Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today as I sit here reading a book, browsing the internet, and maybe even watching a Christmas movie, I am thinking of past Christmases. I am remember cleaning house, wrapping presents, refereeing the boys, cooking, baking, refereeing the boys, sending Christmas cards, decorating, refereeing the boys, and working on last minute presents while refereeing the boys. Now don’t get me wrong, they were good kids, it’s just that the holidays do something to children to wind them up.

One Christmas eve I will never forget… we had company, I forget who, sorry… probably my Dad and brother, but I’m not certain. We put the boys to bed after making them promise not to get up before 7 AM. They were not allowed out of their room except to go to the bathroom until one of us came and got them. They promised, and as a reward, I gave them each the gifts they had bought for each other, wrapped, and told them when they woke up, they could open those presents, and play with them. DUH on me… big mistake… “when they woke up”… how stupid of me.

We took care of finishing our decorating, placing presents where they needed to go, and finally climbed into bed sometime around 1AM. Our bedroom was directly under the room they were sleeping in so I heard them when they woke up at 2 AM and started playing with the Lego sets they had picked out for each other… 2 AM

Do I miss those days… yes and no… I don’t miss the shopping for all the right presents just to have them ask Santa for something no store on the planet has the day before Christmas. I don’t miss baking for hours so they (and their Father) can eat every cookie in five minutes. I don’t miss all the excess decorating. I don’t miss sending a billion Christmas cards to people I can’t even remember meeting anymore. I don’t even send cards out anymore, shame on me.

And the easy part now, we get the kids… err… young men and their ladies what they want us to. Our Christmas dinner couldn’t be much easier… I throw a standing rib roast into the oven, hour before it is done I throw in some taters to bake. Then either a salad and/or some veggies and that’s dinner.

I can do whatever I want on Christmas day….
I want to go back and do it like it used to be.

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  1. LOL, some years I too long for those used-to-be holidays...and then again I am thankful that I am not refereeing the kids again, and racing like a mad hatter to find all that stuff. This is a laid-back year for us somehow, not sure why exactly, but I'll take it anyway. Our day will be quiet until the afternoon when we join the larger family for gifts and a meal, and that's not a bad thing, I'm looking forward to the calm somehow. Hugs to you and your family as you celebrate together.
    ~~ Liz

    PS - continued good wishes for your knee recovery, it sounds like you are doing pretty well!


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