Friday, October 18, 2013


So I went to see one of the Docs today… my family physician.  He was pretty pleased with my blood tests, happy to see my numbers going down.  Well except for one, I found another pound somewhere, darn prednisone!  We had a nice long (in Doctor’s terms) chat about my health and all in all he’s happy.  Of course like me he’d love me to be off the prednisone, but that’s a decision my body has to make… hoping someday! 

Today is Be Bold Be Bald day however I am not participating this year. First of all it’s no fun being bald alone and secondly, I have done two Relays this year and raised $10,000 in the fight against cancer.

However I want to thank everyone who donated to my Be Bold Be Bald last year, and to all of you who helped me raise all that money this year! In honor of all of you I am showing my baldie picture from last year (It will be on facebook for a whole week) and making a donation to Heaps of Hope through my BBBB page. 

And here’s hoping that someone somewhere soon finds the cure for cancer!

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