Thursday, November 21, 2013

Retreat reports

The 17th year of Quilters Retreats is now finished and what a year it was.  Some challenges, lots of laughs and many wonderful memories.  People often ask me if I get anything done while retreating.  This year again I can honestly say yes, and even show photos to prove it! 

At the October Retreat I promised myself I would not set up the sewing machine until I had two of my own UFOs finished, all they needed were bindings.  Snap Crackle Pop was huge and that took forever, and you can believe I did a Snoopy dance when it was finished.  It was even more important because it was a retreat sample! 


Next I finished the binding on Key West Tango, a smaller quilt but I was equally as happy to get it finished. 


To reward myself for those finishes I used up some of my friend Marge’s UFO blocks and made a few quilts for Bob’s.  The first two used up some of her spare Simply Squares blocks and were done before the October Retreat was over.  (I only have a pic of one)


The Angels Retreat was next, and I went right to work on another pile of Marge’s blocks and finished this little top.  Laurie liked it a lot and offered a donation so she could take it home with her.  Anne had brought along some blocks, which I made into this little quilt. 
Then I worked on the last binding I had with me, my Mardi Gras‏ quilt.  However my fingers were worn out, so I sat it aside and started another project which was to use up a kit I had in my stuff, an incomplete kit from somewhere.  (Marge says it is not hers)  It was a Christmas stripe which I made three wall hangings from, after a few trips to the Quilt Shack to get some fabrics to go with it. 
Before I knew it the November Retreat had started and I was forced to finish the wall hangings and

the Mardi Gras binding ..
and then it was time to come home.
I think I did pretty good for three weeks of work, laughing, shopping, eating, more laughing and even some sleeping. 


  1. Wow, I would say it was a very productive time. Thanks for sharing these Marge. I am determined to get there some day with Holly and September.

  2. And I can vouch for the HILARITY going on during the last 2 retreats!! We all have a WONDERFUL time, as usual! Great Friends, Great shopping, Great Food, Great Fun!!

  3. It's funny….just reading your report and comments, I can't help but smile and giggle. Sounds like a good time had by all :) I'm sure your fam is glad to have you back home :)


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