Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My New Year’s resolutions

Yes I have them and will proudly display them here and even on facebook.
1. Finish some UFOs
2. Start some new UFOs
3. Be happy
Number one should be easy to accomplish, I just need to get to it.  I am starting the year with 41 UFOs.  Two I could almost call WIPs (Works In Progress) except I haven’t worked on them since November so to me that makes them UFOs.  Twenty-one of them need quilting or are at the quilters and one of them just needs binding put on… if I get all those done I’ll have over half finished! 

Number two is no problem at all.  If we had to list the quilts we want to make my list would be endless.  I have plenty of fabric too so supplies is not an issue.  Right now I just need to decide which one to do first.

But if I start a new one, then one of the old ones won’t get done… decisions decisions, LOL!
And for number three, I will do all I can do to be happy and stay happy.  I’m working on the healthy part of happy, lowering my prednisone very gradually and hoping this will be the year I can go off it forever.  And if not, well I’m mostly used to all the side effects and if staying on it keeps me happy and healthy, I’ll stay on it. 

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