Monday, December 30, 2013

My UFO List

I started 2013 with 41 UFOs and I am ending the year with 35. Only two of those UFOs were new in 2013.  I started and finished (or donated as tops along with backing fabrics) 21 other quilts.  I’m quite proud of those numbers but I know I can do better.  I am setting a goal this year to finish more of these UFOs and get the list down to the single digits… wonder if I can manage that? 

Let’s analyze My UFO list

UFO #1 I started in the last century and I’m not sure if I will ever finish it… but it’s on the list so it stays there until I either throw it away or something ….

There are two at the quilters now.  (Please don’t rush because if you get them done they become my problem again, LOL!) 

Four need the handwork done, three bindings and one I should have never started hand work on but I did so…

Eight are just blocks or in one case just strips, barely started, those will be on the UFO list a while most likely because I’ve lost interest in them. 

My 2007 Retreat project is listed as almost assembled and if I could find it I would finish it but it seems to have been put away somewhere that makes it hard to finish because I can’t find it. 

The other 20 on the list need quilting, some I can do but I don’t enjoy the quilting part and some need professional help…  I’m thinking that just maybe I can donate a few of these to Bob’s providing I can do two other things first… find them and find backing and binding fabrics for them. 


  1. Yea for getting some UFOs done and lowering that number. I hope to emulate you this year when I check my numbers ...tomorrow or Wednesday.

  2. Ok, I am impressed...I would never even count!


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