Friday, July 31, 2009


I had a lot of email about the Watercolor Heart I posted the other day. Yes it does feel nice to be published, even if it is a grade school text book. Like I said, it got me a nice donation for Relay and that was good enough for my 15 seconds of fame.
Photo here shows some of the ladies at the 2001 Retreat and their Watercolor Hearts

I also had several requests for the pattern. I had to "update" it, and then convert it to a PDF file, which is now done, and I've added it to the Patterns For Relay page $5 from each pattern sale will go to Relay For Life. I am working towards my 2010 sponsorship already, and getting closer every day thanks to so many people.

And today I updated the BOM page since tomorrow is August 1st, already. Where has summer gone?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Several people have asked me why so many of my blocks have a copyright date on them of February 2003 and yet are just now being shared as BOMs. Good question and an even greater observation.

At one time I was thinking of publishing my own block book. I sat down and did pattern after pattern of blocks that I liked. That was about all I did, and the book never went anywhere. However I have used those patterns many ways, in classes, mysteries, and even in quilts. And I use them for my BOMs.

The copyright date is the date that I did the work on that pattern. I don’t necessarily make up the block, but the directions and the graphics are all my original work, which is why the pattern is copyrighted.

As for being published, I decided I liked what I was doing even more, so will continue sharing my patterns the way I am now. I have been “considered” for publication by several different quilt magazines, but nothing ever came of those considerations.

I have been published though and paid for it with a generous donation to my 2009 Relay For Life fund drive. You can find one of my quilts on page 83 of Scholastic’s America The Beautiful, Delaware ISBN-10 0-531-18597-4. That’s enough publicity for me thank you very much.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Where were you?

July 20, 1969… I was in Keene New Hampshire with my soon to be husband, at the Keene State College Newman Center with Father Valley and his parents, watching the lunar landing. Fr Valley’s parents could not comprehend what was happening, and honestly, it was hard for me to believe too. How could we be watching it, live, from the moon….

(My Father, brother and two sisters were at Cape Canaveral and watched the take off, and made it to the cover of Life Magazine.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009