Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bloggers Festival, day two

I had a great day blog hopping around the Bloggers Quilt Festival, and I will say, it was almost as fun as being at a real quilt show. Almost but not quite.. for me it was a LOT more fun than any quilt show has ever been. Let me explain why.

First and foremost, I had a front row seat. I got to see each quilt as close as the maker wanted us to look, with no one standing in the way, or pushing me so he/she could get a photo. As a quilter that was heavenly and as a claustrophobic it was pure delight.

Second, I actually got to read about each quilt if I wanted to, and I did for 99.9% of them. At a quilt show you are lucky if you can stand in front of the quilt and read the card, let alone read what the catalog has to say about it.

Third, I could read behind the card, or between the lines, by linking back to other links that quilter had posted. That was truly amazing and made each quilter feel like someone I knew, and made the story of many of the quilts truly personal.

Fourth, life went on and I didn’t lose my place in line or my front seat at the show. I did some chores, took some phone calls, did some work, and went right back to the show… let’s see those ladies at the other festival do that. And my feet don’t hurt at all, although another part of me did complain after one long viewing session!

I knew that I wasn’t the only quilter who quilted for a cause, but I never realized how many causes there were, and how personal they are to people, just like fighting cancer and Alzheimer’s is to me. I wish I had enough time and money to contribute to everyone’s cause, and help those quilters just as so many have helped me with my cause. Maybe someday I will win the lottery… yea, just like maybe someday I will finish all my UFOs and use up my stash… but a girl can dream right?

Back to blog hopping, many more quilts to see and stories to read!


  1. You're right about all your points on the advantages of the Bloggers Quilt Fest. I love reading about everyone's choice quilt to show for this time around. I also like to peek at blogger's other posts and learn about other interests and passions. The only thing I miss from a real quilt show is shopping at the vendors. Of course, that will cost lots of $$$.

  2. I think you said it very well. "A front row seat" and everything else you said was perfect! I enjoyed reading your blog!


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