Friday, October 02, 2009

Mystery comments

You all aren’t seeing a lot of the mystery comments because they are coming directly to my email box from quilters who know me, well who know my web site anyway. A few are in my Mysteries For Relay group too. But I wanted to share a few of the comments on here, in case you have the same comment or question but were afraid to comment/ask.

Alex asked me if I always do mysteries and not tell where to put what color or value. No, normally I will tell where each value goes, it matters to the design. However, after I made what I am calling a design error, and sewed the wrong value in a certain position, and saw how much it changed the design, I decided to play with some blocks and see what happened.

I opened up my trusty Electric Quilt, my favorite quilting tool, and picked the block I had made the error with, and saw that by changing the placement of the lights and darks I got dramatically different quilts. I tired another block and another, and some of them gave me pleasing results, others did not.

(I sell EQ too!)

This block was one that I liked regardless where the lights mediums or darks were placed, so I decided to do this as my first BLOG mystery.

Kim asked me if all of my mysteries were written like this one, and the answer to that is yes, most of them. I try to make each clue as easy to follow as possible. I send the patterns to testers to work on before I introduce them to any group. A few of the testers are beginners and a few are more advanced. I let them try to make the pattern, and make comments and complaints, and then fix what they found a problem with. Sometimes it is just a wording issue, and sometimes it is spelling or grammar, LOL! I tend to write as I talk, and I proof read by reading it out loud to myself.

One quilter, sorry I deleted your email and forget your name, asked me if I was going to do more mysteries on my blog. I can’t say for sure right now… this was a trial kind of thing. I am trying to get you to like my mysteries, so you will want more, and will join the Mysteries For Relay group. On that group I offer a brand new mystery about every six weeks, in exchange for a donation to my Relay fund drive. I ask $5 per mystery or $30 for a whole year’s worth. There are about 45 members of the group, and the only complaint I get is that they want to do them all, and I’m creating more UFOs for them!

At least four of that group is doing the blog mystery too, and a funny thing, I think a few of them have done it before, but don’t recognize it yet. I can’t wait to find out who has made it before, and how they like the changes in the mystery. AND I will be doing another mystery on the group coming up soon where I don’t tell them where the values go, which should be interesting!

If you would like more information on my mysteries and the Mysteries For Relay group please send me a comment or email.

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