Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Blog Mystery Post 9 A

This is the final post for my first ever Blog Mystery, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, then please consider joining my Mysteries For Relay Yahoo Group where I host mysteries like this about every six weeks. You don’t HAVE to do each mystery, but you can if you want. Or you can just download the full pattern, mystery solved, when I post it at the end. All I ask is a $5 donation per mystery, or a yearly donation of at least $30, and I will give you plenty of patterns as a thank you.

I’m having problems getting the quilt diagrams and words to match up when I post them on here, so I’ll be posting this final part in three different posts. That way there is no confusion, I hope!

OH, the name of this pattern is Old Maid’s Puzzle, and it was Mystery #3 on the Mysteries For Relay group. This time I didn’t tell you where to put the colors, which made it even more mysterious.

If you thought all of those diagonal half squares were the hard part, you were completely
wrong… now comes the hard part! Now you have to decide how to lay out your blocks…

If you just lay them out plain, it looks like this… sort of boring to me and not at all what I like

This pattern can be used for personal use only and can not be used commercially without the owner's permission. No copies may be made without the owner's permission. This includes the patterns as well as any graphics and/or instructions that are associated with a pattern.Delaware Quilts Blogspot Mystery #1 Post 9 A © Delaware Quilts September 2009

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