Monday, November 25, 2013

Numbering predicament

If you follow me, or read once in a while even, you might know that I am approaching a certain number in my quilting history.  I have said that #500 will be a very special project, a circular log cabin made of all batik scraps. 

However, when I left for the retreats I was working on #498 a baby disappearing 4-patch.  I found the perfect border and backing fabric while up in Lancaster but that’s all I did with it. 

So my next project would be #499… however as you can see from my previous post, I made a few other quilt tops while retreating.  Do I count them as #499 to 504, or just ignore them on my inventory list? 

How can I ignore projects that meant something special to me and hopefully someone else?  The two Simply Squares quilts and Anne’s blocks will go to Bob’s, certainly worth counting, right?  Laurie surely loved the Batik Strips top, she made a nice donation to get it.  And the Christmas wall hangings… hopefully someday they will sell to raise money for Relay… a must count in my opinion. 

I think maybe the two Simply Squares quilts should be #499, and the Batik Strips #500, and the three wall hangings #501… What do you think?

Uh oh, that means I have to add the three wall hangings to my UFO list… or can I count them as WIPs?  Guess that depends on what I work on next.

Friday, November 22, 2013


On that fatal day 50 years ago I was sitting in study hall.  Our study hall was in the cafeteria and we sat at the same tables where we ate lunch.  Across from me sat a big burley senior football player, he never spoke to me, I was just a lowly freshman.  (I was actually a little afraid of him for no reason other than his size.) 

I remember the school PA system hissing, which always meant an announcement was coming.  Everyone looked up at the speakers, like we could actually see something.  We heard mumbled voices and then an announcement that our President had been assassinated. 
There was silence, then gasps and then sobbing.  The big burley senior openly sobbed, his head on the table, while I sat there stunned. 
I wasn’t sure what to do... who did

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Retreat reports

The 17th year of Quilters Retreats is now finished and what a year it was.  Some challenges, lots of laughs and many wonderful memories.  People often ask me if I get anything done while retreating.  This year again I can honestly say yes, and even show photos to prove it! 

At the October Retreat I promised myself I would not set up the sewing machine until I had two of my own UFOs finished, all they needed were bindings.  Snap Crackle Pop was huge and that took forever, and you can believe I did a Snoopy dance when it was finished.  It was even more important because it was a retreat sample! 


Next I finished the binding on Key West Tango, a smaller quilt but I was equally as happy to get it finished. 


To reward myself for those finishes I used up some of my friend Marge’s UFO blocks and made a few quilts for Bob’s.  The first two used up some of her spare Simply Squares blocks and were done before the October Retreat was over.  (I only have a pic of one)


The Angels Retreat was next, and I went right to work on another pile of Marge’s blocks and finished this little top.  Laurie liked it a lot and offered a donation so she could take it home with her.  Anne had brought along some blocks, which I made into this little quilt. 
Then I worked on the last binding I had with me, my Mardi Gras‏ quilt.  However my fingers were worn out, so I sat it aside and started another project which was to use up a kit I had in my stuff, an incomplete kit from somewhere.  (Marge says it is not hers)  It was a Christmas stripe which I made three wall hangings from, after a few trips to the Quilt Shack to get some fabrics to go with it. 
Before I knew it the November Retreat had started and I was forced to finish the wall hangings and

the Mardi Gras binding ..
and then it was time to come home.
I think I did pretty good for three weeks of work, laughing, shopping, eating, more laughing and even some sleeping. 

November update

I don't think I've posted this yet,  sorry I'm late! 

For November I’m sharing my Simply Squares pattern.  It’s really easy and lots of fun.  Here’s a whole page of quilts made using this pattern. 
This block came about because a close friend wanted to make a quilt she’d seen in a magazine.  She said no matter what she did or how carefully she sewed, her blocks were not coming out the right size or were all wonky from stretching the triangles.  I said I’d play with the pattern and see what I could come up with, and this was it. 

Yes you lose a point, but if ALL of the squares lose the same point, is that a problem?  I made this little baby quilt and loved it, so I made a few more quilts with the same pattern.  I didn’t “love” the larger blocks but thoroughly loved the smaller ones! 

And my favorite quilt made with this pattern is this one … actually totally made with scraps, dozens of blue, red, yellow and white-on-white scraps!

Warning, this pattern is full of photos and for that reason is slow loading.  Please give it a few minutes to load.  Then have fun making your own Simply Squares quilts!

Little behind

Little is an underestimate, sorry!  Let’s just say retreating got the best of me.  I’ve been home for three whole days and I am still catching up with things, and have yet to unpack most of my stuff!

The Angels Retreat photos can be seen at
and you can find the 17th November’s photos at 

All three retreats were great fun, and I actually got a lot done. 
Best of all, I sold FOUR quilts while up there.  Three went to guests of the AVI and one went home to NY with a retreater.  Between the quilt sales and the fund raisers I had at the retreats, my sponsorship for 2014 Relay For Life is paid for in full… and I might even be at a higher sponsor level! 

Monday, November 04, 2013

November already

The 2013 October Retreat is officially finished, photos are now posted at  It was a wonderful week!
The project for November is Simply Squares which can be found at 
And I just happened to make two of these at the October Retreat!