Monday, December 28, 2009

Inventory spreadsheets

I worked on and published my UFO list for 2010 yesterday, if you want to look at it. When I started to update it, I had to search for the old UFO list, which somehow didn’t make it to the lap top when I transferred files back in May. I sure hope the original is on the desk top upstairs.

However, while looking for it, I found two interesting spreadsheets I didn’t even know I had, quilt inventories from 1997 and 1998. Very interesting spreadsheets!

1997’s starts with #113 Log Cabin in pinks and blues. That means in 1996 I had at least 112 finished quilts. I sure wish I knew where that list is, where is the list of the 112? Hmm… 1997 was the year we first got a “new” computer, so the list of the 112, if there was one, is/was on the Commodore, which means it is long gone.

I actually listed the quilts/projects as I started them. No dates, but the list has to be in chronological order. It also says if they were finished or not. And the cost to make them! WOW, the most I paid a yard for fabric was $8.

1997’s list ends at number 143 and 1998’s list starts at 144, and ends at 166. This list is a great idea, and I think I will work on it some, updating it and perhaps recreating some of my personal quilt history. I wish I’d found this sooner, or kept it up after I started it!

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  1. what a great idea. Hum, I suppose if one hadn't done anything like this over the years the best thing to do would be to just start new with the new year. And, perhaps cough up a ufo list. (NO, NO. Not a UFO list!) I've been hard at avoiding that type of list. The best I've done in the past is a list of 10 or so ufo's I want to work on. One year I made great progress -- other years not so much. Thanks for sharing the idea Marge. B.


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