Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Trees and Memories

While at WDW I was amazed at the different Christmas trees they put up. Of course they are almost impossible to photograph, between the crowds and the poor lighting (due to the weather, not Disney), but I managed a few good shots. I decided to share a few with you all over the few next days, and a Christmas memory or two also.

This tree is from the entrance to the Animal Kingdom, which brings to mind an animal Christmas memory. When John went off to college, he gave me a kitten to keep me company. Jinx was black, except for a tiny little white spot under his chin which was rarely seen. His first Christmas he was about three or four months old, and still very much a kitten.

Back then I hadn’t yet developed the evergreen allergy I have now or else just didn’t realize I had one, so we had a real tree. Dad brought it home and I decorated it, and Jinx climbed up it and knocked it down. Over and over and over again. He wouldn’t go near it when we were in the room, but the minute we left, CRASH, tree and ornaments came crashing to the floor. Somehow or other he never was near the tree when we went back in the living room, but we knew…

About the third night of crashing, Dad got fed up, and put a nail in the window jam, and wired the tree up. And there it stayed… as for the ornaments, good thing there were after Christmas sales, let’s just say we had a LOT of ornaments to replace that year.

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