Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Postage Stamp Sew-Along

The other day I posted this photo of a pile of “scraps” on my personal Facebook page and stated that I had decided to make a postage stamp quilt.  A lot of comments and questions followed. 

I’ve decided to bring this pile of scraps and the conversation here to DelawareQuilts incase anyone else would like to join us. Best thing about this sew-along is that you can decide what size you want your stamps to be.   I’ve seen postage stamp quilts made from as large as 3 inch (3 1/2” cut) and as small as 1 inch squares (1 1/2” cut). You can get started now by gathering your scraps.

I think of a postage stamp quilt as a way to use up little scraps.  I save all my scraps and usually make string quilts with them.  This project will be just another way to use up those scraps, and will allow me to use some of the smaller pieces.  You simply chose a size square, cut a whole bunch of them and then keep on sewing until you’ve reached the size you want.

Here are two good tutorials on postage stamp quilts.  The Curious Quilter shows how she puts hers together one square at a time, which is good if you have thousands of squares cut ahead of time.  I will probably have lots of scraps I can put together this way, but probably not enough to make a big quilt.

I know I’ll be using this technique also, and in the end combining both into one quilt… or two medium size quilts… or maybe a lot of lap size or kids quilts….
I have a L O T of scraps!

You can sew along with us here on my blog, or on Facebook at

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