Thursday, October 15, 2009

Those who are waiting for a report on the new hotel, I have some bad news for you… so far we have nothing to complain about…. Everything is wonderful, honest! The beds were comfy, plenty of hot water, LOTS of breakfast and it was YUMMY… Conference room is great and lots of room, and for Kim, no electrical problems yet and there are lots of irons going. And this time I am on the hotel internet, connected speedily, and it is fast!
More to come, and maybe even photos soon.
WE MISS YOU JOAN and you too Debbie!!!!


  1. But, is there SNOW? It just wouldn't be fair if I get snow and you guys don't! Happy sewing everyone! Bonnie in the snowy Poconos!

  2. Sorry no snow here, just rain rain and more rain, and a lot of fun despite it!


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