Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still viewing Blogger’s Quilt Festival

It’s taking me forever to get through the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, but boy is it worth it. I find myself looking at other posts by some of the quilters, and certainly at other web pages and blogs they recommend. The pace I am going I think I will still be looking at the fall festival quilts when spring festival rolls around.

I’ve gotten some good ideas too, not so much in quilts as in finishing techniques. I visited one site that showcased a sampler finished in a way I would have never imagined, but one I surely will copy. (And I told the maker so too)

I love samplers, and if I can find the perfect fabric may start a new one after I finish the upcoming mystery. (Which by the way, starts next week on Mysteries For Relay) I have enough mystery blocks done for a queen size topper, and enough almost done to take that topper to a decent queen size quilt, but am thinking about making it a duvet cover instead, which might take some more planning.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Perfect ending, almost

I wanted to share this photo, yesterday’s sunset. It was a perfect ending to an almost perfect day. Why almost, and why am I posting it today instead of yesterday? Well because as soon as we got home from yesterday’s happenings we lost power, which was what kept yesterday from being perfect, LOL!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winner says thanks

Last month I had a priority box fabric give-away, and didn't announce the winner... at least I don't think I did.


no I didn’t. I said “I will let the winner tell you who she is when she comments on here that she got the box… how’s that for suspense?” Well she didn’t comment on here but sent me a personal message instead. So I’m copying Deb’s email below so you all will know who won and what she had to say about it.

“Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you for the wonderful box of goodies. How very generous of you with both fabric and patterns. Yes…this is going to be a challenge but I’m up for it and truthfully, I need more blenders to add to my stash of too many prints. I already know that these would work great in the infamous “Million Pieces” mystery that we did on Relay and there’s endless possibilities using them with the patterns you sent. Oh what fun!!! I hope that these Fund-raisers/Giveaways are worth all of your time, effort and generosity in achieving what you would like to get out of it because I have thoroughly enjoyed them.”

I was happy when someone I sort of knew won the box this time Deb, and I’m glad you can put it to good use. I should explain to everyone else… I went into my sewing room and picked up a pile of blenders, marbles and such, and packed them up. Then I stuck a few of my patterns in the box and sent it on its way.

Now hopefully someday I will “see” some of my fabrics used in one of Deb’s mysteries!

Fall for sure

I thought I would show you some fall color in out yard. Sadly, last weekend’s winds and rains did away with a lot of the color, but left us enough so we know for sure it’s fall. Well that and all the fallen leaves.

I’m fully recovered from the retreat now, and have been for a few days. I’ve just been busy reorganizing things for the next retreat, and catching up at home. This week I managed to get an eye appointment thanks to a cancellation, and got new eye glasses ordered. I hope they come in by the next retreat, although the old ones are working fine, just a slight correction to the prescription.

November is a week away, and so is the next quilt retreat, and I can’t wait.

Front yard color looking left from front door

and looking right

Monday, October 19, 2009

Retreat Photos

For those who are waiting, the retreat photos have been posted,

That pretty much says it all, except maybe thank you to everyone!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainy Saturday

What a better way to spend a miserable Saturday than sewing with friends.

But sadly all good things must end sooner or later, and tomorrow is later.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sewing time

This is the new conference room, please notice how crowded it is with 18 ladies sewing in it... not at all.

And there were 15 sewing machines going and 9 irons working, and one lap top running, and one cell phone being charged too.

Having a great time, except for the weather and missing a few important people!


This hotel has a lovely breakfast every morning...
where you get ferhoodled....
in lovely great room... over looking an Amish farm...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Those who are waiting for a report on the new hotel, I have some bad news for you… so far we have nothing to complain about…. Everything is wonderful, honest! The beds were comfy, plenty of hot water, LOTS of breakfast and it was YUMMY… Conference room is great and lots of room, and for Kim, no electrical problems yet and there are lots of irons going. And this time I am on the hotel internet, connected speedily, and it is fast!
More to come, and maybe even photos soon.
WE MISS YOU JOAN and you too Debbie!!!!

Day one report

I made it safely up here, actually drove the whole way myself, so I am fine with driving, YEA!!! Everyone loves the hew hotel, and the new conference room is working great for the 16 who arrived yesterday and went right to work sewing. No blown circuits yet… YET, but not everyone has an iron either. So far so good… And speaking of good, breakfast was WONDERFUL… no better than wonderful! YUMMY!
Now I need to get back to the conference room before they miss me,… more to come

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tree report

Remember the tree we planted in our backyard that I told you about here?

Here is a photo I took yesterday showing her progress, and yes she is growing already. You can see that we tied her up, not that we were worried about her running away, but more like blowing away. We’ve had some terrific winds recently, and we were afraid they would blow her right out of the ground. So John staked her up and tied her gently and she’s made it through up to 50 mph winds.

And if you look closely, you can see growth on the top. Gently knocking on wood that she continues to grow.

Tomorrow is the first fall retreat of the year, and the first retreat in the new hotel. I’m really looking forward to this for many reasons, and yet for one reason don’t even want to go… yesterday our dear friend Joan, who was supposed to go with us to the retreat was rushed to the hospital and after a day in the emergency room, was admitted. As of this morning they still are not sure what is wrong with her, but there is a series of tests lined up to find out. I pray that He isn’t quite ready for her yet, and was just giving her a warning that she needs to take care of herself… she always takes care of everyone else. I can’t imagine an October Retreat without her… but I guess we’ll see.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marge’s big adventure…

This was sort of a preparation for the retreat this week, to see how much I can do, and what I can’t. John and I went out to lunch/brunch today, and then… are you ready… hold on to your hats… we went to Wal-Mart! Now let me explain, that’s the first store I’ve been to in months, and the first place I’ve been other than the post office, Doctor’s office, and the drive thru window at the bank. Was it exciting, heck no, I really don’t like Wal-Mart, but it was a place I could get everything I needed in one place. And I accomplished my goal, got everything on my shopping list (first time I have been shopping since June I think) and managed to access how far I could walk… not far at all. Thank goodness for the shopping cart to lean on. Now I’ve taken my Advil and have my legs up, and yes for all you nurses and mother’s out there, I have ice on my knees… and I hate putting ice on my body anywhere. Next week should be very interesting. But I am going regardless, I dare anyone to try to stop me!

word verifications

I was going to write about the word verifications required by some bloggers, including myself, but spell check goes nuts trying to correct all the words, LOL! So after I turned off spell check, I started listing some of the words... (Hope I remember how to turn it back on)

Bolari, pregmact, consadt, hogonst, ussessn, tompo, unfeene, calingen, gammenic, nonfra, berygo, gediti, wdorys, and so many more. I know these word verifications are computer generated to keep computer robots from doing what ever they are put there for, in this case keep fraudulent postings away. But do they have to be such weird words?

Let’s see what spell check wants to change these words to, and if I can make a sentence out of it.
Bolero, pregnant, consist, hognose, uses, tempo, unfenced, clinger, ammonic, nonfarm, berg, edit, words… no sentence in there that makes any sense at all, thank goodness, I think.

Now if these computer robots get smart and start reading the computer generated verification words, perhaps that will be our next verification process… make sense out of the word verifications…

Anyway, I did a lot of word verifications yesterday, hopping from blog to blog looking at quilts and reading stories. It was fun, but I am nowhere near finished… I think this show will go on for weeks for me. Good thing, it’s is really moving the gray matter around and generating a lot of good ideas for patterns, designs, fabric use, and finishing techniques! And wow, did I see some terrific quilts!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bloggers Festival, day two

I had a great day blog hopping around the Bloggers Quilt Festival, and I will say, it was almost as fun as being at a real quilt show. Almost but not quite.. for me it was a LOT more fun than any quilt show has ever been. Let me explain why.

First and foremost, I had a front row seat. I got to see each quilt as close as the maker wanted us to look, with no one standing in the way, or pushing me so he/she could get a photo. As a quilter that was heavenly and as a claustrophobic it was pure delight.

Second, I actually got to read about each quilt if I wanted to, and I did for 99.9% of them. At a quilt show you are lucky if you can stand in front of the quilt and read the card, let alone read what the catalog has to say about it.

Third, I could read behind the card, or between the lines, by linking back to other links that quilter had posted. That was truly amazing and made each quilter feel like someone I knew, and made the story of many of the quilts truly personal.

Fourth, life went on and I didn’t lose my place in line or my front seat at the show. I did some chores, took some phone calls, did some work, and went right back to the show… let’s see those ladies at the other festival do that. And my feet don’t hurt at all, although another part of me did complain after one long viewing session!

I knew that I wasn’t the only quilter who quilted for a cause, but I never realized how many causes there were, and how personal they are to people, just like fighting cancer and Alzheimer’s is to me. I wish I had enough time and money to contribute to everyone’s cause, and help those quilters just as so many have helped me with my cause. Maybe someday I will win the lottery… yea, just like maybe someday I will finish all my UFOs and use up my stash… but a girl can dream right?

Back to blog hopping, many more quilts to see and stories to read!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival entry

2002 Ocean Waves BOM Sampler

If you link here from the Bloggers Quilt Festival, please leave a comment, thank you!

While this isn’t my most beautiful quilt, it is one that has a lot of meaning to me, and it shows two of my most favorite people in the world, my husband and his Aunt. Yes the same Aunt whose dementia has affected our year so drastically.

But about the quilt.. I am a founding member of the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild here in Lewes Delaware. In the beginning years I was quite active in the guild, holding many jobs including new letter editor, treasurer and BOM chair. In late 2001 and 2002 I challenged the ladies to make a sampler quilt from their BOMs promising that I would do the same with my samples. I used some brighter than normal for me at that time fabrics and made at least two of each block to show them using different colors. The end result was this quilt.

All of the blocks were featured as BOMs on my web site, sharing this project with the www. Several guild members did eventually finish sampler quilts, and a few internet quilters have sent me photos of their samplers also.

This photo shows the quilt on my queen size bed while it was still a UFO. It was put on there for photographing only, and then set aside to await binding. The quilt covers the bed completely and goes to the floor on three sides.

The quilt was finished in 2002, quilted the following year, and then sat unbound in my UFO pile until January of this year, when I set out to finish some of my UFOs. This quilt was finished on January 11th while visiting Aunt Sheryl in upstate NY. We were there visiting her because one of her dear friends had called John saying that Sheryl was having some memory problems and she needed someone to check on her.

Sheryl has always been very special to us, and we have/had a great relationship with her. She is a very special friend who just happens to be related to us. While we were visiting her that weekend we realized she was indeed having some memory problems, and they were quite serious… which was the beginning of the saga that continues to drag on. Alzheimer’s/dementia is cruel, but there are crueler things that make life so complicated.

Seconds after I posted this, and while I was posting my link on Amy’s page my phone rang. It was Aunt Sheryl, who called me looking for a family phone number. This is the first time I’ve heard her voice since June 3rd. She explained to me who she was, "I'm John’s Aunt who used to live in NY", and told me why she was calling… I gave her the number she was looking for and asked her how she was doing. She said “a little fuzzy around the edges” and then a lot more, but stopped and said “oh I don’t need to tell you all this now” She said the most glorious words I’ve heard in a long time, she misses me… and our call was over.


Yes, it’s Friday again, the end of another week. I’m glad this one is over, not because it was a bad one because it wasn’t but because it brings me closer to next week, the first retreat of the fall and the first retreat in the new hotel! I can’t wait to get there and see how everyone likes the new digs, and how the huge conference room will work for us… this conference room is bigger than my house! (My house is 45 by 24 and the conference room is 25 by 52, but my house has a second floor thank goodness.)

This Friday just happens to be the first Friday of the Bloggers Quilt Festival at There are already over 100 quilt blogs listed so I know what I’ll be doing for the next few days/weeks, blog hopping! I also want to feature a quilt, but can’t decide which one to post about… too many to chose from.

And it’s Show and Tell Friday, but since the Bloggers Quilt Festival started today, she’s taking a break… good timing since she’s been under the weather… hope you feel better soon Amy.

I just decided (I think) which quilt I want to put in the show… check back later!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

77 days?

77 days to Christmas?

There were years when that would have set me in a total panic and make me crazy. Not any more, life is easier now. Well Christmas is easier now anyway, not sure about the rest of it, LOL. Now that the boys are men it’s easier to get them what they want for the holidays, since they pretty much know now what they want and what they need AND what Mom and Dad can afford.

Mike already has his Christmas present for the year, a new lap top. No, don’t get the wrong idea, we didn’t buy him a new lap top, he did that for himself. But he was going to economize and not get a few things that he really wanted, so we helped him upgrade.

And I told Jonathon what he could have, giving him a few choices, I know he will pick wisely. I just hope he decides soon, only 77 days left to shop

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Blog Hopping and Signatures

One of my internet friends asked me to describe blog hopping, apparently she only used bookmarked blogs, poor thing. Blog hopping is much like the channel hopping that our men do all the time, only I do it with a few clicks of the mouse instead of a remote.

First I'm visiting a familiar blog, reading what is new and exciting on there, when I see she has a new link to another blog, or blog group, or even just a comment which for some reason tweaks my curiosity me, so I click. And just like male channel surfing, you can never go back to where you came from, so I click on something else and so on and so on, until hours have passed and my brain is overloaded with new ideas, and my butt asleep from sitting too long, LOL!

Lately I’ve noticed quite a few bloggers have signature lines. Not just a quip, quote or link, but an actual …. well it looks real almost signature. For some reason yesterday my cursor passed over one, and I saw it was a link… of course I had to follow it! It led me to and yes, you know me, I gave it a try. Here’s my blog signature from there.

But it wasn’t perfect, and although I am nowhere near the perfectionist some people think I am, I wanted the signature to be perfect… so I played with it and came up with this…

So which one do you think looks better on your computer?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 9 C

How about this setting? Same blocks just set differently.

And here is my Old Maid's Puzzle wall hanging.

Blog Mystery Post 9 B

Those first three quilts were boring... very boring...
However, if you turn them a little you come up with these, much nicer in my opinion!

Yes all three of these quilts are made from the same blocks laid out the same way, with the colors in different locations.

Blog Mystery Post 9 A

This is the final post for my first ever Blog Mystery, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, then please consider joining my Mysteries For Relay Yahoo Group where I host mysteries like this about every six weeks. You don’t HAVE to do each mystery, but you can if you want. Or you can just download the full pattern, mystery solved, when I post it at the end. All I ask is a $5 donation per mystery, or a yearly donation of at least $30, and I will give you plenty of patterns as a thank you.

I’m having problems getting the quilt diagrams and words to match up when I post them on here, so I’ll be posting this final part in three different posts. That way there is no confusion, I hope!

OH, the name of this pattern is Old Maid’s Puzzle, and it was Mystery #3 on the Mysteries For Relay group. This time I didn’t tell you where to put the colors, which made it even more mysterious.

If you thought all of those diagonal half squares were the hard part, you were completely
wrong… now comes the hard part! Now you have to decide how to lay out your blocks…

If you just lay them out plain, it looks like this… sort of boring to me and not at all what I like

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 9 A © Delaware Quilts September 2009

Monday, October 05, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 8

This is sort of a PS to the previous mystery post, since I did not show you colors on my diagrams, your blocks could look like anyone of the three diagrams below. ALL are correct.

It is important that ALL of your blocks look EXACTLY alike.

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 8 © Delaware Quilts September 2009

Blog Hopping Again

I’ve been blog hopping again, since my knee wouldn’t let me go up to the sewing room yesterday. I found some neat links and stuff, which I want to share.

First, and I added this to my blog yesterday, Amy of is hosting a Blogger’s Quilt Festival, which I think is a super idea! Apparently this is the second one, and I had a great time looking at all the quilts from the Spring Festival.

While hopping back and forth looking at those quilts, I happened to see another Amy, AmyLouWho who hosts Sew and Tell Friday’s at Another very clever idea and one I plan to join in, as soon as I have a finish that is.
simply square button

I found quite a few blogs that had links to fabric stores on them, but I resisted temptation and didn’t even look. Easy when you can’t sew, and besides, I heading to Lancaster in nine days, LOL!

And a word here about blogs with music on them… yes Candy and all the rest of you who love scaring me with IMs and phone calls, the music scares me too. Let me explain, I am alone most of the day and I really enjoy the peace and quiet. About all I hear is the humming of the fan and the refrigerator, and then someone calls me, or IMs me, and the noise scares the begeebers out of me. Well music on blogs does the same thing, I usually jump, but not too far, since my lap top is well.. on my lap.

And quilters! WOW did I find some awesome quilters and quilts. And I don’t mean any big name quilters either, just plain old (and young) ladies (and men) who happen to have quilting as a hobby. I saw many beautiful quilts, and read some really special stories to go with them. I am amazed at the quilting world, and I can’t wait to get back into it again.

I am sorry to see so many blogs now over loaded with advertisements. Yes over loaded. I hope you all are making a lot of money because the ads have made your blogs almost impossible to find, taking over your space and hiding your words and pictures. One blog I visited I honestly did not find a post… I think the whole blog was just ads.

I found quite a few people who were making “Wonky Log Cabins” and some really WOW wonky quilts with them. The pattern they used is just slightly different from my Crooked Log Cabins, but along the same idea, and made some delightful quilts.

I also found a Spooktacular Halloween Theme Block Swap, three signature block swaps, two different friendship bag swaps, a friendship star swap, a scrappy Christmas block swap (I was tempted), a Fall Quilt Swap, Christmas Swap - Inchie Ornaments, postcard quilt swap, and …

Do you know how many different disappearing nine patch swaps I found? Take a guess… not one, not two, but five. At first I was thinking they were all the same, just with different links, but no, these were five totally different disappearing nine patch swaps. And no, I’m not posting the links to them, four of the five are already closed, and the fifth one… well let’s just say I’m neither joining it or sharing the url and leave at that, ok?

And then my blog hop ended for the day, I have no idea what happened, but all of a sudden all the IE windows disappeared…. I wonder if it is possible to have too many windows open at the same time…..

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 7

Now assemble your units together like this

You will need 16 completed blocks.

I suggest that you do not press your blocks until you have gone on to the next step, and I think you will see why when you read it.

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.
Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 7 © Delaware Quilts September 2009

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I miss her

I miss my friend. I truly miss her, and wish she knew that I missed her and love her dearly. I miss the hours we used to sit and talk about nothing in general, just whatever struck her to discuss at each sitting. I miss her stories of days she remembered, long long times ago. Even when I was not visiting her, we would talk on the phone each day, sometimes three or four times a day. I would call her early each afternoon and see how her morning went, and then we would call her again in the evening so John could check in too. She would call me to tell me a funny, and I would share some with her also. It’s now been over four months since I have seen her and I miss her horribly. Sadly she doesn’t remember those good times, but I know it’s not her and I do love her still, and always will… I will always miss that old friend of mine.

Seasonal bed quilt

Since it is fall now, I decided it was time to change the bed linens for the season. I took off the bright yellow sheets and broken dishes quilt and replaced it with something a little darker for the fall and winter. When I went to get our “winter” quilt, I realized it was really starting to show wear, and decided it was time for a new “winter” quilt.

I just happen to have over 250 quilts, although not all of them would fit on our queen size bed, some will barely cover a pillow, LOL! So I looked for one which I knew would cover the bed nicely, and keep us toasty warm for the winter. I decided to go with a sampler I have, shown below. (In that 250 quilts, seven are samplers)

Right now I am thinking about making yet another sampler. I’ve been using the same color palate for some of the BOMs, and when I put them all in a quilt, I liked what I saw. Now if I can find a small floral that I like, and coordinates to go with it, I just might make that sampler.

But then again, I have the quilt I am teaching at the November retreat and as a mystery for the Mysteries For Relay group. When I laid the blocks out on the bed yesterday, they looked right at home there… maybe that will be my next bed quilt.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Fire Prevention - important information

This is very stunning - please read first and then watch the very short clip.

I never realized that a wet dishcloth could be a one size fits all lid to cover a fire in a pan!

This is a dramatic video (30-second, very short) about how to deal with a common kitchen fire ...oil in a frying pan. Read the following introduction, then watch the show ...It's a real eye-opener!!

At the Fire Fighting Training school they would demonstrate this with a deep fat fryer set on the fire field. An instructor would don a fire suit and using an 8 oz cup at the end of a 10-foot pole toss water onto the grease fire.

The results got the attention of the students. The water, being heavier than oil, sinks to the bottom where it instantly becomes superheated.

The explosive force of the steam blows the burning oil up and out. On the open field, it became a thirty-foot high fireball that resembled a nuclear blast.

Inside the confines of a kitchen, the fireball hits the ceiling and fills the entire room. Also, do not throw sugar or flour on a grease fire. One cup of either creates the explosive force of two sticks of dynamite.

This is a powerful message----watch the video and don't forget what you see.

Tell your whole family about this video.

Mystery comments

You all aren’t seeing a lot of the mystery comments because they are coming directly to my email box from quilters who know me, well who know my web site anyway. A few are in my Mysteries For Relay group too. But I wanted to share a few of the comments on here, in case you have the same comment or question but were afraid to comment/ask.

Alex asked me if I always do mysteries and not tell where to put what color or value. No, normally I will tell where each value goes, it matters to the design. However, after I made what I am calling a design error, and sewed the wrong value in a certain position, and saw how much it changed the design, I decided to play with some blocks and see what happened.

I opened up my trusty Electric Quilt, my favorite quilting tool, and picked the block I had made the error with, and saw that by changing the placement of the lights and darks I got dramatically different quilts. I tired another block and another, and some of them gave me pleasing results, others did not.

(I sell EQ too!)

This block was one that I liked regardless where the lights mediums or darks were placed, so I decided to do this as my first BLOG mystery.

Kim asked me if all of my mysteries were written like this one, and the answer to that is yes, most of them. I try to make each clue as easy to follow as possible. I send the patterns to testers to work on before I introduce them to any group. A few of the testers are beginners and a few are more advanced. I let them try to make the pattern, and make comments and complaints, and then fix what they found a problem with. Sometimes it is just a wording issue, and sometimes it is spelling or grammar, LOL! I tend to write as I talk, and I proof read by reading it out loud to myself.

One quilter, sorry I deleted your email and forget your name, asked me if I was going to do more mysteries on my blog. I can’t say for sure right now… this was a trial kind of thing. I am trying to get you to like my mysteries, so you will want more, and will join the Mysteries For Relay group. On that group I offer a brand new mystery about every six weeks, in exchange for a donation to my Relay fund drive. I ask $5 per mystery or $30 for a whole year’s worth. There are about 45 members of the group, and the only complaint I get is that they want to do them all, and I’m creating more UFOs for them!

At least four of that group is doing the blog mystery too, and a funny thing, I think a few of them have done it before, but don’t recognize it yet. I can’t wait to find out who has made it before, and how they like the changes in the mystery. AND I will be doing another mystery on the group coming up soon where I don’t tell them where the values go, which should be interesting!

If you would like more information on my mysteries and the Mysteries For Relay group please send me a comment or email.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

October 1st?

No way it is October already, what happened to September! It must have been shortened this year and I didn’t get the news.

So since it is the first of the month I have some things to take care of today…

First, update BOMs. Octobers block will be King’s Crown at Depending on when you read this, you may get to see it before anyone else, since I haven’t gotten to that yet.

Retreat updates next, the October retreat is just two weeks away! Am I ready, yes and no, but I could be ready in an hour if it were tomorrow. I can’t wait to get there!

Relay updates, we had our first committee meeting last night, it was great to see three new faces there. I’m looking forward to a terrific year ahead. Guess I need to do some kind of update on the web site too.

T-shirt update, the Making More Birthdays t-shirts seem to be taking off. My teammates are selling them north and south and have raised over $800 to date selling them. I showed them at the committee meeting last night and everyone seemed to like them, one didn’t make it home since it was bought on the spot! I hope to see some team orders soon.

Family matter is still unresolved and tied up in the court. We are worried sick over that.

And health update, exploratory knee surgery is set for Nov 30th, I’ll just bear with it between now and then… Two retreats between now and then and Thanksgiving too, and a week later we head out for vacation… should be very interesting.

And no, I have not forgotten about the box of fabric I promised to some lucky blogger. The winner has been drawn and as soon as I can get the box in the mail it will be on the way. I will let the winner tell you who she is when she comments on here that she got the box… how’s that for suspense?

Happy October everyone!