Thursday, November 21, 2013

November update

I don't think I've posted this yet,  sorry I'm late! 

For November I’m sharing my Simply Squares pattern.  It’s really easy and lots of fun.  Here’s a whole page of quilts made using this pattern. 
This block came about because a close friend wanted to make a quilt she’d seen in a magazine.  She said no matter what she did or how carefully she sewed, her blocks were not coming out the right size or were all wonky from stretching the triangles.  I said I’d play with the pattern and see what I could come up with, and this was it. 

Yes you lose a point, but if ALL of the squares lose the same point, is that a problem?  I made this little baby quilt and loved it, so I made a few more quilts with the same pattern.  I didn’t “love” the larger blocks but thoroughly loved the smaller ones! 

And my favorite quilt made with this pattern is this one … actually totally made with scraps, dozens of blue, red, yellow and white-on-white scraps!

Warning, this pattern is full of photos and for that reason is slow loading.  Please give it a few minutes to load.  Then have fun making your own Simply Squares quilts!

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