Sunday, October 11, 2009

word verifications

I was going to write about the word verifications required by some bloggers, including myself, but spell check goes nuts trying to correct all the words, LOL! So after I turned off spell check, I started listing some of the words... (Hope I remember how to turn it back on)

Bolari, pregmact, consadt, hogonst, ussessn, tompo, unfeene, calingen, gammenic, nonfra, berygo, gediti, wdorys, and so many more. I know these word verifications are computer generated to keep computer robots from doing what ever they are put there for, in this case keep fraudulent postings away. But do they have to be such weird words?

Let’s see what spell check wants to change these words to, and if I can make a sentence out of it.
Bolero, pregnant, consist, hognose, uses, tempo, unfenced, clinger, ammonic, nonfarm, berg, edit, words… no sentence in there that makes any sense at all, thank goodness, I think.

Now if these computer robots get smart and start reading the computer generated verification words, perhaps that will be our next verification process… make sense out of the word verifications…

Anyway, I did a lot of word verifications yesterday, hopping from blog to blog looking at quilts and reading stories. It was fun, but I am nowhere near finished… I think this show will go on for weeks for me. Good thing, it’s is really moving the gray matter around and generating a lot of good ideas for patterns, designs, fabric use, and finishing techniques! And wow, did I see some terrific quilts!

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