Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tree report

Remember the tree we planted in our backyard that I told you about here?

Here is a photo I took yesterday showing her progress, and yes she is growing already. You can see that we tied her up, not that we were worried about her running away, but more like blowing away. We’ve had some terrific winds recently, and we were afraid they would blow her right out of the ground. So John staked her up and tied her gently and she’s made it through up to 50 mph winds.

And if you look closely, you can see growth on the top. Gently knocking on wood that she continues to grow.

Tomorrow is the first fall retreat of the year, and the first retreat in the new hotel. I’m really looking forward to this for many reasons, and yet for one reason don’t even want to go… yesterday our dear friend Joan, who was supposed to go with us to the retreat was rushed to the hospital and after a day in the emergency room, was admitted. As of this morning they still are not sure what is wrong with her, but there is a series of tests lined up to find out. I pray that He isn’t quite ready for her yet, and was just giving her a warning that she needs to take care of herself… she always takes care of everyone else. I can’t imagine an October Retreat without her… but I guess we’ll see.

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