Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31, 2013

One more day left in 2013, wow… where did it go? Seems like just yesterday I was sharing my New Year’s resolutions… let’s see how I did.

1. Finish some UFOs… I finished a total of seven old UFOs. But I also started and finished a total of 21 new quilts. I am quite proud of that accomplishment.
2. Start some new UFOs Yes, I did leave some unfinished quilts started in 2013, I have a top to quilt and three Christmas wall hangings (counting them as one UFO). Not bad, not bad at all.
3. Be happy… yes I was happy most of the year, it was a good year. And I am ending the year happy, healthy (knock on wood) and at peace with myself.

So what about resolutions for next year…
1. Finish some UFOs
2. Start some new UFOs
3. Be happy

I think I can manage that!

Monday, December 30, 2013

My UFO List

I started 2013 with 41 UFOs and I am ending the year with 35. Only two of those UFOs were new in 2013.  I started and finished (or donated as tops along with backing fabrics) 21 other quilts.  I’m quite proud of those numbers but I know I can do better.  I am setting a goal this year to finish more of these UFOs and get the list down to the single digits… wonder if I can manage that? 

Let’s analyze My UFO list

UFO #1 I started in the last century and I’m not sure if I will ever finish it… but it’s on the list so it stays there until I either throw it away or something ….

There are two at the quilters now.  (Please don’t rush because if you get them done they become my problem again, LOL!) 

Four need the handwork done, three bindings and one I should have never started hand work on but I did so…

Eight are just blocks or in one case just strips, barely started, those will be on the UFO list a while most likely because I’ve lost interest in them. 

My 2007 Retreat project is listed as almost assembled and if I could find it I would finish it but it seems to have been put away somewhere that makes it hard to finish because I can’t find it. 

The other 20 on the list need quilting, some I can do but I don’t enjoy the quilting part and some need professional help…  I’m thinking that just maybe I can donate a few of these to Bob’s providing I can do two other things first… find them and find backing and binding fabrics for them. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmas

As happens when you have children and they grow up, fall in love and get new families, we learn to share holidays with the other families involved.  So that means that holidays are not always on the specific date set by the calendar.  So while many of you were done and over with Christmas a few days back, we just had ours yesterday. 

And it was just like every other Christmas has been for the last few years… make sticky buns, nice conversations, eat sticky buns, open presents, long talks, have a meal, more deep conversations, and then pack up and head home… 

This year we had two Christmases.  The 2012 Christmas was in January at Mike and Kelly’s home in Maryland and then yesterday the 2013 Christmas was at Jon and Steph’s in Wilmington. 

Both were grand and I can’t wait for the next one… wonder if anyone would object if we did it again in January?

Mike, Kelly and Roscoe
Jon and Stephme and John

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Seasons greetings

In this time of being politically correct I have just one thing to say… I hate politics.  So whatever it is that you celebrate this time of year, be it Christmas or Kwanzaa, or just dancing around the fire, do it with love. (Hanukkah is over, so if that was your holiday, hope you had a wonderful one already. ) 

Some people don’t enjoy this holiday season, and of you are one of them, do something you do enjoy, be it sewing, reading, or sleep the day away.  Remember the reason for the season, whatever your reason is.  Just like a quilt, don’t try to copy what everyone else is doing, make your own thing, and love your results.

And like it or not, a week later a new year will start.. make it a happy healthy and peaceful 2014, that’s one thing we all have to look forward to!

And to quote Tiny Tim, “Tip toe through the tulips”

HUGS and a Ho Ho Ho to all!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

If it isn’t one thing…

On Monday I saw the rheumatologist, good visit.  We are going to try reducing the prednisone again.  Fingers crossed that the other meds she added will help my body tolerate the lower dose of prednisone, and I’ll be happy with that for now.

One thing I brought home with me from the retreat in November was a runny nose.  It ran and ran and ran and then stopped running, which was almost worse.  I would wake up unable to breathe through my mouth or nose which was pretty scary.  Pills pills and more pills and I hate taking pills. 

On top of that, I had a few sensitive teeth all of a sudden.  No reason at all they would attack me with pain that went from my mouth up my head and sometimes I swear my toes curled up.  I could rinse my mouth with warm water and it would go away… for a while.  But they couldn’t do anything about it because of the nose.  Had to be able to breathe for the dentist to do any work.

Mid week the pain became unbearable, but I realized I was almost breathing normal again, so I called the dentist and got an appointment the next day.  I should explain that more than I hate doctors I hate dentist… long story and I’m not going into it, but I would rather stand in the middle of a busy highway then go to the dentist.  I explained this to the nurse on the phone every time I called, and she made note of it. 

I took my anxiety meds before going for my appointment, but it didn’t help.  The second I sat in the chair I started shaking and crying and couldn’t stop.  The nurse sat down and talked me though it, and without me hardly realizing it the dentist was in, had looked in my mouth, and I was heading out again… so that was over.

Of course I had to make another appointment for the surgery and the first opening was January 21st.  I immediately started to panic again and then something miraculous happened.. the clerk on the phone hung up and said (pointing to me), “she can have this appointment” pointing to the computer screen.  There had JUST been a cancellation for the next day, the last surgery of the year… and I got it!

Through the magic of medicine, thiopental sodium aka sodium pentothal and all those pills I so hate taking, I am doing ok.  Three fewer teeth in my head, nose is working fine and in a day or two, knock on wood, this will all be over. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two things I love…

I love nativities.  I love the story they tell, and try to always remember that in the craziness of Christmas. 

Many years ago I started collecting miniature nativities, the smaller the better.  I have all kinds, wooden carved, painted and just plain wood. I have stone, ceramic, and even one made from ivory which I bought at a car boot sale in England before it was illegal to own ivory. 

I also love children portraying the nativity, and I have quite a few sets of those in my collection, from a ceramic one I made myself back in the early 70s, to a Fisher Price plastic one and to the one I bought yesterday.

Which brings up another thing I love… Peanuts.  I have loved Charlie Brown and the gang for as long as I remember.  I have many books, old and new, and here and there a few other goodies, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, many Peanuts’ ornaments and now…    

 Remember the reason for the season. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Numbers realization

A few months ago I mentioned I was coming up on a big number.  And then I unintentionally passed right by that number and zoomed ahead to #503.  That planned #500 is still on my want to do list…..

Problem is that I also have other quilts I want to do.  Lots of them.  I have several packages of self made kits ready and waiting for me to get at them. 

And ideas…. Oh boy do I have ideas. 

So while I’m not “ignoring” or “neglecting” that #500 let’s just say I’ve decided to postpone it for a while… just like I ignored that other number that occurred yesterday… it’s just a number after all. 

Friday, December 06, 2013

Not buying

I’m doing real well at resisting all the temptations sent to me via email.  Ads are deleted unopened, 147 since Thanksgiving.   I don’t need anything so I’m not tempted to buy anything I don’t need… and not seeing it makes it easier for me not to buy. 

But I did buy three things I kind of wanted… I loved the first Monster movie so I bought Monsters University.  And I’d never seen from beginning to end Despicable Me so I bought that and I preordered Despicable Me 2.  Didn’t cost me a dime either, I used a gift card sent from a friend, (Thanks Sandy)

So now I have lots of books downloaded on my Kindle and Nook, and several unwatched movies… bring on winter!

PS - Fabric ads.. not even looking, nope, not even a peek.  I haven’t unpacked what I bought in Lancaster yet!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I know, I know...

I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately, so sorry.  I’ve been busy trying to wrap up 2013 that I’ve forgotten to do a lot of things.  Blogging isn’t the only thing, you should see my house, no maybe its better you don’t see it. 

I’m going to blame it on my internet advisor.  He said I needed to update the majority of my web site.  He has no idea how many pages that is, honestly I don’t either.  But I’ve been working on the main pages at least, the indexes. 

And I thought I had done all of the quilt history pages, but found out otherwise.  2008 and 2009 which is the current history page is as far as I’ve gone.  That means I’ve got a few more history pages to build. 

For those who have asked, health wise I’m doing OK.  Still on the prednisone and can happily report no flare ups for months now, knock on wood.  I have been fighting a cold/nasal problems since I got home from the retreat, trying to keep it from going to my chest. 

As  for sewing.... not getting any of that done right now either.  My head is bursting with ideas and projects I want to start, but I need to finish “work” first!  And sometime I probably should get ready for Christmas... 

Sunday, December 01, 2013

December 1, already

A little bit of everything has been updated for December. 

There are a few retreat openings available for the Angels 2014 retreat only.  All other retreats are fully booked.  http://www.delawarequilts.com/Retreat/index.html
I’ve updated my Quilts For Sale page, hoping to raise a few more dollars before the new Relay year starts in January.  http://delawarequilts.com/MyQuilts/QuiltsForSale.html  Need another quilt for a Christmas gift, already made and ready to go. 

I updated my UFO list, I’m down to 35 UFOs. http://delawarequilts.com/UFOList.html
My History page is 2008 & 2009 http://delawarequilts.com/MyQuilts/History/11.html

And I posted a new project, our very first Mysteries For Relay project, Tessellated Friendship Stars.  http://delawarequilts.com/Projects/Yearly/TessellatedFriendshipStars.pdf