share another time.

Today was Disney Hollywood Studios, formerly known as MGM, or at least it was the last time we were here. Another great day, but not quite as exciting as the Animal Kingdom. Best part of it were the Christmas lights, but more about them later, and maybe even a video clip if I can figure out how to do that.

What I want to share tonight is someone we happened to see while at the Animal Kingdom yesterday. Who would be the last person you would expect to see on vacation at Walt Disney World this time of year? And if I told you I saw that jolly old man here, would you believe me? Well I did! I’m not sure if he was a cast member or a vacationer, but he was most certainly Santa.

We were walking along, well I was riding, John was pushing, and I noticed the white hair and beard, and the bluest eyes and rosy cheeks, and I swear his eyes were twinkling. People were rushing past him, not even noticing him sitting there. I told John to stop, and turn around… and pointed him out… . People walked right by him, and every once in a while a child would do a double take, just to be hushed by a parent who didn’t even bother to look. One little girl walked up to him, and placed her hand on his knee, and then was called away by her Mother who I swear didn’t even look!

I really wish I had asked a cast member if he was a plant or a cast member, but honestly, I don’t want to know… I know who he is, just wondering why he is here and not up North getting ready for his other trip?

Monday, December 07, 2009

Disney Day One

Woke up this morning to rain, dark clouds, and what looked like a pretty miserable day. However, the local weather man assured everyone that the rain would stop by 9 and the rest of the day would be dry, and know what, he was right! After we had breakfast and checked out of the hotel, moving to WDW for the rest of the week, there were only left over rain drops falling from the trees occasionally, and the rest of the day was dry. Dry and I will add, for all of you who are still in the beginning of winter, warm. 79 degrees, and delightful.

Our first stop was Epcot, which is really my favorite, I think. We rushed… ok, we didn’t rush at all… we don’t rush, we are on vacation. Besides, John is pushing me in a wheel chair, and my 200 pounds probably isn’t that easy to push, and I really think he’s going to get a workout this week… so we didn’t rush. We moseyed on over to the Land to see about Soarin’, and had to Fast Pass for later in the day. Which was ok… so we did “Living With The Land” boat ride, always interesting, and I did see some new plants this time…

Then we went to visit Jonathon’s old friend Figment, changed a little since we first went through there in 1987, but the same old Figment. From there we were shrunk but fortunately enlarged again, and then over to the Living Seas. They’ve changed the ride some, it’s Nemo now which is kind of cute. We looked around at the aquariums, went to the Turtle Talk show, really cute and then went next door to the Coral Reef for lunch. Delicious lunch and the scenery was terrific, a 5million plus salt water aquarium, full of all kinds of entertainment to watch as we ate.

After a filling lunch, we went back to Soarin’ which was really terrific. I mean it was mind blowing, and sensational, and thrilling and wow! I want to do it again, and we might when we go back again later in the week. It was hard coming back to Earth, but we did, and then just moseyed around some more, ending our day with a journey through Spaceship Earth.

Now we are settled in for the night in our Caribbean cottage, practically next door to the center of the resort, and yet still close to the parking lot and transportation. Disney did great in placing me where I could get around so easily. I’m tired, and ready for bed… tomorrow The Animal Kingdom!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday night in Kissimmee

According to the Garmin we could have been in Kissimmee by noon today, but we took the scenic route to get here. It was worth it, saw some pretty scenery, a mean looking ocean, and even viewed JFK Space Center from a distance. We thought about going in, but all the walking and the cost kept us from going in. Honestly, I would have enjoyed it, IF we weren’t going to WDW tomorrow and for the next week.

Temperature report, we saw 70 today, and have been walking around with just a sweat shirt on, and that was by the breezy ocean. Here in Kissimmee nothing is needed, yet. We’re ready for anything, heavy coats, light weight coats, sweatshirts, long sleeves and short sleeves…. Bring it on we are ready. I even have a few pairs of shorts, as soon as I can wash off all the Doctors drawings.

And rain, no bother. We stopped at a Gander today and got some good rain wear, good enough for WDW anyway. rain or shine, warm or cold, we are ready.

Oh yes, for those who ask, knee report. So so today, I’m not over doing it, if anything it’s just from sitting in the car. Tonight I almost lost myself walking to our table for dinner. Knee went one way and I went the other. No pain, but a good scare, so I’m taking it easy.

Tomorrow Epcot! Can’t wait!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Snow and rain

No, not where we are, but back at home and where Jonathon and Steph live, LOL! We had a great weather day. It started out a little drizzly as we headed south through NC on I95, but the further south we got, the fewer clouds we saw. Finally while we enjoyed lunch in Manning SC the sun broke through the clouds, and soon we needed our sun glasses.

FYI, we had lunch at a Sonic, a chain yes, but not one that we have locally, so this was our first Sonic meal. Our sandwiches were good, John liked his onion rings, and I now have a new favorite dessert, coconut cream pie something… I think it was a shake. All I know is it had chunks of coconut in it, and was really quite yummy. Good thing we don’t have Sonic near us!

Tonight we had a delicious dinner at a local Italian place, sausage just as good as my favorite NY Italian restaurant up in Endicott. John had a personal pan pizza that would have fed the both of us, and he enjoyed that too. Now we are pleasantly full, and will watch TV for an hour or so before going to sleep.

Tomorrow we plan on driving leisurely down the coast, avoiding I95 as much as possible, we’ve seen enough of it and are ready for some new scenery!

OK, health report, at the prodding of some emails and a phone call, LOL! I am doing great. I can honestly say I have 98% less pain than a week ago, and that pain I do have is post-operative and normal. I am not taking any meds at all, except my allergy meds and the daily aspirin as ordered by the Doc. I am walking without the walker, and only need a little help when doing stairs, although thank goodness there haven’t been a lot of those.