Saturday, December 05, 2009

Snow and rain

No, not where we are, but back at home and where Jonathon and Steph live, LOL! We had a great weather day. It started out a little drizzly as we headed south through NC on I95, but the further south we got, the fewer clouds we saw. Finally while we enjoyed lunch in Manning SC the sun broke through the clouds, and soon we needed our sun glasses.

FYI, we had lunch at a Sonic, a chain yes, but not one that we have locally, so this was our first Sonic meal. Our sandwiches were good, John liked his onion rings, and I now have a new favorite dessert, coconut cream pie something… I think it was a shake. All I know is it had chunks of coconut in it, and was really quite yummy. Good thing we don’t have Sonic near us!

Tonight we had a delicious dinner at a local Italian place, sausage just as good as my favorite NY Italian restaurant up in Endicott. John had a personal pan pizza that would have fed the both of us, and he enjoyed that too. Now we are pleasantly full, and will watch TV for an hour or so before going to sleep.

Tomorrow we plan on driving leisurely down the coast, avoiding I95 as much as possible, we’ve seen enough of it and are ready for some new scenery!

OK, health report, at the prodding of some emails and a phone call, LOL! I am doing great. I can honestly say I have 98% less pain than a week ago, and that pain I do have is post-operative and normal. I am not taking any meds at all, except my allergy meds and the daily aspirin as ordered by the Doc. I am walking without the walker, and only need a little help when doing stairs, although thank goodness there haven’t been a lot of those.

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  1. I wish we had Sonic on Long Island NY. My DD loves their Tater Tots.


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