Monday, November 25, 2013

Numbering predicament

If you follow me, or read once in a while even, you might know that I am approaching a certain number in my quilting history.  I have said that #500 will be a very special project, a circular log cabin made of all batik scraps. 

However, when I left for the retreats I was working on #498 a baby disappearing 4-patch.  I found the perfect border and backing fabric while up in Lancaster but that’s all I did with it. 

So my next project would be #499… however as you can see from my previous post, I made a few other quilt tops while retreating.  Do I count them as #499 to 504, or just ignore them on my inventory list? 

How can I ignore projects that meant something special to me and hopefully someone else?  The two Simply Squares quilts and Anne’s blocks will go to Bob’s, certainly worth counting, right?  Laurie surely loved the Batik Strips top, she made a nice donation to get it.  And the Christmas wall hangings… hopefully someday they will sell to raise money for Relay… a must count in my opinion. 

I think maybe the two Simply Squares quilts should be #499, and the Batik Strips #500, and the three wall hangings #501… What do you think?

Uh oh, that means I have to add the three wall hangings to my UFO list… or can I count them as WIPs?  Guess that depends on what I work on next.


  1. Hey Marge - let me tell you a story - there is a famous composer, Gustav Mahler, who was very afraid of dying. He knew Beethoven died after his ninth symphony, so Mahler got to number 8 and was afraid to go on. SO - HE WROTE NUMBER TEN NEXT ! And lived happily another fifteen years. Then he decided he was being overly superstitious, wrote number 9, and then - you guessed it, passed away!

    So - heck, number your quilts however you want - just keep making many more!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving,

    1. You will be happy to know I’ve numbered them as follows:
      498 Baby Disappearing 4-patch
      499 Marge's two Simply Squares quilts
      500 Marge's Batik Strips
      501 Three Mumm Christmas wall hangings


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