Friday, January 04, 2013

Build Your Best Log Cabin

It’s no secret that the log cabin block is just one of my many favorites but I was surprised when Fons & Porter asked me to review their Build Your Best Log Cabin.  I was honored until other reviews started popping up all over blogdom, ok.... so I wasn’t the only one.  And I was honored, until I realized that “With your free download of Build Your Best Log Cabin, you'll become a member of the Fons & Porter online family.”  OK, so it was an advertisement.  Still, it was worth downloading and I was already a member of the online family anyway… I think. 
Regardless, I downloaded the booklet and started reading.  I enjoyed it a lot, some good history in it, some terrific diagrams in it.  Probably my favorites were all the setting diagrams, log cabins have endless settings and I think they showed them all.  There is also a handy block chart for those who like going a strip at a time… now I have something to reference when someone asks me about that, I don’t do one strip at a time. 

My favorite quilt was Ricky Tims’ Bears in Bertie’s Log Cabin and I think I might just have to make one! 

So if you like log cabin quilts do yourself a favor and download the book, it’s worth it!
(And they really don’t send a lot of email so don’t worry about it!)

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