Friday, October 25, 2013


TGIF and only three days before the retreats start.  I’m still not ready, LOL!  I keep thinking of things I need to take and then promptly forgetting what I remembered and I’m sure I’m losing my mind.  This shouldn’t be so hard, I’ve been doing this for 17 years now and I have lists… but dang if I know why this year is being so challenging to me. 

OH, I remembered what I wanted to remember… setting my cell phone up so I could communicate with my blog and facebook while retreating.  So text messages sent to both and the facebook one posted immediately.  Blogger, not so. 

I’ll try to post while I’m away, but if not, check my facebook page to see what’s happening while I’m away, either my personal one or Delaware Quilts.
AND for you who are not on facebook, you don’t have to be on facebook to see the Delaware Quilts page and posts!  Everyone can read what’s on there.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dreary day

What a totally fall day we’re having.  I’m not sure what is falling faster, the rain or the leaves.  It’s so dark out I have to turn on lights to see what I’m doing, which is more packing of course.  I think I’ve been packing longer than I will be away!

My goal for today is to get my personal projects organized.  I need to make sure I have enough with me to keep me busy and out of trouble.  Well busy at least!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Less than a week!

Yep, as of today I have less than a week to get my stuff all together and organized for the fall retreats.  Am I ready... nope, nowhere close.  If I had to leave right now I’d be in big trouble.  But I would!  I would throw clean undies and my toothbrush in my purse and take off without anything else.  Because in the long run the best part of the retreats to me is being with all the ladies and the fun we have.  Sewing is just secondary to being with my friends who just happen to be addicted to quilting like I am. 

BUT...  well some of those ladies expect patterns and some of them expect fabric to use with the patterns, and some of them need a sewing machine to sew on, and most of them expect the electric cords, goodie bags and so much more

Personally, yes I could go and just sit around and visit and laugh the whole time up there, but I want to sew too.. although I’m not real sure what I’m going to sew just yet.  I have three quilts I’m taking with me that need the bindings sewn on by hand, I’d love to get all three done while up there.  And I have a few UFOs passed on to me by a friend, I can work on those, or pass them on to someone else to work on.. they are for charity (Bob’s)  And I have a pile of fabrics I think I’ll stuff in a bag incase, and then there is that Aunt Grace UFO started last fall, maybe I can finish it this fall? 

I am so not ready and I am so ready...

Friday, October 18, 2013


So I went to see one of the Docs today… my family physician.  He was pretty pleased with my blood tests, happy to see my numbers going down.  Well except for one, I found another pound somewhere, darn prednisone!  We had a nice long (in Doctor’s terms) chat about my health and all in all he’s happy.  Of course like me he’d love me to be off the prednisone, but that’s a decision my body has to make… hoping someday! 

Today is Be Bold Be Bald day however I am not participating this year. First of all it’s no fun being bald alone and secondly, I have done two Relays this year and raised $10,000 in the fight against cancer.

However I want to thank everyone who donated to my Be Bold Be Bald last year, and to all of you who helped me raise all that money this year! In honor of all of you I am showing my baldie picture from last year (It will be on facebook for a whole week) and making a donation to Heaps of Hope through my BBBB page. 

And here’s hoping that someone somewhere soon finds the cure for cancer!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Less than two weeks

I should be hitting panic mode, less than two weeks to the first retreat and I’m not ready.  But I’m beyond that this year, I honestly don’t care what makes it up there and what stays home, I just want to get there. 

However, it would be best if I remembered a few necessities.  Clothes for one, can’t wear the same thing for three weeks straight and I know my roommates would appreciate my wearing PJs, especially Anne... (private joke) 

And I really should remember retreat necessities, the electrical cords, mats, rotary cutters, blades, rulers, irons.  And the ladies probably would like me to remember the pins and prizes too.  Can’t forget all of my things, sewing machines (one for me and one for other ladies), my sewing tool box and can’t forget to put in my Janome tools, some  scissors and thread, you won’t believe how many times I’ve forgotten thread!

BUT instead of getting ready, I want to put binding on just one more quilt, one of the retreat samples.  At least the machine part, then I can do the hand work up there.  Hey,  maybe I won’t need a machine… I have a pile of quilts that need hand work done!

PS Neck is getting better, it only reminds me of the recent injury when I turn a certain way which I try not to do. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Moving along then wham!

Yes, things were moving along nicely… getting prepared for the fall retreats and working on some quilts then WHAM…

I went to bed fine and woke up with a broken neck.  Well not totally broken but that’s what it feels like.  Yesterday I kept hot compresses on it, and went to bed last night and … well…. well let’s just say it wasn’t the most restful night sleep.  I would get comfortable and actually fall asleep and wake up feeling like a knife was sticking me in the neck, or worse.  I was so miserable John is working from home today to take care of me!  (Sweetie that he is and that’s why I love him!)  More hot compresses and lots of pain pills, seems a little better today.  It better be, only 17 days to the first retreat!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Uh oh

Sorry, apparently I’ve forgotten how to blog and that concerned some people.  I’m OK really, just some typical now normal for me complaints, but really doing pretty good.  Nothing wrong with me to keep me from blogging except being too busy and forgetful too I guess.

Let’s see, in the last week we finally got John’s truck back, he’s happy to have it sitting in the driveway… guess that’s a man thing, like having a spare sewing machine.  And he’s been super busy at work, working later and longer, but we’re thankful he has a job and hasn’t been furloughed like so many others we know. 

I’ve been getting ready for the fall retreats, and with three in a row that’s a lot of getting ready.  (Can’t tell you what I’m doing, it’s a secret)  And I’ve been working on a new to me but not to the rest of the world disappearing four patch.  I’m using some cute pastel prints and white Kona and it’s looking really good, I hope to get it together today.  I’ve also been writing a new mystery for future use. 

We had company last week too, Jon and Steph and grandkitty Simba.  KG and Simba had never met and we were a bit concerned as to how they would get along… well they didn’t fight and there wasn’t any yowling, so we humans are happy.  But Simba wanted to make friends and KG doesn’t trust other kitties (he was picked on in his prior life by his roommate).  I’m sure eventually they will be friends, just not this visit. 

And yesterday I got three quilts back from the quilters.  You know what that means right?  Three more bindings to do and three more quilts getting closer to being taken off the UFO list and finished…. sooner or later. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Semi-annual maintenance time

Guess October is the month to get things checked…  the bug man has been here and sprayed all the bugs that might be lurking in the yard.  Pity he can’t get the gnats, the sky is loaded with them. 

And the HVAC man is here now.  Funny, when I scheduled the maintenance it was chilly and we had the heat on.  Right now it’s 80 degrees outside and we could have the AC on, but… no it’s time to check the heater to see how it’s working.   
And in order to do that he had to turn the heat up…  it’s now 82 83 84 in the house!  I sure hope that he checks the AC next by cooling the place down some. 

My car needs an oil change, John’s truck is still in the shop getting whatever needs done done and.. well you know what else happens in October right?  Yes dreaded Doctors’ appointments.  I have three, but before them I have to go see the vampires. 

Good thing that there are retreats at the end of the month or I would skip October all together!