Sunday, October 31, 2010

Had to share

While we were eating dinner tonight the sun was setting and lit this tree up like a spotlight.
Fall in its glory!

November update

The November BOM is Courthouse Steps.

On the Mysteries For Relay Group our next mystery starts on November 10th and will beshared by the mystery group and November retreaters.

ALL of the 2011 Retreats are fully booked and there are waiting lists for all three retreats. The September 2011 Retreat was cancelled, and now it turns out to be a good thing, as my youngest son and his fiancé have decided to get married that weekend. Believe me, I would have picked the wedding over any retreat!
Happy Halloween,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are you going to Market?

Quilt Market I mean of course, going on right now. If you are, please be on the lookout for the IBOL Guy, and if you see him, say Hi and tell him Marge sent you. Don’t forget to snap a picture and send it to me. For every photo I will donate to Relay For Life in his honor. My goal is $1000, although I’m sure more people will recognize him than that… I just can’t afford to donate more than that right now!

Friday, October 29, 2010


I’m not really sure I’m glad it’s Friday or not… I’m still fighting this head cold I got in Lancaster. My lungs are clear, but my nose keeps dripping and I have that horrible cough. I will get over it, probably just in time for the next retreat.

Last night I stayed up and watched the finale of Project Runway. I enjoy this show because of the designs and garment construction, and yes even the personal dramas a little. But I truly enjoy it the most because of the work those designers do in such a short time. In my previous life, before quilting, I made all of my own clothes, often without patterns, but I would never call myself a fashion designer.

I didn’t like Gretchen from episode one, but I liked some of her garments. It will be interesting to see how well she does in the fashion industry. I did like Mondo from the start, his use of colors and patterns wowed me. Do I really care that he lost to Gretchen, no, because I think he will go on despite the loss.

Politics, I will be so glad when this election is over. The mudslinging is really getting to me and the phone calls… if you really want my vote, call me in person, not by using some stupid recording that doesn’t tell me squat. No, let me take that back.. if you really want my vote then tell me why I should vote for you and not what is wrong with the other person. I truly believe that all politicians have good intentions when they are running for office, but once they get the job reality hits and they can’t do what they wanted because of so many other problems. I feel sorry for politicians. And I feel sorry for the youth of today who have to clean up this mess. But I guess if our ancestors did it after the big depression, then today’s youth can do it too.

Weather… weird. This week I’ve had the AC on in the day time and the heat on at night. My thermometer says the high in my yard for the week was 84 and the low so far has been 36.

Halloween is this weekend but it doesn’t affect us anymore. It’s been ten years since anyone knocked on our door on Halloween and almost as long since my boys “dressed up” The last dress up I remember was three young men in cowboy costumes heading out to a party, I think it was 2003. I don’t even “decorate” for Halloween any more, but might again if Grandkids ever come along.

Quilting, not doing any this week, but I’ll make up for it next week!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Going to Houston?

Going to Houston? If you are, be sure to look for this guy, and tell him Marge sent you. I'd love a photo of the two of you together, please, it will benefit the American Cancer Society!

Retreat contracts

I book the retreats a few years in advance to assure that I have the number of rooms I need and the conference room. I have to compete with tour busses of tourists and families, especially in the fall. October is the most difficult month to book. So here I sit in October 2010 trying to figure out what my ladies want to do in 2013… some people don’t know what they are doing tomorrow, or next week, let alone three years from now.

And those future dates are important, people are again booking in advance. Next year’s retreats are all booked solid and I have a waiting list for Spring and October already, and am pretty sure there will be a waiting list for November too. I’ve even had a lady ask me about 2012 retreats.

If anyone had told me this is how it would be 14 years ago I would have laughed, after all we were just a bunch of quilters getting together for a weekend.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stash report by request

Candy (not from NY) asked me if I did any shopping during the retreat. I can happily report that I did. Thursday morning I went out very early (8:00AM) to Zooks and got what I needed and a wee bit more. I was looking for three Fairy Frosts and found them, plus one, one yard of each. But as I looked at them I wasn’t real sure that they would work in the project I wanted them for. The strips in that project are only 1 1/2 inches and I’m not sure if the color variations will be too much, they need to look all the same. So I also picked up four yards of marbles which read more of a solid than the Frosts do.

Regardless of which fabric set I use, I have a project in mind for the one that doesn’t get used too.

I’m sure I will do more damage in November, I will be taking my friend Anne shopping… and my will power is gone… been a long time since I did any serious shopping… not that I need anything, but you all know how that goes

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kathy asked…

My blogger friend Kathy asked me “Are you not recovered from the retreat yet, you haven’t blogged all week?” The answer is yes and no. Yes I am recovered from the retreat, and ready to go to the next one too! I washed my clothes and repacked them right in the suitcase. All the other stuff, cutting mats, sewing tools, etc are neatly stored in the garage and in the back room waiting to be reloaded for another trip to PA. I am so ready for the next retreat, but have to wait another two weeks.

I am not recovered from the head cold I got up there. I still have a drippy nose and a nasty cough. The Doc said it is just that a cold and it will have to go away on its own. I shared it with John even though he didn’t want it, so we’re sounding like a hospital ward here, sneeze, cough, blow, sneeze, sniffle, sniffle, cough cough…

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Retreat photos

I've finished the October Retreat page and all the pictures are on. ttp://

I’m ready for the November retreat already… I washed my clothes and packed them right back in the suitcase. All I need to do is pick up my Quarter of a Courthouse from the quilter and start the binding and I can leave….
But I guess I have to wait for everyone else…
Three weeks from today…
only 21 days…
hope I make it!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I’m home

Almost wish I wasn’t… I’d like to be back in the conference room with all the ladies, laughing and sewing again. However all good things must come to an end, even retreats.

It was a great retreat. The newbies all fit right in and before the end of the first night everyone was one big happy group. Lots of sewing got done, as well as shopping, eating, and way too much silliness. I think this retreat might have set the record for laughs… maybe.

I’ll be posting photos shortly, but here’s one to brighten your morning…

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today is the day I hate the most of every retreat, the last day. Yes I love going home to my honey, but I hate leaving my friends and knowing I won't see them again for a whole year.. well some of them. This has been a great group, 14 friends I'd known before, some as many as 14 years and eight new friends who I feel like I've know for a long time already. They all blended together and bonded almost instantly. All the “old” ladies helped the newbies with getting around and the best places to eat and of course the best fabric bargains.

Last nights Pollyanna started out pretty boring, but Debbie would have been proud at the way things were taken over and over again and how it all ended up. (Who did end up with that black and pink bag?)

And now it's time to start packing... loading up the car... and saying good-bye. I'm not looking forward to it. Next year it may be a day longer, but that will only make this day harder.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Time is flying

How come when you are waiting to go to a retreat the time drags and once you get there it speeds by so fast? Retreats just make time disappear it seems... I am sure we just go here this morning and already it is Friday! This group of ladies is delightful and we are having a great time. They are adding to the PA economy greatly and actually getting some sewing done too. The weather has been fairly agreeable, only one rainy day so far. It's just pure fun and I don't want it to end.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All packed now

I have all of my stuff in the car ready to head to Bird-in-Hand tomorrow morning. The only thing left to put in the car are my toiletries, my computer case, and last minute tote bag, for things I remember in the middle of the night that I have to bring.

My rider called and said she was almost ready, wanted to know how much space I left for her. I assured her that the back passenger seat is totally empty for her “stuff” and it still is so we should be quite comfy.

I can’t believe how excited I am to be heading to retreat again. This time last year I could barely walk and although I had a wonderful time, I was miserable. It took me more than a few days to recuperate, which I never admitted it to anyone. While I’m not at 100% yet I am MUCH better than I was this time last year. November wasn’t much easier and then we cancelled the Spring Retreat for many reasons… so it’s been way too long since retreat time.

Do you think if I went to bed now tomorrow would come any sooner?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Houston bound, sort of

A few days ago I posted about my RFL challenge with Art the IBOL guy. Today he made his decision public on the IBOL blog… he is going to Houston and he is taking me up on my challenge! I think that’s really cool that he took me serious, and I sure hope at least 1000 people respond to our challenge… yes ours. Art’s challenged everyone too, so check his post here.

That means I will be heading to Houston but in spirit only… not only through Art and his adventures but I am honored to say that five of my miniatures will be there too with Ami and the AAQI. I can only hope that those little quilts raise a good amount of money for the cause.

Any of my readers going to Houston?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


This has been interesting, packing the new car for the first time it’s headed to a retreat. I know how much I could fit in an Explorer, and I know how to pack the station wagon too, but my new Escape is smaller and I wasn’t sure what would fit in and/or where it would go. I decided to pack today when John is home to help me, and it’s a good thing. I have lots of extras to take to this retreat, so had to pack carefully… I will also have a passenger, so I need to leave room for her and her stuff too.

I still have to go in my toiletries, my computer case, my sewing basket and a small tote bag… hmmmm… wonder if it’s all going to fit?

Saturday, October 09, 2010

A finish!

Another round of the Snoopy dancing, I have a finish. Sorry I can’t show it yet but I will on or about the middle of November at the retreat and here. This is the retreat mystery which is why I can’t show it.

This is my first start to finish since April 2009 and it feels so good… so good I think I will Snoopy dance some more!

Smartie pants asked for another clue.. here you go but don't ask for any more, LOL!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Reader question

Amy asked “How many patterns do you have in the works?” Good question. There are many patterns in different stages…

I have three “new” designs in EQ and one sketch which are just design ideas. I’ve got a few different block versions in each EQ file, but none ready to move on to the next step. And the sketch is just that, not even in EQ yet.

The next step after EQ design is writing the pattern. There are 15 patterns that I’ve designed in EQ and done some of the written instructions for. Each pattern is written step by step, just as you will sew them eventually. I have not made sample blocks for any of those 15 patterns yet.

The next step is making a block and/or a quilt. I have two patterns which have progressed that far, one a complete sample and the other is a WIP, work in progress (six blocks are done). Either one of those two patterns could be “ready” if needed.

I also have three patterns which are completely ready to be shared, most likely first as a mystery for the group then as full patterns on the pattern page.

So I guess my answer to your question is I have 24 patterns in the works!

Why I Relay

This movie says a lot so I wanted to share it with you all... this is why I Relay... So more people can celebrate more birthdays .. and Christmases, Halloweens, anniversaries, and more of life.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Busy day

Been doing a lot of everything today but not a lot to show for it. Had company this morning, I trained the boss a little on the on-line system so now hopefully she can do a few things for herself. Not that I mind helping her, but her hours and mine don’t always match, so I’m sure she’ll appreciate not having to wait for me.

Then I did some more packing for the retreat, and some more printing, found a few interesting things to share with the October ladies.

Did a little bit of work on that newest pattern, but didn’t get to sew at all. Lovely sunny day again, windows open, very nice, which I know won’t happen much longer this year. And now it’s quitting time, I think I’ll read some of my book!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

He’s back!

Yep, Mr Sunshine is back in all his glory this morning trying his best to warm us up some. It is so nice to see him again, and I for one am glad the weather man was wrong again!

I’m busy printing patterns for the upcoming Retreat, and checking my lists to make sure I am truly ready. Mentally I’ve been ready for weeks, but packing wise maybe not. It’s been 11 months since the last retreat, the longest break since 2002 when we started the Spring and October retreats. It is a good thing I have check lists, or I would surely forget something this year.

Another challenge this time around is my new car… remember that for the last retreat the car was packed quite full, and my new Escape is much smaller than the station wagon was. It will be interesting to see how I fit everything in, and save room for the driver and passenger too. (Hope I remember to leave room for my passenger’s stuff too!)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Another dreary day…

No sun again, but no rain yet. I know that sun is up there somewhere, and sooner or later we’ll see it again. All this dreariness and dampness reminds me of our years in England, oh so long ago.

I’m reading another Elm Creek book, I really enjoy them. And Bonnie, the reason I don’t get them from the library is so I can read them again. I love having my favorite books here to read whenever I want. Last winter when we got snowed in I was thankful for my at home library.

And Peggy, no you can’t see Aunt Peggy’s Quilt, yet. It is a future mystery for the Mysteries For Relay group. If you want to join the group and participate in it as a mystery, you are welcome to join, but this one isn’t on the schedule yet. Otherwise, you can wait until after the mystery has been solved and I add it to my Patterns For Relay page.

I had quite a few emails about my Cutting Thoughts post, thanks. No I won’t change my mind. I still think it is an expensive tool, and am still very tired of seeing quilters sell their blogs to the advertisers. I am no longer entering contests to win one, I don’t want one. I am quite happy with my rotary cutters and rulers and my newest favorite gadget the Shape Cut Plus. And I am not advertising it, just saying I like it and I don’t plan to give any away either.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Dreary weather again

Last week started off rainy, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday all the same. It was supposed to clear for Friday, but it didn’t. Saturday was glorious, sunny and bright and slightly breezy and delightful. I had all the windows open, which was why my nose ran and I sneezed my head off all night and into Sunday… when it was raining again.

Today another rainy day and unfortunately I had to be out in it. I had to get up early this AM to go visit the vampires for my monthly blood draw. Early was my choice, since it was a fasting draw, and I have to take my meds in the AM and have to eat with the meds, so I had to get the blood work done before I could take meds and eat… isn’t that complicated.. just sounds it.

So when I got home from the vampires I got to eat my cheerios and drink my coffee with my meds and then start my day. I decided it was a good day for laundry, since the laundry basket was almost full, and that while laundry was going I would sew. And sew I have been until my tummy told me it was lunch time.

I’m working on another mystery called Aunt Peggy’s Quilt which is coming out nicely, I think the ladies on the Mystery group will like this one… at least I do. I’m still doing the hand work on the binding of the November Mystery, and I have a book I’m reading too… I have plenty to keep me occupied in this dreary weather, but I sure miss the sun.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Cutting thoughts

Would you buy a new rotary cutter for each new pattern you made? Not just a blade, but a whole new cutter? Then why buy one of those cutting machines everyone is talking about? Add up the cost and you could afford to buy a new cutter, spare blades, mats, rulers and lots of fabric and still have money left over. It just baffles me..

Now there is a baby? Still… at $139, plus shipping, plus dies. I looked at the dies… $30 for 2 1/2 inch squares, $60 for 2 1/2 inch strips. Again I say add that all up, is it really worth it?

And what about all the bloggers who are giving away free ones… free not, you have to buy the dies. And the ladies who “give” it away have sold their blogs to the maker… in other words they are advertising. They have sold their blogs..

Personally, I tired of hearing about that thing. Let's move on to a new gadget. Market can't come soon enough to show us something new, please!

Uh oh what have I done…

Art a.k.a. the IBOL guy has been thinking about going to Quilt Festival with Mrs IBOL Guy. I told him if he went he had to wear his IBOL Guy T-shirt so people could recognize him. I dared him to.

He replied “You dare me?”

To which I replied “OK, lets make it official and all that... I dare you to wear your IBOL GUY t-shirt to Quilt Festival in Houston this fall and will donate $1 for each person who recognizes you to my Relay For Life fund drive up to $1000. I will take your word for it but will request a few photos to add to my web site to go with the donation.”

Art is going to Houston and I sure hope he takes me up on my dare. If he does, and if you see him, please say Hi to him from Marge at Delaware Quilts and get a photo of you and him together… I’ll add it to my web page AND donate a $1 in his name.

I’m thinking it’s a good thing I did put a limit on it… what if everyone there recognizes him and lets him know… gesh! Good for Relay yes, but my poor budget, LOL!

Today is the last day, but not really

Art the IBOL guy posted to remind everyone that today is not really the last day but close to mailing boxes. If you have a box ready, take it to the PO today or tomorrow, or even Monday is good enough.

Art also posted photos today of some of the boxes being delivered. In those photos I got to see my box not only being delivered, but opened too. The smile on that young ladies face is something I will never forget. That my simple extras, thread and fabrics, could put a smile on that lovely lady’s face like that made it all worth it.
Thank you Art!