Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh goodie, another on-line quilt show!

I found SewCalGal during the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, and have sort of been lurking now and then since then. Well she is now having a Virtual Christmas Quilt Show which I think is a delightful idea, so I’m joining that band wagon too! I love Christmas quilts, and have made many, and maybe I can get a new Christmas quilt idea, or more!

About my Christmas quilt… it was one of those quilts that the fabric demanded to be made. Actually, it started out as a Christmas block swap… I made six blocks and then was rooting through my stash to make more, and this red jumped off the shelf and said “Use me!” so I did. I loved those blocks so much, I made six more, and then… well I made ALL new different blocks for the swap and kept these.

I had a hard time getting it quilted…and finally Donna in OK volunteered to hand quilt it for me. My plan is to sell the quilt to raise money for Relay For Life, but so far no takers. I’ve advertised it on several different sites, including my own of course, and even had it up for auction on eBay. But it’s still here. If anyone reading this would like to make an honest offer, please do. The money goes to a great cause, fighting back against cancer, in hopes that someday we will find a cure.

PS. more photos can be found on


  1. It is a gorgeous quilt! I should think that a raffle of some sort would go over big for it. I am very surprised....and hand quilted, no less.

  2. Lovely quilt! Thanks for sharing... 8-)

  3. I really love your quilt: it's gorgeous. Bravo !

  4. Its a beautiful quilt! Don't give up, the right person will be thrilled to buy it.

  5. It is beautiful. I would buy it if I could afford to pay what it is worth, but I agree with Needled Mom, a raffle might be the way to go?

  6. That is indeed a beautiful quilt. Good luck with your fundraising - raffles seem the way to go. It is easier to sell $10 chances than to find someone willing to pay a full price of what a quilt like that is really worth (sadly!). I used to make quilts for silent auctions, but was too devastated when they sold for less than the value of the materials that went into them. Let us know what happens!

  7. Gorgeous!!!

    Thank you for sharing!


  8. Lovely Christmas Quilt. Thanks for sharing it in my Virtual Christmas Quilt Show.


  9. Very pretty quilt. I like the white to offset the red and green. Merry Christmas!


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