Monday, September 15, 2014

Time to Finish The Fight!

My Relay is this week, and I am getting my act together for a final push.  I’m hoping I am well enough to walk some, I think I will be able to.  Last weekend I went for a short walk on the beach, short only because rain chased me off.  If I hadn’t been at a group function I would have kept walking, but there’s something about being the only one soaking wet at a party that didn’t appeal to me. 

Relay is important to me, and has been since 1999.  This will actually be my 21st Relay. 

Why do I Relay?  I have many reasons, my friend Joan for one, a double survivor.  Also Marge, another double survivor.  And for Georgeine who has fought many battles, now fighting again.  Also Ginny, fighting for her third time. 

Sadly my list is long, and THAT is why I Relay.  It’s time to find the cure and Finish The Fight! 

Want to donate?  You can donate directly on my Relay page at
Or by PayPal at  (All money donated will go to Relay, I will cover the PayPal fees!)

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