Friday, October 25, 2013


TGIF and only three days before the retreats start.  I’m still not ready, LOL!  I keep thinking of things I need to take and then promptly forgetting what I remembered and I’m sure I’m losing my mind.  This shouldn’t be so hard, I’ve been doing this for 17 years now and I have lists… but dang if I know why this year is being so challenging to me. 

OH, I remembered what I wanted to remember… setting my cell phone up so I could communicate with my blog and facebook while retreating.  So text messages sent to both and the facebook one posted immediately.  Blogger, not so. 

I’ll try to post while I’m away, but if not, check my facebook page to see what’s happening while I’m away, either my personal one or Delaware Quilts.
AND for you who are not on facebook, you don’t have to be on facebook to see the Delaware Quilts page and posts!  Everyone can read what’s on there.

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