Saturday, September 27, 2014

Facebook whine.. again

Sometimes it really hurts not to be able to say what I really want to say on facebook.  Why can’t I?  Because I strongly feel that what I believe is my belief and I shouldn’t push it on someone else unless they ask.  Same thing with my political beliefs, yes I have political beliefs.  But if I say something that offends someone it costs me.  It sometimes costs me a friend which is the most valuable thing in the world to me.  My political or religious beliefs are not worth losing a friend over.  And there have been occasions that it’s cost me money, retreat money and even more importantly Relay donations.  

So how do I handle keeping my mouth shut when everyone else is posting things that REALLY upset me… I unfollow them.  And as the elections draw closer I know for a fact I will be unfollowing an awful lot of stupidly opinionated people. 

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Monday, September 22, 2014

What are YOU working on?

Beckey wanted to know what I was working on.  Sadly, still the wedding quilt.  I have all of one block finished, and most of the other blocks done.  I was short a few star points and am working on those.  However I’ve had a few interruptions and they still aren’t done.  
That’s my goal for this week, not just those points, finish the whole quilt!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Relay's done for this year.

I finished the Relay year as the top fundraiser for 2014 but that doesn’t mean a darn thing.  Cancer is still around and people are still fighting.  Special people like Joe Shoup, Ginny in Virginia and Georgeine in TN Carolyn and Colleen in NY, Darlene in Delaware, Kate in Alaska, and my own brother David.  You all keep fighting and I’ll keep raising money in hopes to find a cure.

But I could not have made it to the top fundraiser without a lot of help, so many people to thank.  Alyssa Anfuso , Anita Kendall , Ann (Celeste) Plischke , Anne Vaughan , Annette Aponte , Annie Burrell , Barbara Green , Barbara Waldrip , Barbara Wood , Barbara Klaver , Becky Gilliam , Bessie Horne , Bonnie Stapleton , Candy Beardsley , Carol Divis , Carol Liebel , Carol Mason , Carol Uhlman , Carole Baker , Caroline Rader , Carolyn Farugia , Carolyn Sage , Cathie Lypowy , Charlene Jacques , Christine Edwards , Christine Fritz , Christine Clar , Connie Gillen , Dawn O'Neal , Dawn Pflanz , Deb Wood , Deborah O'Neal , Debra Fordham , Denise Boysel , Denny Shaw , Diane Preston , Donna Russell , Doris Barbour , Ella Taylor , Gail Frenz , Gay Johnson , Georgiana Moses , Glenna Nichols , Gloria Mattison , Grace Thorn , Helaine Lobman , Irene Jansen , Irene Paulus , Jackie Herbert , Jamee Smith , Jan Davis , Jane Rudewick , Jane Smith , Janet Haragos , Janet Lentz , Jeanette Duncan , Jennifer Davis , Joan Baysinger , Joanne Harris , Joseph P Treacy , Judith A Warren , Judy Fisher , Judy Heath , Judy Valentino , Julie Jennett , Julie Matthews , Julie Treacy , June Sommer , Karen King , Karen Rhoads , Karen Robinson , Karen Sage , Kate Moreen , Kathleen Nyman , Kathryn Miller , Kathy Edwards , Kay Snyder , Kellie Mallette , Kimberly DeBona , Laura Hufford , Laurie Waddell , Lillian VanderKuur , Lisa Buckley , Lisa Marmon , Lisa Moore , Lois Casadevall. , Lorraine Schuller , Lydia Pochedly , Maia Liddle , Marge Hicks , Mariann Anfuso , Marianne Urban , Marie Crane , Marie Valachovic , Mary Glimka , Mary Jo Murray , Mary Scanlon , Mary Seitzman , Mary Skaggs , Mary Stoeckel , Maryann Ponte , Maryann Scanlon , Meloney Funk , Michael Baden , Michele Engebretson , Nancy Brodeur , Nancy Stearns , Nancy Wilson , Nancy Sue Phillips , Norma McCormack , Pam Barrett , Pam Clifton , Pam Steele , Pamela P Davis , Pat Bemont , Pat Elsner , Patty Stephens , Pauline Cabana , Peggy Benjamin , Rita Schiavone , Robyn Hershey , Rose Oswald , Rose Skojec , Rosemary Heideman , Sabine Wiesent , Sage's Snoods , Sandi Timmons , Sandie Rementer , Serendipity Quilt Shop , Sharon Zack , Sherry Stroup , Stefanie Behrendt , Sue Cook , Sue Fahnestock , Sue Hoppe , Susan Atkins , Susan Rizzi , Susan Rooks , Tammy Krumwiede , Terry Wright , Verdena Polley , Wendy Bivins  and I am sure there are more.  If I missed you I am sorry, but your donation helped just as much.  Remember, each one of your dollars is helping someone fighting cancer, or perhaps helping some scientist find the cure.  Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Time to Finish The Fight!

My Relay is this week, and I am getting my act together for a final push.  I’m hoping I am well enough to walk some, I think I will be able to.  Last weekend I went for a short walk on the beach, short only because rain chased me off.  If I hadn’t been at a group function I would have kept walking, but there’s something about being the only one soaking wet at a party that didn’t appeal to me. 

Relay is important to me, and has been since 1999.  This will actually be my 21st Relay. 

Why do I Relay?  I have many reasons, my friend Joan for one, a double survivor.  Also Marge, another double survivor.  And for Georgeine who has fought many battles, now fighting again.  Also Ginny, fighting for her third time. 

Sadly my list is long, and THAT is why I Relay.  It’s time to find the cure and Finish The Fight! 

Want to donate?  You can donate directly on my Relay page at
Or by PayPal at  (All money donated will go to Relay, I will cover the PayPal fees!)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Second block

This is the 2nd block of that special quilt I'm working on.  These are all finished ironed and ready to go in the quilt.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Postage Stamp Sew-Along

The other day I posted this photo of a pile of “scraps” on my personal Facebook page and stated that I had decided to make a postage stamp quilt.  A lot of comments and questions followed. 

I’ve decided to bring this pile of scraps and the conversation here to DelawareQuilts incase anyone else would like to join us. Best thing about this sew-along is that you can decide what size you want your stamps to be.   I’ve seen postage stamp quilts made from as large as 3 inch (3 1/2” cut) and as small as 1 inch squares (1 1/2” cut). You can get started now by gathering your scraps.

I think of a postage stamp quilt as a way to use up little scraps.  I save all my scraps and usually make string quilts with them.  This project will be just another way to use up those scraps, and will allow me to use some of the smaller pieces.  You simply chose a size square, cut a whole bunch of them and then keep on sewing until you’ve reached the size you want.

Here are two good tutorials on postage stamp quilts.  The Curious Quilter shows how she puts hers together one square at a time, which is good if you have thousands of squares cut ahead of time.  I will probably have lots of scraps I can put together this way, but probably not enough to make a big quilt.

I know I’ll be using this technique also, and in the end combining both into one quilt… or two medium size quilts… or maybe a lot of lap size or kids quilts….
I have a L O T of scraps!

You can sew along with us here on my blog, or on Facebook at

Monday, September 08, 2014

All the pieces done, now to put it together

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Uh oh

I thought I had this posting to the blog from my cell phone figured out and I thought that I had posted my progress pictures on here, but I guess I didn’t think to check and make sure because now I see that nothing has been posted…. 
I have made progress, lots!
First I made the star points, then I made the 4-patches, and then just because I couldn’t wait, I made one star. 

This weekend I made all of the triangle squares and tomorrow I will press them and start putting together the second block, and more star blocks and then eventually the whole quilt... imagine that!  

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Parents of the Groom

A friend asked me why there weren’t many pictures of John and me at the wedding.  Well that’s a silly question to me, sorry Ginny, but it is.  It wasn’t OUR wedding, and we were just the parents of the groom after all.  But mostly it was because we were enjoying every minute we could and just didn’t happen to be in camera view. 

However, our nephew happened to catch this one of us as we were announced at the reception.  Did we plan our entrance, not really.  I think Michael asked if we were supposed to do anything fancy and someone said just be yourself. 

Well ourselves were quite happy with the joy of the wedding, the beautiful location and weather, and the wonderful celebration that was about to begin and if this picture doesn’t show that joy, then what could.  (Thanks Joey!)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Summer’s not over

Summer isn’t finished yet, at least not round here it isn’t.  The last three days have been hot and humid and the traffic… yuck on the traffic.  However today traffic seems much better and even though the temperature is skyrocketing, I’ll bet you can find a place on the beach to put your blanket today.

While my neighborhood was infested crawling with tourons I stayed home and sewed.  I’m working on a new project, a special quilt.  So all weekend I did this, 
over and over and over again, and I’m still not finished.