Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inventory fun

I’m still working on that quilt inventory spreadsheet, and am really amazed at how easy, with a little research, it has been to recreate my quilting history. I’ve gone all the way back to the very beginning of my quilt history, and even though I’m sure I’ve missed some, now have in one place a list of my quilts.

This all started with two spreadsheets I found from 1997 and 1998. 1997 is the first year we were on the internet BTW, but I don’t think either list has anything to do with that… I think the lists were made to keep track of the samples I made for a local quilt shop, to show off fabrics and for class samples.

I then went to my quilt photos right here on the computer. When I was done listing all those quilts, I decided I needed an idea of when each one was started and/or finished. For many of them, that date was easy to find, from my UFO lists. But others mystified me, so I had to do more research.

Some I realized were for samples for classes I had taught, so when the class was taught gave me at least a start date. Checking my classes offered lists helped there, and brought more quilts to the list too. I actually had photos of samples in with my patterns that were not in the quilt photos, but they are now.

Then I realized that I posted finished quilts pretty quickly on My Quilts web page, so I went on line and started looking at the photos on there. Not only did that give me the date the photo was uploaded which had to be close to when I finished it, but it gave me some more quilts which I didn’t have photos on the computer of, but do now.

Photo is the oldest quilt made which is on the computer. I have some serious scanning to do to get all of these quilts on a the lap top and then DVD, as soon as I can get upstairs again.

Well all that was fine and dandy, but what about that 112 that were done before 1997, and where did that number come from. (The 1997 list started with 113) Was there a list before that, or did I just guess? Well before there was digital, there was film, and of course, (TaaDaaa moment) photo albums. Yes, I had photos of some of my early quilts. Some, but not all.

I have still the four of the first five quilting projects I made, for demonstration samples at Minnesota Fabrics back in 1974. They are, in the order started (from memory) a lone star wall hanging, a log cabin baby quilt, two pillows (which I forget the pattern, but still have them upstairs so will list them when I get up there next) and a churn dash baby quilt. As I said, I still have the two pillows, and I still have #1, but the baby quilts are long gone, gifted at some time many years ago.

In 1975 I started a log cabin quilt for us, started. I bought all the fabric (except backing I think) and had some of the strips cut, and I think a few blocks made. Then while visiting family up in Vermont we found the quilt already finished at the Grand Isle Quilt shop. It was made using the exact same fabrics give or take a few, and was finished! Of course I had to buy it, and I still have it. Some of the fabric I bought became curtains, some pillow shams, and some I still have.

I took a break from quilting for a while… and didn’t make another quilt until 1978 when I made one for a new niece. I am ashamed to say, I don’t remember making quilts for my own two boys, but I do remember making them for other babies. In 1983 I know I made one for our neighbor’s new baby, and then another neighbor baby a year or more later. I also made the infamous Dresden Plate apron, which started my teaching career. In 1985 I made a lap quilt for a friend who was being transferred, I remember working on it as we were going through the adoption process which brought us Michael.

Fast forward a few years and we were in England, I made baby quilts to sell at the OWC Christmas Bazaar… how many I have no idea, but I know there were quite a few, and they all sold. A year later I made another one for a neighbors’ new baby. In 1991 while living in Germany I saw a Kaleidoscope quilt in a magazine (Women’s Day or Good Housekeeping?) and started that. It is still around, my oldest UFO. It was set aside the first time to work on a baby quilt for a friend’s expected baby. That quilt started a quilting marathon as I made baby quilts, quilted Christmas tree skirts, and quilted Christmas stockings for the Ramstein Christmas Bazaar. I can’t say exactly but I know I made over two dozen baby quilts, photos have written on the back #24 and #25 (all sold) and at least 100 Christmas stockings (all sold). I KNOW for a fact I made 60 Christmas Tree skirts, and not all of the sold then, but have since. As a matter of fact, the last one left the house on December 20th when Mike and Kelly asked me if I had one to sell to a friend of theirs.

Now, if you are counting, and I was, that is already over the 112 number… so numbers are off… but the inventory/recording goes on. And I am still going though photo albums looking for quilts or evidence of quilting (in the background of one photo I saw my sewing machine set up and recognized the fabric next to it) I’m also going through old guild newsletters looking for class listings and my show and tells.

Fun fun fun, and what delightful memories!

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