Monday, November 20, 2017

Since You Asked

A lot has happened since June 2015.  Some happy things and some sad things. Some not good things, some so good things.   And not a lot has happened since June 2015 too.  Let’s see if I can explain in as few words as possible.

Health issues were found and taken care of, cyber knife, modern science is wonderful. 

We lost two elder family members, Aunt Sheryl and John’s Dad, a.k.a Pop, GrandPop and/or Jack. 

As is with life, we were blessed with new family members also.  Two new nieces and our own family was blessed with the first member of the next generation, a boy to carry on the Gordon name. 

I haven’t done any sewing; my hands are not cooperating.  However, I have gotten a few UFOs finished and I’ll post a few pictures later. 

Sadly, my creativity has taken a long vacation.  I still appreciate the beauty of quilts, but I guess since I can’t make any, I have no mojo to create any new designs.  

Thanks for asking about me, I will try to stay in touch.