Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Semi-annual maintenance time

Guess October is the month to get things checked…  the bug man has been here and sprayed all the bugs that might be lurking in the yard.  Pity he can’t get the gnats, the sky is loaded with them. 

And the HVAC man is here now.  Funny, when I scheduled the maintenance it was chilly and we had the heat on.  Right now it’s 80 degrees outside and we could have the AC on, but… no it’s time to check the heater to see how it’s working.   
And in order to do that he had to turn the heat up…  it’s now 82 83 84 in the house!  I sure hope that he checks the AC next by cooling the place down some. 

My car needs an oil change, John’s truck is still in the shop getting whatever needs done done and.. well you know what else happens in October right?  Yes dreaded Doctors’ appointments.  I have three, but before them I have to go see the vampires. 

Good thing that there are retreats at the end of the month or I would skip October all together!

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  1. Hi Marge, just checking some local blogs and wanted to say that your quilts are beautiful. Great link page!


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