Monday, December 14, 2009

I learned a lot while on vacation…

Amazing but true, I learned a lot, lessons I hope I can remember the rest of my life. Some I can share, some I cannot. Some won’t affect your life, some will.

1. My husband is grumpy without his morning coffee. We, no make that I was always in a hurry to get going in the morning, promising him that he could get coffee as soon as we reached our daily destination. Sometimes that wasn’t soon enough for him and I learned that he is quite a grump without that morning cup. I also learned he is willing to wait in line as long as a half hour to get that morning cup of coffee too!

2. Always be prepared for any weather. We were, thank goodness, and managed to stay dry when it poured, and I do mean POURED at the Magic Kingdom. That rain gear we bought on the trip down was worth what we paid for it and more, just to be dry.

3. People who are in wheel chairs are often ignored. It was nothing for someone to jump in line in front of me… Why not, I was sitting down, they weren’t, and obviously in a bigger hurry than I was. Waiting for the parade to come along, people would stand in front of me, like the chair was empty and didn’t need to see.

4. People in wheel chairs often have a lousy view.

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