Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bear Paws Heated Gowns

I got a lot of laughs about my heated gown, and a few sounded a little doubtful of it, but I found it on line and more, that it’s good for you. I knew that already, since it brought my blood pressure down by lulling me to sleep and getting the nerves to settle down.

Here’s an interesting article I found in an Iowa newspaper about the same gown I had on Monday evening. Not traditional evening wear, but I sure wish all hospitals used these. (And not just in surgical wards either!)
Quote “When going under the knife, comfort is key. At Greater Regional Medical Center, surgery patients don’t have to settle for the traditional hospital gown and blankets to feel better about having surgery. Since December, the hospital has utilized the “Bair Paws” warming system, which is a gown attached to an air flow generator, and operated using a handheld controller. Surgery nurse Diana Turner said the ease of control over a patient’s body temperature is where Bair Paws can prove superior to the conventional heated blanket. “A warm blanket will cool off if you just sit there,” Diana explained. “They can control that with the Bair Paws.”

And a little more from the article “She said wearing a traditional cotton hospital gown could add to a patient’s discomfort because they can be a bit revealing. “That’s the joke — the gown and the bed pan,” Turner said laughing a little. “If we eliminate that idea, it’s one less thing to make people feel anxious.” The material on Bair Paws gowns overlaps, ensuring anyone who wears it won’t feel exposed. The gowns even have a front hand-warming pocket much like a hooded sweatshirt. Environmental Bair Paws gowns are made from biodegradable wood fiber, which has been recycled into fabric. Diana said the more eco-friendly gowns cut back on the hospital’s water and energy usage, even though they are one-time use garments. “It cuts back on the amount of laundry that has to be done,”

And I found the web site of the company that made these delightful gowns..

And no, I didn’t buy one… little bit out of my price range, and I carry enough “stuff” already to the retreats, I don’t want to add to what I have to take.

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