Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Blog Hopping and Signatures

One of my internet friends asked me to describe blog hopping, apparently she only used bookmarked blogs, poor thing. Blog hopping is much like the channel hopping that our men do all the time, only I do it with a few clicks of the mouse instead of a remote.

First I'm visiting a familiar blog, reading what is new and exciting on there, when I see she has a new link to another blog, or blog group, or even just a comment which for some reason tweaks my curiosity me, so I click. And just like male channel surfing, you can never go back to where you came from, so I click on something else and so on and so on, until hours have passed and my brain is overloaded with new ideas, and my butt asleep from sitting too long, LOL!

Lately I’ve noticed quite a few bloggers have signature lines. Not just a quip, quote or link, but an actual …. well it looks real almost signature. For some reason yesterday my cursor passed over one, and I saw it was a link… of course I had to follow it! It led me to and yes, you know me, I gave it a try. Here’s my blog signature from there.

But it wasn’t perfect, and although I am nowhere near the perfectionist some people think I am, I wanted the signature to be perfect… so I played with it and came up with this…

So which one do you think looks better on your computer?

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