Wednesday, August 29, 2007


You know those dreams you have that are so real that you swear they really happened. I had one last night. I was meeting a friend for lunch (which I am doing today so I guess that was on my sleepy mind) and we kept passing each other on the road. First it was at a red light, she was turning left and I waved at her and she made a u-turn and started following me. We got separated and next thing I knew she was coming at me in the wrong direction on a one way street. At this point I SHOULD have realized this was a dream, we don’t have any one way streets here… but anyway, there she was coming down the other side of this one way street so I made a u-turn and followed her to keep her safe. But I lost her.

Next scene, another clue that this was a dream, transition from one place to another with no passing of time or scenery; I was registering at the restaurant where we were meeting. Only she was already there, both of her. Yes, both of her, her first name was at one table and her second name was at another table. And I said, this one probably doesn’t know that one is here and went to gather them up and they were both the same person but were both talking to me and then my husband kissed me and said have a good day or something like that and woke me up.

And I never even got my lunch!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Empty nest, again…

Over the summer one of the boys moved home again. I enjoyed having him, it was nice not having leftovers in the frig, and running out of milk instead of dumping it down the drain because it was sour. He I enjoyed… his stuff I’m not real sure about. Let me explain about his stuff… he collects fish and corals, more corals than fish actually. And it seems that they all need their own tanks, this one doesn’t get along with that one, and this one needs more light than that one, and if we put this fish in that tank it will eat that coral…. And all that meant that we have a billion tanks all over the house. OK, I exaggerate a little.. we only had eight tanks, in one room. And another two in another room. And I’m not even sure how many are in a closed closet upstairs, being quarantined from day light to kill green hair algae. I’m impressed I remember why it is in the closet. And I am wondering when it will come out..
And do you know how much other stuff there is to maintain all of that stuff… I can tell you. A garage full. So full that there is barely a path to walk through the garage. And my car, well it hasn’t seen the inside of our garage all summer.

Well summer passed and school has started so he had to move back upstate. He decided he needed a “real” apartment this year, not on campus, and not in a basement. He wanted a real place for him and his stuff (and a certain female too, which is fine by me, I like her lots, and she takes care of him… he’d better take care of her too!) After much trauma, not from me, it is all mostly gone now. Notice I said mostly… all of the billion tanks, except the ones in the closet and one in the living room, and two on the back porch, all with creatures of one kind or another in them are still here. And there are several, too many for me to count, still in the garage… and for some strange reason there is still just barely a path to walk through the garage… strange…