Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Several people have asked me why so many of my blocks have a copyright date on them of February 2003 and yet are just now being shared as BOMs. Good question and an even greater observation.

At one time I was thinking of publishing my own block book. I sat down and did pattern after pattern of blocks that I liked. That was about all I did, and the book never went anywhere. However I have used those patterns many ways, in classes, mysteries, and even in quilts. And I use them for my BOMs.

The copyright date is the date that I did the work on that pattern. I don’t necessarily make up the block, but the directions and the graphics are all my original work, which is why the pattern is copyrighted.

As for being published, I decided I liked what I was doing even more, so will continue sharing my patterns the way I am now. I have been “considered” for publication by several different quilt magazines, but nothing ever came of those considerations.

I have been published though and paid for it with a generous donation to my 2009 Relay For Life fund drive. You can find one of my quilts on page 83 of Scholastic’s America The Beautiful, Delaware ISBN-10 0-531-18597-4. That’s enough publicity for me thank you very much.

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