Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 6

Step three:
Make 16 units like this

Press same allowances to the square.

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.
Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 6 © Delaware Quilts September 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 5

Got all those diagonal half squares, or half square triangles done yet?

Step two:
Make 32 units like this

Press seam allowances toward the square.

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 5 © Delaware Quilts September 2009

PS, it's Mystery For Relay Day, a new mystery just started!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Deb in CO

Deb in CO sent me an email with some photos included in reply to yesterday’s post. I’ve asked her permission to share them with you all, and she has given me the go-ahead to do so. Deb is one of my internet friends and supporters, one of the many I would truly love to meet in person.

From here on down is Deb’s email to me, and her reply to my request to share her photos.

Hi Marge,

I enjoyed your pictures today of how your yard has changed in the last 10 years. It made me go back and look at how ours have changed in the last 6 years that we have been here. I’m hoping this is our last home and because of that, we have worked hard to make it something we can enjoy in our retirement years. I hope that you won’t mind that I sent these to you. I always enjoy pictures as it gives us a small glimpse into the lives of the people we met on the Internet.

Oct. 2003…looking at the back of the house from the edge of the property.

This was taken last summer.

Up by the back door looking East our first Spring.

From the back porch this August.

I grow and hybridize daylilies which is what all the raised bed you see are. The grape vines you see we inherited from my DH’s brother Sam when he passed away from brain cancer last summer. He had plans of growing them on his hobby farm in MN and selling them at the farmers market. I knew no one would take the time to plant them back there so I had his son bring them out here. I promised Sam the day before he died that we would plant and care for them the best we could, to keep his dream alive.

Deb in CO.

-----Original Message-----
From: Marge Gordon
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009
To: Deb in CO
Subject: RE: Today's Blog Pictures

I just had a thought, may I share your photos on my blog? I think more people may like seeing them too!
Together we will beat cancer!

From: Deb in CO
To: Marge Gordon
Subject: RE: Today's Blog Pictures
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009

I would be honored. As I said, it’s always fun to get a little glimpse into the lives of the people we meet through the Internet.

We had a landscaper do all the stonework for the patio, and retaining wall around our home along with the sprinkler system and laying the sod but my wonderful DH and I planted ALL the 300+ trees and shrubs, build the raised beds, extend the sprinkler system out to those areas and any other plantings including the 5,000 daylily seedlings, and 313 grape vines. Our goal is to create our own little paradise before retirement. The daylilies are suppose to turn into a business when I can get organized and the grapes, when the vines mature in 2 more years will be destine for wine/other uses.

THANKS Deb for sharing (and more!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Tree in Delaware

Today I’m sharing photos of our new tree, but when I looked at them this morning, I was shocked to see the growth of our back yard. Yes, I know I see it every day, but it still sort of amazes me. To show you why, here is a photo taken in early 1999. Pretty quilt, but what I want you to see is the yard…. Not one tree in the yard, the trees begin in the adjacent lot behind us. Our yard is barren.

This is our yard yesterday, ten years and eight months later… (you can link to a bigger photo by clicking on the little one) LOTS of trees, including the newest one. Starting in the back of the lot, in front of the adjacent woods is our orchard, apples, cherries, plums, peaches and pear trees. Then you see the forsythia, trimmed back on the right and fully grown and almost wild looking on the left, John hasn’t gotten to that side yet. In front of the forsythia is a small flower garden on each side, nothing is blooming right now and that will be mowed down soon. The little bird house is the resident blue bird home, we had three nestings in there this summer.

You probably notice the dog cut out, that’s Carol, and she is protecting a while lilac bush which I brought home from Endicott NY this summer. Thanks to both Carols, the one guarding and the one who gave me the bush.
And in the middle of the yard is our Norfolk Pine. She’s been an indoor plant for about 5 years now, growing up on our back porch. She was about 9 inches tall when we brought her home, and has grown taller and taller, being transplanted almost yearly. When she got too big for any pots we own, I decided it was time to put her in the yard where she can grow more… I sure hope the winter weather is kind to her.

Please don't write to me and tell me she won't make it, I have faith, and I don't want anyone dampening that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mystery weekend

There is a new mystery coming up on Mysteries For Relay this weekend, another one of my made up patterns and designs I’m giving to some special friends on the group. Yes, they are my friends, anyone who supports me time and time again like they have, what else would I call them.

(The majority of the ladies on the group I have never met in person, and yet for some reason they have stuck with my fundraising and mysteries for over a year now, and some of them have even made the quilts too. I’m very thankful for each and every one of them, and hope I can continue to come up with new designs for them to make. I owe them many thanks for all their generous donations!)

This mystery is a little different… it started out to be one thing, and ended up totally different. I had the pattern partially written this spring. I took what was written to the Spring Retreat, and worked on the blocks there. However, because there were a few mystery group members there, I didn’t take the directions into the conference room with me, but worked on the blocks without them.

And we all know what happens when you don’t follow directions, we make mistakes. I had these odd pieces that didn’t go together right and rather than checking the directions… I put them together the way I thought they should go. Turned out that was wrong, totally wrong. However when I put those booboo blocks together, I saw a different pattern than I had originally seen, and wow… I sort of liked what I was seeing. There was one unit which needed some fixing but otherwise my booboo had become a whole new design. I scrapped the original pattern and went with the tweaked booboo. I have a finished wall hanging, one of the testers has a finished twin. She loved the pattern.

I’ll share a photo of my mystery as soon as the group finishes, and maybe by then Molly will have sent me a photo of her twin… hint hint!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Upstate Visit

We went upstate and visited with Jonathon and Steph yesterday. It was a nice day for an outing, and I will admit I enjoyed it. We finally got to see Simba in person, since the last time we were there he was still adjusting to his new home, and was in hiding. This time he actually greeted us at the door… well truthfully he was sitting in the open doorway enjoying the sunshine, but it looked like he was greeting us.

After a getting to know Simba better and enjoying his antics, or lack of, we went downstairs to check out the fish and corals. There is a lot of work in all these tanks, and I could see progress. I don’t know much about corals at all, except for two things, they beautiful and my son loves them. I was impressed.

While down there we saw Snowie the eel.. at least I think that’s what he is. He’s been around a while, and has grown a lot since the last time we saw him. I thought it was comical how he stuck his head through the rock to peek at us.

We also met a batch of baby clown fish, the aren’t very big at all, I’d say about the size of a nickel. Really cute little guys and gals, and if they lived in fresh water I might have a few myself….

Another funny thing – This is Rosie before Jonathon fed her and the corals and this is Rosie after feeding time. I think she ate her share and the corals too… good thing they can survive on her, hmmm, her… well I’ll be polite and say her leftovers and leave it at that.


Several comments on here, several in my email box, one very nice donation, and even one phone call, thank you all. I know you will enjoy the mystery, and I appreciate your support.

Sandy, no, I can not send you notices when I post the clues... this is a mysterious mystery, and that wouldn't work. I am pretty sure there is a way to suscribe to my blog, but I can't tell you how it works.

Deb, just for members of the Mysteries group, let me know what size you want finished, and I will let you know how many blocks you want. Easy for me to do, and thanks for your donation!!!
And this will make a great QOV, two of the testers actually did thier test blocks in RW&B.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 4

Here's the first clue. But first, a few questions... have you told anyone about the mystery yet? Sharing the blog address with your friends? Or are you keeping it to youself so you can win the box of fabric. OH, what box of fabric you say... recently I offered a box of fabric to a lucky blog reader. Today and today only, I will give each person who makes a comment on the blog two chances to win that box. And if you make a donation to my Relay web page, you will get ten times your donation in chances to win the box! Yep, make a $5 donation and you will get 50 chances to win the box! is where you make the donation, and the comments are below. Two entries per comment and ten times your donation! And thanks, together we will beat cancer!

Step One:
Let’s get those diagonal half squares out of the way first…
You will be making 96 diagonal half squares for the wall hanging and of course more for larger projects. There are several ways to make these, you may decide for yourself which technique to use.

To make them two at a time:
First, mark your color 1 squares diagonally through the center. (This will be a cutting line when you are finished.) Place your color 2 square, right sides together, with the color 1. Sew on either side of the drawn line, exactly 1/4 inch from the first line. Cut this square in half on the cutting line. (Don't forget to trim off the corners or dog ears) You will now have two diagonal half-squares, which should measure exactly 4 1/2.

Repeat with the remaining 4 7/8 squares.

Press to the darker fabric.

Making more than two at a time:
First you need to draw a grid of squares on your fabric. (I'm using 3 7/8 inch squares, which fits the camera better.)

Draw diagonal lines through alternating squares in one direction, and then the other, so that each square has one diagonal line through it. These lines will be your cutting lines, so you may use a pencil to mark them if you wish.

You will of course be sewing two pieces of fabric together, but you only need to mark one. Place the two fabrics right sides together, and press.

Next step is to sew, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance on all sides of the diagonal lines.

If you do not have a true 1/4 inch foot, you can mark these lines. Mark 1/4 inch on both sides of the diagonal lines. These lines will be your sewing lines.

On this diagram the red and yellow lines show you that you can sew this in one continuous line.
Start on a corner and sew to the outside of the grid on the next corner, put the needle down, and pivot, then continue sewing.

If you follow the directions of the red and yellow arrows, it can be done in one continuous line of sewing.

When they are all sewn, cut them up into squares on the first grid lines you drew. Finish by cutting down the middle of the square on the diagonal lines you drew.

Trim off the corners, or the "dog ears" so that your squares are truly squares, and don't have any extras sticking out. Before pressing the squares open, trim the tips at an angle, beginning at the edge where the stitching stops. You can trim with scissors or a rotary cutter, just be careful not to cut your stitching.

Next open and press to the darker fabric.

Sorry this formats so weird, I'm doing the best I can. If any of you bloggers have any ideas to help me, please do!

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.
Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 4 © Delaware Quilts September 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 3

Pre-cutting directions

We will be making a wall hanging size quilt to reveal the mystery. That way everyone can see what they are making first and decide how far you want to go with it. It is easy to add more blocks to each row, and more rows to make your quilt larger.

IF you like making diagonal half squares a bit larger, and then squaring them back to the required size, cut your 4 7/8 inch squares the next size larger. In other words, if you prefer squaring them back to 4 1/2 inches, then cut the larger squares 5 inches.

If you feel you can make accurate diagonal half squares without squaring, then cut the squares as directed below.

So, for a wall hanging you will need to cut:
From your color 1 cut forty-eight 4 7/8 inch squares
From color 2 cut forty-eight 4 7/8 inch squares
From color 3 cut forty-eight 4 1/2 inch square

How many strips do you need… I’m not going to tell you that. If you are using scraps, you probably won’t have strips anyway. And with the variety of fabric widths these days, if I tell you how many strips you need to cut your squares, someone will have too many, and someone else won’t have enough.

If you are using yardage, then measure the usable width of your fabric, and divide size you are cutting (4 1/2 or 5) into that width, it will tell you how many squares you can get from each strip.

It is VERY important that you keep the same color or value in each position for the whole project. So you need to mark your colors or values as color 1, color 2 and color 3.

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.
Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 3 © Delaware Quilts September 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

A few facts about Alzheimer’s

A few facts about Alzheimer’s you all should know:

Someone cannot recover from Alzheimer’s, it is incurable. It can be slowed down, but it cannot be cured.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. Dementia is a term that is used to describe a group of brain disorders. These brain disorders cause memory loss and make it harder to carry out daily tasks.

Alzheimer's disease develops slowly over time. The symptoms begin to appear so gradually that it is often mistaken for normal aging.

When someone has Alzheimer's disease, nerve cells die in areas of the brain that are vital to memory and other mental abilities, and connections between nerve cells are disrupted. There are also lower levels of some of the chemicals in the brain that carry messages back and forth between nerve cells. This affects memory, judgment, and thinking, which in turn may hinder a person's ability to handle day-to-day activities.
Normal Aging
Forgetting the names of people yourarely see
Briefly forgetting part of an experience
Not putting things away properly
Mood changes because of anappropriate cause
Changes in your interests

Early Signs of Alzheimer's
Forgetting the names of peopleclose to you
Forgetting a recent experience
Putting things away in strange places
Having unpredictable mood changes
Decreased interest in activities

The confusion and disorientation of mid-stage Alzheimer’s bring increasing difficulty with maintaining normal behaviors. The result may be inappropriate behavior in social situations or getting lost in one’s own house. Alzheimer’s patients can become a danger to themselves or others.

Alzheimer’s patients may have a wide variety of behavioral problems including wandering; rummaging through or hiding things; aggressiveness; hallucinations or paranoia; and sleeping and eating problems.

The symptom screener can help you find out if the problems you're noticing could be symptoms of Alzheimer's. Answer the eight questions below about changes you have noticed and share them with the doctor.

Remember, "Yes, a change" indicates that there has been a change in the last several years caused by cognitive (thinking and memory) problems.

. .Problems with judgment (problems making decisions, bad financial decisions, problems with thinking, etc.) Yes a change
. .Less interest in hobbies/activities Yes a change
. . Repeats the same things over and over (questions, stories, or statements) Yes a change
. .Trouble learning how to use a tool, appliance, or gadget (e.g., VCR, computer, microwave, remote control) Yes a change
. .Forgets correct month or year Yes a change
. .Trouble handling complicated financial affairs (balancing checkbook, income taxes, paying bills, etc.) Yes a change
. .Trouble remembering appointments Yes a change
. .Daily problems with thinking or memory Yes a change

(The answers here do not apply to me, but to someone I love dearly and am very worried about)
None of those are my words, they are all from various resources on the internet.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 2

Blog Mystery Post 2

NOW… to make this mystery even more mysterious, I am not going to tell you where each color goes. Nope, I am going to let you decide that yourself. I have EQed this with the three different values in each position, and each one looks different and are equally attractive.

No I am not nuts, have confidence in me and in yourself. And if you really don’t trust your own judgment in making this decision, I can be bought. ($5 at gets you the full pattern)

Blog Mystery Fabric Requirements

How much fabric will you need, I have no idea, how big do you want your quilt?

Standard mattress sizes are - crib 27 X 52, youth 33 X 66, twin 39 X 74, full 54 X 74, queen 60 X 80 and king 78 X 80. This is what size the top of the mattress measures, period!

A comforter usually covers the top, sides and foot of the mattress. You use it with a dust ruffle to pretty up your bed. Sizes for those are - twin 66 X 86, full 76 X 86, queen 86 X 88 and king 102 X 88.

Bedspreads usually fall almost to or all the way to the floor and allow for a pillow tuck. Measurements for those are - twin 80 X 108, full 96 X 108, queen 102 X 118 and king 120 X 118. However, how many pillow that allows for, or what thickness, I can't say. To be safe, you probably should get out the old tape measure and see what measurements you come up with yourself.

The blocks will be 12 1/2 inches.

Here are “suggested” fabric requirements and these do not include borders, backings and bindings. Since I am not telling you where to use each color or value, you need to have the same amount of each.

60 X 84 twin – 2 1/2 yards of each light, medium, and dark
72 X 96 full– 3 yards of each light, medium, and dark
96 inch queen – 4 yards of each light, medium, and dark

You will have some extra of two of your colors, perhaps enough for borders, but that will depend on how you make your borders.

I will only take the mystery as far as a wall hanging which will be 48 inches square….it will give you a good idea of the pattern if you decide to go larger.
Questions, leave a comment or send me an email.

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.
Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 2 © Delaware Quilts September 2009

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

You never know what personal hell a person can be going through by reading their blog. I was visiting another blog today, and left a comment on a quilt. The blogger emailed me back a thank you for what I do for her… Relay For Life. She is fighting cancer horribly right now. I’d never visited that lady’s blog before, but she is on one of my Yahoo Groups, and has been following my story, or lack of … I never knew she was a triple survivor, fighting again. She asked me how my “case” was going. Interestingly we heard news today, hateful hurtful news, none of it good, something that was only going to make this drag on and on and on. And the whole time the person we started this for is losing more and more of herself every day.
Alzheimers sucks
Cancer sucks

How much fabric?

Becky said “I see color reccommendations but not amounts or approx finished size...or is it going to be THAT mysterious?” Yes, this is a mysterious mystery. Actually, I don’t want to give you too much information at a time, I need you to check back again and again until you have it all and your project is finished. I mean, if I gave you everything at one time it wouldn’t be very mysterious would it?

Let’s talk about fabric…. This is a good excuse to go out and help the economy and buy some new fabric. Or if you are already an established quilter and have quite a stash, then you can pull from your stash. My wall hanging size sample came from my stash and it’s not scrappy.

I’ll give you yardages next, I promise.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 1

Are you ready for my first ever blog mystery?

I’ve been doing quilting mysteries for years; the first one was in 1985. Most recently I do mysteries in exchange for donations to my Relay fundraising efforts on the Mysteries For Relay Yahoo Group. I hope you enjoy this mystery.

Fabric Recommendations

You will need three “colors” or three fabrics, depending on which version you are making. Yes, even if you go scrappy you may want to use just the recommended three “colors”. And those three “colors” are a light, a medium and a dark.
Close doesn’t work, you want true contrast, a very light, a medium and a very dark.

For this one you may use scraps if you’d like, this design makes for a nice controlled scrappy quilt. If you chose to go scrappy, I suggest that you make your colors all the same. Example, use all white-on-whites for your lights, all medium greens for your medium, and all dark blues for your *darks. (That is for scrappy only! If you are going non-scrappy you may use the same color for your medium and dark, AS LONG AS THEY HAVE HIGH CONTRAST!)
*And as one further suggestion, my personal preference is to use all the same fabric for my dark. You may use more than one if you want, but I like having the uniform look for the dark.

Comments and questions welcomed, the more the merrier and they also up your chances on that box of fabric!

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.
Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 1 © Delaware Quilts September 2009

Sunday, September 06, 2009


I was blog hopping again this AM and happened across another Fabric Give away… she was giving a FQ pack to the 200th commenter…. If I did that I’d never get rid of any boxes, I think the most comments I’ve gotten on any post has been four, LOL
And did I comment, no way, I’m trying to get rid of my fabrics, not get more!
Do you have any idea how many FQ packs I have?
Not even I know that!


One of my friends, and yes even after this comment I will call her a friend, said I was trying to up my number of followers as an ego booster. Maybe she was right, I don’t know, but honestly, I have enough followers already…. Not on my blog but on my web page. I’ve had the web site up for quite a few years now, and have been on my current server for eight years. When I sign into the server it shows me how many visitors I have that day and the current month. I rarely check those numbers, but when I upped my space recently that number was brought to my attention. I am averaging between 9 and 10 thousand hits a month.. That’s more than enough followers for my ego thank you very much, LOL!

Anyway, I am doing a mystery on here, and it will be a very mysterious mystery… I am not going to tell you when I am posting a new clue, you will have to check in often to find out. And I am not going to leave the clues up either… they will stay on line a few days or weeks I don’t know for sure yet. Several clues will be up at a time, and then the oldest one will disappear.

If you miss one, well you know me, I’m looking for a donation! If you miss a clue and like the pattern, well ….. make a donation and you get the whole pattern. (Hey, I’m only talking $5 and it will go straight to ACS, you pay them not me!)

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Mystery colors... what, when, why... check back
This is a mystery after all.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Blog Walk

I decided to go on a blog walk today, and track my path. Here is where I went -
I went to IBOL first, so I could check on the progress. It amazes me that one man and so many helpers could do so much. The bundle count is up to 367, I can’t wait for the mail to come every day not mine, his! Being a retired DW I know how important the mail is… I can only imagine Art’s feelings about mail right now.

While there I clicked on one of the blogs from his blogroll. Sadly that blog was a dead end, not one single link to take me forward, so I went back to IBOL and got counted twice, and picked another blog. This blog was more interesting, and I even got to feed the fish while browsing the blog. However, her blog links didn’t work, and I ended up on the Ringsurf page. I tried to click on other blogs but wasn’t getting anywhere… my journey wasn’t off to a very good start.

Back to IBOL, man I am messing up his count, so I promise I won’t go back there again today, if the next blog doesn’t’ get me somewhere I will start over again, but not at IBOL. The next blog had a great banner at the top of the page, and nothing else… apparently this was a brand new blog.
SO, I came home to my own blog, and went to one of my neighbors, a familiar path I’ve gone many time. Interestingly the next two blogs I visited both had beautiful sunflowers featured. After a nice visit to Brittany (nice photos by the way) I jumped off the Stashbusters list and went to another group list.. there I viewed some beautiful quilts then jumped to one of her favorite blogs to see more, I really loved her “Framed Quilt”. I picked one of her favorite blogs whose name intrigued me.

Uh Oh.. not a blog, a web site and nothing on it interested me. Bigger Uh Oh… I’ve lost my path since that link was on a new browser and I accidently closed the other one.. dang, starting all over again now… tomorrow.

OK, I hear you, this woman is nuts… nope, just housebound and hurting, and that the only walk I can go on right now. Some days these walks are enlightening, how come the one day I decide to record my walk it’s a dead end?
Add insult to injury, my mouse just died.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fabric Giveaway Again

I got this idea from another blogger, not going to say who though because she might “sue” me for stealing her idea. Besides, I’m changing it so much I don’t think she will even know I took it from her, LOL!

I’m giving away a box of fabrics…. This time you don’t have to make a donation to my Relay fund drive either, all you have to do is make a comment on here to let me know you are reading me.

However, if you know me at all you knew that was coming, if you made a donation to my Relay Fund Drive last month (all you wonderful FUNdraising Fabric Giveaway donors) OR if you make one to me this month, you will get a DOUBLE chance to win this box of fabrics. But you still have to make a comment on here!

Yes, comments are moderated, but they will all get posted (unless nasty or ads) and everyone who comments will be entered into the drawing, if they make a donation or not. Each comment is one chance to win, having made in August or making a donation in September doubles your chances.

If you are thinking “She’s so insecure she’s trying to bribe us to leave comments” you are wrong.. completely and totally… I am actually just trying to get rid of some fabric!

OK, PS... how about something to make your comments interesting, like how did you find out about the fabric give away, or where did you come from or SOMETHING, please.

Even Dozen

One comment here, and 11 emails about yesterday’s blog. I guess that means I have a dozen readers… see I don’t need a counter, LOL!

Actually the emails were interesting.
· One friend said she subscribed to my blog… I didn’t know you could do that.
· Another quilter said she found my blog from my signature line on a Yahoo group and has been following me for a few years now.
· Someone had a funny comment about Big Brother watching me as I was “goofing off” on all the blogs, which is why she has one of those live feed things on her site.
· One quilter said that if I really wanted a lot of people to follow me, I should give away something. She did, and now has a ton of followers… I’m not sure I want people reading me just to get something free. Truthfully, I don’t care how many people read me, I’m just writing for me.

Ginny, an internet quilter friend in Virginia said I needed a follower thingie on my blog so I could see how many people were following me. Truthfully, I’m too insecure to do that…what if no one signed up? On my dashboard it says I have a follower… waving hi to Colleen, my lone follower, who I actually have had the pleasure of meeting at a retreat one year.

I have been thinking about doing a mystery on here… wonder if people would follow that? I think I will think about that some more. Right now I have blogs to read.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bloggers questions

Where did you come from? No, not where do you live, but which blog brought you to mine, or which web link. Sometimes I’ll end up on someone’s blog, and have no idea how I got there, or why, LOL!

I love to follow the rings, click on the next or previous and see how far I can go, or what I can find. I’m always greatly disappointed when I get to a dead end. That’s someone who didn’t follow the web ring blog rules and post the blog ring jpg on their blog. SO where did you come from today? What brought you to the DelawareQuilts.Blogspot?

Why do bloggers want to know where the people who are visiting their sites live? It always tickles me when I visit a blog that has a live traffic feed, and I see someone from Lewes Delaware USA is visiting that site, until I realize it’s me, and I leave in a hurry before I get caught goofing off again.

Why do bloggers have a counter? Do you really want to know how many people visit you? Not me, I’m sure there are at least six or seven who check here daily, because they call or email me when I haven’t posted in a while.

I like visiting blogs that other quilters read too, occasionally I will start at one person’s blog, and visit all the blogs she says she reads, and then all the ones someone on her list says she reads and so on and so on until the day is done and I’ve accomplished nothing.

Are you disappointed when a quilting blog you visit has little to nothing about quilting on it? Like my blog lately for instance? Just shows us quilters have other lives too, other things we do other than sit at the sewing machine all day making beautiful quilts.

Sometimes I am visiting my neighbors on a blog ring, and get off track, ending up on another ring, and then another, until I am so lost I hit the red X and get back what I was doing before I went visiting… goofing off

Which is about what I am doing now, so back to work. It’s a new Relay year and surely there is something for me to do… after I look at this one more blog…