Monday, December 21, 2009

Magical Tree

Here is the tree from the Magic Kingdom, if you look closely you can see Cinderella’s Castle in the background. (Want a larger view, click on the picture. Want an even LARGER view, click here.)

It’s not the bright sunny photo I would have liked it to be, but that’s just the way it goes with me…. Almost every time we go to the Magic Kingdom it rains or worse. The first time we went to WDW was 1987, John was in SOS in GA and the boys are I were our way to Delaware, after visiting family and friends on the way. We were visiting a dear friend in GA, and somehow or other ended up going to Disney from there, not on the way but it was worth the side trip!

Jonathon was 4 and Michael was 2 1/2 and it was the perfect age for them. Well almost, Mike was terrified of the characters, all of them. Since the boys were little, of course we did the Magic Kingdom first, and it rained. Not all day, just off and on, but once you are wet.. you stay wet, and we did. The second day we went to Epcot and of course it was sunny and beautiful that day.

Our second visit to WDW was in 2000 with six busloads of high school kids. The Jazz Band and the Choir both preformed at the Magic Kingdom in pouring rain without electric, but did great despite it.

Next trip to WDW was for New Years 2000-2001 when Jonathon was “invited” to perform in the Citrus Bowl Half Time Show.
We made that our Christmas that year and all flew down. First day we were there we went to the Magic Kingdom, you got it, in the rain. Not only was it wet, it was cold. The coldest that area had been in history. Of course we’d left our winter coats in the car in Philadelphia because we’d never need them in Florida… right…

On our way to Florida on that trip, we were bumped off our flight, and got free tickets for the inconvenience. So we decided to go back for Spring Break, which we did. We had no plans when to do what, but I said that the first day we got up to a bright sunny sky we were going to the Magic Kingdom, and we did just that!

We were back in WDW again for the holidays in 2002-2003,
And that was probably the best trip ever as far as weather went. The whole trip was great really, made even greater by warm sunny days and pleasant evenings. We hopped back and forth all over and never saw a raindrop! Well John and I didn't see any rain, but the boys were drenched on New Years Eve when they went to one of the parks to ring in the New Year. I woke up to a bathroom full of dripping wet clothing! (And was glad I didn't go with them)

In August of 2004 John had a conference at WDW. We drove down through two hurricanes, Bonnie and Charley, so the weather was bad to start with. We had Bonnie’s rain from home to SC where we spent the night to let Charley go by us. However Charley had a lingering trail behind it, and we had horrible weather past our arrival at Disney. We lucked out, sort of, in getting a room upgrade since our room was still occupied since no one could fly anywhere. The upgrade was nice, overlooking the water and part of Epcot. The sort of was that it was on the top floor, and with all the rain from Charley we had water dripping from the ceiling all night. They couldn’t move us to another room because there weren’t any rooms available. A trash can and towel solved the problem, and it was dry and quiet the next day.

Since John was conferencing, we only did the parks in the evening, except for two days which we added on. We park hopped, and had nice weather except for one little rain shower while we were at… you guessed it.. Magic Kingdom. But it really wasn’t too bad. (And I just now realized there are no photos from that trip on line, whoops!)

We went back again in 2005 again on business, at WDW, and made a few visits to the Magic Kingdom, I’m surprised when looking at the pictures again I realize it didn’t rain on us every time we were there that trip.

And then the most recent trip, we visited the Magic Kingdom three times, and got rained on twice.

SO weather history at the Magic Kingdom is officially rain 7, dry 3, but that won’t stop me from going back again!

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