Ten Minute Table Runner

I posted just one line about trying to make a Ten Minute Table Runner back here, and have had more than 5000 people visit that blog post, I’ve even heard of other people blogging about that post. 

I have to say, I did not invent this, I didn’t start it, and honestly, I didn’t even make that many… just five or six for Christmas presents so I could say I made some.  But get this clear, this is NOT my pattern, not my idea and I didn’t even teach it at the retreats… one of the retreaters shared it with everyone and it took off like wildfire. 

Well it seems that the site I linked everyone to originally has taken down the pattern.  But just because I am nice and happen to have saved it, I’ve reposted the original pattern, WHICH IS NOT MINE, here. 

This pattern was written by LaRae Brunnell Clark and the pattern was shared by the Utah State University Weber County Extension. 
I also did some searching and here are more links to the same idea. 
Here is another PDF from Utah State University Cooperative Extension

Amy at Not Always With Thread posted her version here. 

Sue at Super Mom – No Cape posted her one hour version here –

Here is another PDF from Red Hen Fabrics

Vicki posted her tutorial here

LOL… here’s a post about my post, with the now no longer any good link. http://quilting.craftgossip.com/free-pattern-10-minute-table-runner/2011/11/21/

I sure hope this satisfies everyone who is looking for a quick and easy table runner pattern. 

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  1. Hello Marge,

    Just stopping by to thank you for linking to my tutorial.

    Sue (aka SuperMomNoCape)


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