Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Tree in Delaware

Today I’m sharing photos of our new tree, but when I looked at them this morning, I was shocked to see the growth of our back yard. Yes, I know I see it every day, but it still sort of amazes me. To show you why, here is a photo taken in early 1999. Pretty quilt, but what I want you to see is the yard…. Not one tree in the yard, the trees begin in the adjacent lot behind us. Our yard is barren.

This is our yard yesterday, ten years and eight months later… (you can link to a bigger photo by clicking on the little one) LOTS of trees, including the newest one. Starting in the back of the lot, in front of the adjacent woods is our orchard, apples, cherries, plums, peaches and pear trees. Then you see the forsythia, trimmed back on the right and fully grown and almost wild looking on the left, John hasn’t gotten to that side yet. In front of the forsythia is a small flower garden on each side, nothing is blooming right now and that will be mowed down soon. The little bird house is the resident blue bird home, we had three nestings in there this summer.

You probably notice the dog cut out, that’s Carol, and she is protecting a while lilac bush which I brought home from Endicott NY this summer. Thanks to both Carols, the one guarding and the one who gave me the bush.
And in the middle of the yard is our Norfolk Pine. She’s been an indoor plant for about 5 years now, growing up on our back porch. She was about 9 inches tall when we brought her home, and has grown taller and taller, being transplanted almost yearly. When she got too big for any pots we own, I decided it was time to put her in the yard where she can grow more… I sure hope the winter weather is kind to her.

Please don't write to me and tell me she won't make it, I have faith, and I don't want anyone dampening that.

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