Monday, December 07, 2009

Disney Day One

Woke up this morning to rain, dark clouds, and what looked like a pretty miserable day. However, the local weather man assured everyone that the rain would stop by 9 and the rest of the day would be dry, and know what, he was right! After we had breakfast and checked out of the hotel, moving to WDW for the rest of the week, there were only left over rain drops falling from the trees occasionally, and the rest of the day was dry. Dry and I will add, for all of you who are still in the beginning of winter, warm. 79 degrees, and delightful.

Our first stop was Epcot, which is really my favorite, I think. We rushed… ok, we didn’t rush at all… we don’t rush, we are on vacation. Besides, John is pushing me in a wheel chair, and my 200 pounds probably isn’t that easy to push, and I really think he’s going to get a workout this week… so we didn’t rush. We moseyed on over to the Land to see about Soarin’, and had to Fast Pass for later in the day. Which was ok… so we did “Living With The Land” boat ride, always interesting, and I did see some new plants this time…

Then we went to visit Jonathon’s old friend Figment, changed a little since we first went through there in 1987, but the same old Figment. From there we were shrunk but fortunately enlarged again, and then over to the Living Seas. They’ve changed the ride some, it’s Nemo now which is kind of cute. We looked around at the aquariums, went to the Turtle Talk show, really cute and then went next door to the Coral Reef for lunch. Delicious lunch and the scenery was terrific, a 5million plus salt water aquarium, full of all kinds of entertainment to watch as we ate.

After a filling lunch, we went back to Soarin’ which was really terrific. I mean it was mind blowing, and sensational, and thrilling and wow! I want to do it again, and we might when we go back again later in the week. It was hard coming back to Earth, but we did, and then just moseyed around some more, ending our day with a journey through Spaceship Earth.

Now we are settled in for the night in our Caribbean cottage, practically next door to the center of the resort, and yet still close to the parking lot and transportation. Disney did great in placing me where I could get around so easily. I’m tired, and ready for bed… tomorrow The Animal Kingdom!

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  1. An ok aquarium shot, but I think you got some better ones this time around even though you didn't post them and just shared with me. I like my photos of aquariums in Delaware better. ;-)


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