Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Here we are on our Christmas Day, which was held early since the kids were all going to the other half of their families on the actual holiday. We got together, despite the blizzard, and had a shortened version of a holiday. It took Jon and Steph almost 3 hours to get here, and John had to go get Mike and Kelly with his 4WD, and we didn’t get to do our traditional Christmas dinner, but we made do.

We watched old home movies on the TV and got some good laughs at previous holiday antics. It was fun watching the boys decorate the tree at 2 and 5 while they decorated the tree at 24 and 27 with the help of their special ladies. Best of all, we went through some of our collections of ornaments, sending home with each couple ornaments which belonged to each boy. Because of the time, we barely put a dent in the home movies AND the ornaments, so I think we will be doing the same again another year.

Two things to note in this photo, one is Simba, who came for his first visit here. He was a very good kitty, and except for not wanting his photo taken, did very well here. (I hope he comes again)

The second thing to notice is the angel on the top of the tree. We didn’t unpack all of the Christmas boxes, and our special angel was in a box we didn’t unpack….so we stuck an angel on the tree that Jonathon made in kindergarten. I offered it to Jon and Steph for their tree, but for some reason they didn’t want it.
Enjoy your day, Merry Merry and Ho Ho HO!

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