Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Less than a week!

Yep, as of today I have less than a week to get my stuff all together and organized for the fall retreats.  Am I ready... nope, nowhere close.  If I had to leave right now I’d be in big trouble.  But I would!  I would throw clean undies and my toothbrush in my purse and take off without anything else.  Because in the long run the best part of the retreats to me is being with all the ladies and the fun we have.  Sewing is just secondary to being with my friends who just happen to be addicted to quilting like I am. 

BUT...  well some of those ladies expect patterns and some of them expect fabric to use with the patterns, and some of them need a sewing machine to sew on, and most of them expect the electric cords, goodie bags and so much more

Personally, yes I could go and just sit around and visit and laugh the whole time up there, but I want to sew too.. although I’m not real sure what I’m going to sew just yet.  I have three quilts I’m taking with me that need the bindings sewn on by hand, I’d love to get all three done while up there.  And I have a few UFOs passed on to me by a friend, I can work on those, or pass them on to someone else to work on.. they are for charity (Bob’s)  And I have a pile of fabrics I think I’ll stuff in a bag incase, and then there is that Aunt Grace UFO started last fall, maybe I can finish it this fall? 

I am so not ready and I am so ready...

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