Saturday, September 29, 2007


I quit my local Relay job. I don’t want to go into the why’s so I’ll just give you the excuse I’m telling most people…. I did it for two years, and I felt it was someone else’s turn now. But that is a lie, I could have done that job for twenty years, and I would have, except …. well I’m not going into it.

However, I believe that it was the best thing for me, because quitting that job had allowed me to broaden my horizons and spread my skills to other events. I have been asked to help with three other Relays already, and I have happily said yes to each one of them. Those three jobs will still not be near as much work as the old job was, and they will be a LOT more enjoyable.

Just incase any of the local Relayers read my blog, which I doubt because I really think I am just writing for me, let me make one thing perfectly clear, I am not quitting the local Relay. I will be there, along with my team mates. This year I will just be a plain old team captain, and I will get to have fun with the rest of you. And I will set my goals high, and with luck and a lot of donations, I may just challenge insure-a-cure, the Quacks, the Miracle Angels and the Lighthouse Lifesavers too… with luck and a prayer!

FYI, I have already raised my $1000, so I will have another Grand Shirt in 2008. Now I will share my money with other team members so they can get one too.

I Relay for my friends. I Relay to celebrate those who are battling cancer now and for those who have battled and won. I Relay in memory of those who battled hard but sadly lost. And I Relay to fight back against cancer the only way I can, by raising money. I am not a scientist and can’t find a cure, so I will try to raise money to help those scientists be funded.

I know that my hard work is worth it, I have friends who have told me how ACS has helped them. If you need help, please let ACS help you.

Having cancer is hard. Finding help shouldn't be.
No matter what you need, the American Cancer Society can help.
25 hours a day, 8 days a week

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mother of six, the new Erma

There is a blog I’ve started reading every day, If you have not read this, go, now… do not read my blog any further.

This lady is a scream, and a saint. Mom to six kids, and she writes the truth of every day living with those six kids.

I never questioned having kids, I wanted a large family. God knew better and only gave me two. Reading Dawn’s blog tells me why I was only given two kids.

(Why are you still reading MY blog, go read Dawn’s!)

I never questioned my motherhood, well maybe I have recently, but they are all grown up and my mothering job is over.. or should be anyway, and well…

No I’m not going to say I’m ready to be a g… Nope, I can’t say that word. I’ll be a … well you know, the parent of a parent… soon enough and I don’t want to rush things. Not like my family tried to rush me…

Well I fooled them, I waited… nope Mother Nature waited, and she is wise, she knew what I could handle… and that was two.

So you are still here… GO read this blog, it is a hoot… and thanks for reading me too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scrappy HAPPY Quilt Camp

The first retreat of the season is now history, and I am more than relieved to say it was a good one. I’m not real sure why newcomers make me so nervous, but they do. It seems whenever I have a newbie attending a retreat I am a wreck until I get to know that person… I guess my subconscious is still looking for that internet ax murderer.

This retreat consisted of five different groups, only two ladies I had met before. These two were Red Hat ladies who attended last years retreat
It was fun seeing them again. Everyone else was a stranger….

There was the West Virginia contingent, (well three from West and one from plain old Virginia), the Connecticut contingent of three, two Pennsylvanian sisters and four ladies from my home state of New Jersey. I held my breath as each group came in and settled down in the conference room….

As usual, things went great, and everyone got along terrifically. Thursday night everyone was trading scraps and sharing information about where those scraps came from. Friday they were all shopping and then back in the sewing room using up all their old scraps, and sharing more. Saturday more sewing, sharing, right down to the instant root beer float party, when one retreater somehow let it slip she’d never had a root beer float… well she’s had one now!

And by Saturday night most of the scraps had turned into lovely quilts, and the strangers were all quilting friends. And not one ax murderer in the crowd!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

LONG week….

Yesterday was the beginning of a long week… and a long day. I drove from home to California. No, not the state, California Maryland, but it was still a long drive. I was over there for a trunk show, which I think went well, and I hope the ladies who attended did also. Honestly it was hard to read most of them.

But it was certainly a HOT trip. I think the humidity was thicker than any humidity I have ever experienced in my long life. The air was so thick you could feel it smothering you. Sure I didn’t have to be out in it long, and yes, I had help unloading and reloading my car, part of the time… However I was advised not to leave any luggage in the back of my Explorer, so I had to lug my HUGE duffle bags out of the car, drag them up to my room and then back again. When I was done unloading the car last night I was drenched in sweat, and yes it was sweat, stinky smelly girly sweat. A shower never felt so good in my life… well except for maybe that time I had to defrost after a wet cold day at the Magic Kingdom a few years back.

I hoped this morning would be cooler, or at least less humid. But it wasn’t, and loading all the luggage back into the car was almost as bad as unloading it the night before. I was smart and saved my fresh clothes for after I had loaded the heavy stuff. Another shower for the record books. And I won’t even go into why it took me 5 ½ hours to get home. Just know that I made it… and when I got home it was pouring, and it reminded me of when I loaded the car in the morning, only the water was coming down and just not sitting in the air for me to walk into.

So I’m home now, for 40 (+/-) hours then off again for the first retreat of the season. Will be an interesting one, Happy Scrappy Quilt Camp …

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall Retreat time again!

I am getting ready for my first fall retreat of the year, something I have done for the last 11 years. I remember fondly that first retreat, and how terrified I was the closer it got. I was meeting 32 perfect strangers from all around US and one all the way from Spain. Would these ladies like all the work I had done to make this happen, would they complain and say horrible things about the weekend and would I lose my shirt paying for all that was needed?

How was I to know when I started planning in July that the chosen weekend we would have a good old nor'easter and be stranded in the hotel? Thankfully the hotel was an approved shelter and one with a quilt shop on the ground floor. Those women put up with a lot more than just some nasty weather, and they all had a marvelous time, and many of them came back again to the following retreat, and the one after that and so on….

This retreat will probably go just like that one… There are four ladies coming who I have met before, and only 15 total strangers. And I have learned to fear the strangers less and less; I’ve learned they are just as apprehensive as I am about the whole thing. They don’t know what to expect, and all I have to do is make sure they have a good time, and that’s not hard to do. Each retreat goes about the same, and yet each one is totally different, and each one totally unique.

Who would have ever thought when someone asked me if I could host an internet quilting retreat that it would take over part of my life. Boy am I happy I said yes!