Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday night in Kissimmee

According to the Garmin we could have been in Kissimmee by noon today, but we took the scenic route to get here. It was worth it, saw some pretty scenery, a mean looking ocean, and even viewed JFK Space Center from a distance. We thought about going in, but all the walking and the cost kept us from going in. Honestly, I would have enjoyed it, IF we weren’t going to WDW tomorrow and for the next week.

Temperature report, we saw 70 today, and have been walking around with just a sweat shirt on, and that was by the breezy ocean. Here in Kissimmee nothing is needed, yet. We’re ready for anything, heavy coats, light weight coats, sweatshirts, long sleeves and short sleeves…. Bring it on we are ready. I even have a few pairs of shorts, as soon as I can wash off all the Doctors drawings.

And rain, no bother. We stopped at a Gander today and got some good rain wear, good enough for WDW anyway. rain or shine, warm or cold, we are ready.

Oh yes, for those who ask, knee report. So so today, I’m not over doing it, if anything it’s just from sitting in the car. Tonight I almost lost myself walking to our table for dinner. Knee went one way and I went the other. No pain, but a good scare, so I’m taking it easy.

Tomorrow Epcot! Can’t wait!

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