Thursday, October 08, 2009

77 days?

77 days to Christmas?

There were years when that would have set me in a total panic and make me crazy. Not any more, life is easier now. Well Christmas is easier now anyway, not sure about the rest of it, LOL. Now that the boys are men it’s easier to get them what they want for the holidays, since they pretty much know now what they want and what they need AND what Mom and Dad can afford.

Mike already has his Christmas present for the year, a new lap top. No, don’t get the wrong idea, we didn’t buy him a new lap top, he did that for himself. But he was going to economize and not get a few things that he really wanted, so we helped him upgrade.

And I told Jonathon what he could have, giving him a few choices, I know he will pick wisely. I just hope he decides soon, only 77 days left to shop

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