Thursday, December 03, 2009

Must be booboo day

Sometimes BOMs get put on line with errors in them. I test them, I have other ladies test them, and I have people who read them just looking for spelling mistakes and typos. But somehow there are some mistakes that just don’t show up for years.

Today I’ve gotten two emails about mistakes in the BOMs. One was a typo for sure, one I make often and I’m surprised (and disappointed) my testers didn’t catch it. Instead of 12 1/2 I typed 12 /12 Now any quilter and apparently the testers knew what I meant, but as the person who sent the email pointed out, that would be frustrating to a beginner.

The second mistake was a visual thing, the strips looked different, but were the same, just turned, and I goofed when I wrote the pattern, writing what I saw and not what was. (I made the block so I know what I sewed, but not what I wrote)

I greatly appreciate when people point out my mistakes to me, for one thing it tells me that someone is using my patterns. I know people are visiting the site, but I like knowing people are using the patterns too, which is why I write them.

So please, as much as I would rather get a photo of a block or quilt when you use one of my patterns, if you send me a booboo it’s just as nice. Then I know you are using the pattern, and care enough about the next person who might not be as knowledgeable as you are in quilting and get horribly frustrated. And that I do not want to happen!

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